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TV Review: ‘The Killing’ Season 1, Episodes 3 and 4 – Gone Goldie Be Gone

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This week on AMC’s drama series The Killing, the hunt for Kallie Leeds and the #17 serial killer is full throttle now with suspects mounting at about the same pace as red herring side stories are unfolding. The only thing we pretty much know at this point is the killer is likely not Goldie (the pimp); however, his character is a jerk and definitely an exploiter. Hopefully we see less of him in future episodes.

New Details About the Case:

  • Kallie’s mom’s boyfriend (Joe Mills) is the perv who solicited Kallie with the questions on the videotape and asks her “Are you a virgin?” Still, she doesn’t divulge his identity upon hearing the tape. After all this, she opens up her home to him when he comes a knockin’ at the end of Sunday night’s episode. Anyone who hides a chained up blue teddy bear in a chest in a secret room in Mama Dips’ excuse of a hotel deserves to go to jail. No passes.
  • Mama Dips aka whore house motel proprietor/Laura Palmer’s mom (remember Twin Peaks?) goes to great lengths to protect Joe’s identity after being hounded by the police. Aside from admitting her guilt what else or who else was she protecting? Crazy theory of the week: Is Joe Mills really Joe Mills Dips? How’s that for a tongue twister?
  • Back to Joe Mills, he’s also the cabbie who was serviced by Lyric in Episode 3. Pervy cabbie fits the profile of our serial killer.
  • On the subject of pervy adults, Worst Parole Officer of the Week award goes to Twitch’s mentor. He literally gives it to Twitch in the you-know-what after most likely tampering with Twitch’s drug results, which send Twitch into a downward spiral of relapse and stupid decisions. And naturally more airtime.
  • Bullet had attended a boarding school at some point, hence her knowledge of zoology. But not her acumen when it comes to matters of the heart.
  • Detective Reddick is the archetypal “pig cop” and Linden hands him his head on a stick this week with her line, “Have you ever wondered why you never made sergeant? Well, I’ll tell you why. Because 23 years of experience and all you are is in the way.” Upon which, Holder walks off with Linden. Poetic justice in there somewhere. Just happy to see less of Reddick for now.
  • Holder’s girlfriend Caroline is the assistant district attorney. An interesting touch I thought. At any rate we know she’s in a similar line of good guys/bad guys type work and probably gets that about him. And that Linden takes note of this.

Other Thoughts and Ramblings:

The actions of the very vindictive prison guard Becker makes me want Ray to unleash his fury on him. There I said it. Must he continue to psychologically batter Ray by using his friendship with the other inmate as bait? Or better, exploit Ray’s feelings of guilt over his son?

I similar thread I see being repeated on this season’s Killing is too much investment in material witness character development. Call me insensitive, but not really digging the homeless teen relapses and love stories, Becker’s home life (unless he turns out to be the serial killer and it’s somehow significant), and the Law & Order style of badgering witnesses with patronizing emotional entrapment. Stick to Holder + Linden and add a little Bullit in there (to fill the voide left by Jack) and we’re all set.

The Killing airs on AMC Sunday nights at 9:00 p.m.

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