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TV Review: The Last Abortion Clinic

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Tuesday on PBS, Frontline is airing The Last Abortion Clinic which explores the impact of existing abortion regulations in the south.

In Mississippi, there is only one abortion clinic (there were seven before the current laws were passed). Many women have to travel to a closer clinic in another state. Cynthia Gorney who teaches jounalism at UC Berkeley and wrote a book on the history of abortion provides some perspective.

Anti-abortion groups are praising the documentary because it shows the impact of the legislation they’ve passed, but anyone who supports reproductive rights will be alarmed.

Jessica Lanyadoo and writer Michelle Tea - No on 73

This battle is even being fought today with a parental notification measure on the California ballot. Writer Michelle Tea and others spoke at a rally in San Francisco on Saturday while anti-abortion groups organized in churches on Sunday.

Even if progressives are able to prevent Judge Alito from replacing Justice O’Connor (and Bush appoints someone who is better), women, particularly poor women, will still have a much harder time getting an abortion than they did twenty years ago.

There will be an extensive website for the program and it will be available to watch online. Producer Raney Aronson also made The Jesus Factor on the impact of Bush’s coversion (it is also online).

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