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TV Review: The Gospel View BET’s Sunday Best – Another Sad Goodbye

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Artist Martha Munizzi starts off the night singing her famous hit “Glorious.” The final five contestants join the stage and sing along with Munizzi, giving the viewers a performance they will not soon forget.

The stage is set and the atmosphere is hot, but this is the end for one of the contestants. As host Kirk Franklin enters the stage, carrying with him the fate of one contestant, the noisy crowd is shivering in silence, anticipating. Franklin makes the announcement that Tashsa Collins’ journey on BET’s Sunday Best has come to an end. The laments of the crowd fill the air as tears fill Collins’ eyes. Franklin offers Collins encouraging words and she takes her seat in the audience among the other contestants whose dream of becoming Sunday Best will not come true, at least not this time around.
Stay encouraged Tasha, this is only the beginning for you, the best is yet to come!

Click here to watch Tasha Collins’ goodbye interview.

Crystal Aikin starts the contest tonight with the song “Wind Beneath My Wings.” There has not yet been a single negative remark given about her vocals or her performance. She demonstrates the word ‘excellence’ to the utmost. As she sings from her soul, she captivates the audience and leaves them speechless.

Jermaine Sellers enters the stage singing “I Go to the Rock.” He takes his appearance up another notch. Tonight, he takes a classic look and jazzes it up, creating a snazzy flare. The look fits him, he is unique and original. He steps out of the box and sets it off, this guy really has heart, and his vocals are untouchable.

Emily Gomez graces the audience with “We Shall Behold Him.” This is an attractive young woman with a meek spirit. However, when she opens her mouth to sing, she overflows with holy boldness. One of the judges described her as a gentle giant. Indeed. Her performance has improved from last week's show, which can definitely work in her favor.

Shari Addison brings the anointing as she sings ”Testify.” She rips up the stage with her performance. The audience is in sync with her as they rise to their feet and clap their hands. This lady is having church on the stage, even bringing the judges out of their chairs. The entire building is burning with the presence of the Lord. There is no denying the Lord in her life. He has put a calling in her that will put a check in your spirit.

Last weeks viewers’ choice was Crystal Aikin. Cast your votes for this week by dialing toll free:

1-866-940– 9981 for Crystal Aikin
1-866-940– 9982 for Jermaine Sellers
1-866-940– 9983 for Emily Gomez
1-866-940– 9984 for Shari Addison

Also, you can click here to watch the latest performances and vote online (polling votes do not affect the outcome of the show).

Stayed tuned next week as the end of the road nears for some and gets rocky for others, leading toward the crown of BET’s Sunday Best.

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  • Gloria Richardson

    Your show this past Tuesday was definitely electrifying. The presence of God could be felt pouring from the tv. All of the performers are very talented but my favorite is Crystal Aiken. The multifarious voice of this young lady is unbelievable. When she’s singing, you never know what her next move will be. She is just amazing! I’ve heard some good singing in my lifetime, but Crystal Aiken is #1. Thank you for Sunday’s Best show. Sincerely, G.Richardson

  • I really do enjoy hearing Crystal Aiken sing, because her music just touches my heart and soul.

    Mom and Brit, NC

  • Monica

    Oh my goodness!!! My, my, my the Lord Jesus Christ has totally touched and best the talented Crystal Aiken. I was left totally speechless and with tears in my eyes on the last episode. Crystal sang the mess out of that song. Don’t get me wrong people please Shari Addison can sing her butt off too, however Crystal has definitely got her beat! I will most definitely being buying Crystal’s album when it comes out, and if you’re as smart as I am… you will too! For all those that say Shari is better than Crystal, you better review the past episodes and think again, there’s still time! We leave all the judging to the man upstairs, because truthfully it’s all up to HIM!! Best wishes and Good Luck to both Crystal and Shari you are truly BLESSED. CRYSTAL AIKEN IS #1 and is most definitely….SUNDAY’S BEST!!!!!!!!!

  • Denise Burns

    My life has been totally enriched. First by BET’s choice for such a positive show and secondly, by each contestant that decided to “let go & let GOD”. I knew the first moment that I heard our final two ladies that EACH would be a “force to be reckoned with”. There is no negative in either of the two women-IN MY OPINION, I just think it is going to be based on the generation that does the most voting. I voted for Shari–because her annointing is evident and her journey to get to THIS place says that: GOD’s timing is not OUR timing. But her range in style says she can be comfortable any any arena of music. MY, my, my, Ms. CRYSTAL—how annointed you are, and how you can “present” Jesus to a dying world!!
    The man-made rules say only 1 can be chosen, but I envision BOTH of these women going on tour to “feed” a dying world.

    BET: God bless you for feeding our souls with this message through airwaves!!!
    ****I wish I could be in the live audience for the finale—but my T.V. WILL be “bumpin'”

    Blessings ALL!!!!!!

  • Marcia Plummer

    Sunday Best is not only inspirational, but it brings us back to what Gospel Music is really about and how up lifting it can be. I am TRULY, TRULY, TRULY pleased with this program and look forward to every Tuesday night. The judges are honest and encouraging to the contestants. There should be more and more of these type of programs on T.V. especially for our young children. Teach them how to use the correct words in music and to always perservere in everything that they do. I am sad to see the season end because it has been very uplifting for me in my spiritual life. Where can you see on T.V. these days a singer delivering a song of praise through the holy ghost, and it not only moves them, but touches all those who are watching in T.V. land.

    GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERYONE OUT THERE…WHAT A BLESSING. It doesn’t matter who win or lose in this contest, the Lord’s command through each and everyone of the contestants was delivered and accomplished, Amen!

    Thank you BET for a job well done!

    Mr. K. Franklin, you were most humble and supportive with this task, you are truly blessed in what you do. Keep up the Magnifying Job!