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TV Review: The Gospel View – BET’s Sunday Best Two More Goodbyes

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The latest episode of BET’s Sunday Best started off with guest gospel artists Tye Tribbett and the seven finalists singing "No Way." With lights flashing, cameras filming, and the atmosphere glowing with energy, the contestants and Tribbett rip up the stage with their performance.

After the first performance, the show moved on to the elimination process. The viewers have come to expect the eliminations to be at the end of the show, so this capricious change put a different twist on the show, keeping viewers guessing.

Continuing from the previous show, Jermaine Sellers and Emily Gomez were called to the front again by host Kirk Franklin, where they stood hand in hand. Franklin announced they were moving on to the next round, and were safe from eliminations this time. Relief fell over their faces as they returned to their assumed positions.

Next Franklin called Trevon Davis and Janice Collins to the front. Almost trembling, they stood as Franklin thanked them for their participation and sent them on their way with departing gifts for their local church. Stay up, Trevon and Janice, the best is yet to come!

Jermaine Sellers started out with the classic “O Happy Day.” The judges wanted more from him. They didn’t think he put his all into the song. I beg to differ; Jermaine has a coolness about him, screaming and shouting singing just isn’t his style. However, only because it is getting down to the wire, he should shock the viewers and the judges with something different, something that we haven’t had the pleasure of seeing from him. He shouldn’t change his style, just enhance it a little, leaving the spectators anticipating his next move.

Shari Addison graced the audience with the song “Golden.” This title of this song matches her personality. She has a sweet spirit intertwined with a gifted voice. In each of her performances, she has brought something to the stage. She keeps the viewers wondering and unable to predict what she will bring to the table next. Her performances keep progressing and will ultimately lead her to (according to my cousin, Billi Ewing) BET’s Sunday Best.

Emily Gomez sang “What About The Children,” written by BeBe Winans. The judges thought she did a great job. Winans commented that he is glad that his song and her voice met. However, I think that she is starting to lack. I don’t sense that same strong "giving my all" performance. Her performances since last week have been deficient. I think she needs to take it up to that next level or she’ll risk being eliminated. She definitely has the potential, but with the show soon to end, she has to give it her all on a consistent basis.

Crystal Aikin brought the judges to their feet with “Shackles,” a song by Mary Mary (Erica and Tina Campbell, two of the three judges). Crystal sang it with passion and energy, and the crowd loved it! She is a dynamic performer and songstress.

Tasha Collins brought it home with “Ain’t No Stoppin Us Now.” Though she has a great voice and is overflowing with vigor, her performance was lacking. The tiredness in her voice became evident while she sang. However, she still made the song work and pulled it together in spite of her hoarseness. It takes skill of a higher level to achieve that kind of rebound.

By the end of the show five contestants stood, and five contestants will remain until next week. Until then you have the opportunity to vote for whom you think should be named BET’s Sunday Best.

Dial 866-940-9981 to vote for Jermaine Sellers
Dial 866-940-9982 to vote for Shari Addison
Dial 866-940-9983 to vote for Emily Gomez
Dial 866-940-9984 to vote for Crystal Aikin
Dial 866-940-9985 to vote for Tasha Collins

Tune in next week to find out who escaped the cut on The Gospel View, part of BET’s Sunday Best.

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  • Nancy Owens

    Shari from the first moment I heard you sing I on the show I knew you were anointed by the blood of God. I am a singer myself and I know when God has bless one with a gift of singing. Shari keep doing the works of the Lord, and everything will work out for the good. My family and I are going to continue to pray for you and your family and God Bless.

  • coriene

    dear shari you have a wonderful voice when i grow up i want to be just like you even though i don’t have a powerful voice like i think i could still go somewhere just like you are i will listen to your beautiful voice and follow God just as you did and i will be successful.

  • Forestine

    Hello Shari,thanks for blessing me and family with your beautiful gift from God. Keep on singing those wonderful praises unto the Lord.
    Love your cousins Mike, Flo, Tiff and Mikey (Chi-town Loves YOU!)

  • Betty Dixon

    Both Crystal and Shari are a blessing. I love the show and thank God that BET has it on. Continued blessings and I can’t wait for the finale. (PTL)

  • mhastin

    Thet are good’keep it up.

  • laverne meeks

    WOW!!!! Dear Shari – Gal I ain’t got nothing to say I;m sure you heard it all before. I feel God’s spirit stretching out in me….Sing Gal Sing – Spread the gospel of our Holy Lord and Savior as NOBODY else can do. You, combined with our beloved Pastor Caesar, Fantasia and/or the Mississippi Mass Choir would put a dance in praise of our Lord in the feet of satan and every one of his demons.

    Thank you for dressing in the style that lets us know – what we already know- You are singing, dressing and dancing to His glory.

  • LaQuisha Walker

    shari addison has an amazing,anointing,god filling voice. when the show first came on an d me and my mother was layin across the bed watching the interviews of the first show i remember shari saying that she used to watch tv and see where other women was doing what she knew god has set in her to do but she was so shy and opressed and felt that she couldn’t fulfill what god had put in her todo and now she is sundays best may god bless you shari and keep the faith and the anoitning one day i want god to give me a chance to fulfill my dreams as a singer and a messenger

  • Rena to Shari

    Everyone is powerful; however Shari Addison is truly magical. She sings to your mind, soul and body. I work with a vibrant youth group, please email me with Mrs. Addison connection possibly to perform at a University in our area.

    God Bless & Happy Thanksgiving, Rena

  • Adrianne Cobbs

    Shari Addison has a very nice voice and every time I hear her sing I start to cry and she also bring chill bumps onto my skin

  • Denesha

    Shari Addison you have being a blessing to me this week keep on doin god work i can hear u you singing all the time your voice is great an you have bless sold may God ricly bless you

  • Denesha

    i dont really watch bet but sunday best is my favorite show there. i must say this week sunday has been a blessing all of the singer were good but ,this week Miss Shari u blessing my sold i could to u singer all day i give my life all to the glory of jesus keep doin the work of God u a blessing

  • Kayava Scott

    This show is a continually blessing to my spirit.

    But I must say that it saddens me to know that I will no longer hear Tasha Collins any longer. I would buy her CD today 🙁