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TV Review: The Gospel View – BET’s Sunday Best – Three More Eliminated

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The fourth episode of BET’s Sunday Best aired on Tuesday October 23, 2007. The last ten contestants took their skills to the next level. They put on their game faces and played hard. Clearly each finalist wants to uphold the Sunday Best title, but do they have what it takes to fill those shoes? It’s obvious that they have something worth hearing, or they wouldn’t have made it thus far. However many were called, only one will be chosen.

Janice Collins set the atmosphere with “Blessed Like That.” She didn’t give her best performance, the judges expected more from her. The vocals she offered did not portray her true ability. Janice is much more than what she gave on the stage. Step it up, Janice!

Jermaine Sellers dazzled the audience with “Tomorrow.” He took off his street gear and set it off with his new sophisticated urban style. Vocally, he always represents, and in addition to his attire, he has wooed the crowd more now than before. His voice is subtle like silk, and he added his own flair to the ending of the song that made it linger in your ears. Keep on representing, Jermaine!

Kenya Glover stepped to the stage singing “For Every Mountain.” Upon entering the set, her sunglasses were a distraction once again. She should have listened to the judges’ advice and removed them. This is a gospel contest, the key word here being ‘gospel’, everyone should take that into consideration when selecting attire, song, and choreography. Off with the shades and on to brighter days, stay focused, Kenya.

Tasha Collins blew things out of the water with “For Once In My Life.” This woman has what it takes to get to the next level. She has exceptional control over her voice and proved it with her staccato ending. She stirred things up when she added her own flavor. Float on, Tasha!

Emily Gomez once again baffled the minds of spectators with “Presence of the Lord Is Here.” Not only is Emily gorgeous, but her voice is out of this world. Everything about her screams lover of Jesus. She is a breath of fresh air who can hold a note. The presence of the Lord is in your voice, Emily!

Crystal Aikin ripped up the stage with “Running Back to You.” Her voice is powerful enough to bring you to tears. She has a gift for singing. Each performance that she has given has been amazing. Her voice is flawless. What else can I say, Crystal?

Queensley Felix walked out singing “Silver and Gold.” She has a mediocre voice and her performance became shaky toward the end. This young lady doesn’t stand out, especially among some of her competition. When the stakes are getting high, you can’t afford to be average. Stay true, Queensley.

Trevon Davis sang “Mary Don’t You Weep.” His voice projects strength. He is a crowd pleaser with the ability to cause the audience to reflect his energy. Though he did not choose an easy song, he nailed it nonetheless and that takes great skill. Stand strong, Trevon!

Corey Webb came out singing “Look At Me.” The judges had nothing good to say about him. However, I thought that their comments were not justified. Corey brought the house down with his performance and vocals. He didn’t over-sing the song, he hit his notes without faltering, and he rocked the crowd. Take it with a grain of salt, Corey!

Shari Addison ended the show with “Good Time.” She has kicked it up a notch. With her stylish attire and performance, she stepped outside her comfort zone and represented. My cousin Billie Ewing must be Shari’s biggest fan because she is set that Shari is the Sunday Best. Go for what you know, Shari!

This time only three of the ten finalists would be eliminated. The viewers will be participating in the elimination process for the duration of the contest involving the final seven contestants. The three who would not move on were:

  • Kenya Glover
  • Queensley Felix
  • Corey Webb

Congratulations to the seven who sustained another round:

  • Janice Collins
  • Jermaine Sellers
  • Tasha Collins
  • Emily Gomez
  • Crystal Aikin
  • Trevon Davis
  • Shari Addison

Next week, the antes will be upped as the contestants prepare for another battle of the voices. Get ready to cast in your votes for the contender who you think should move on to the next round and another step closer to being BET’s Sunday Best.

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  • would like to know how to become a contestants for the next time, on sundays best.thanks jean

  • Orlando Williams

    Hi, I would like to be a contestants for the a chance to be Sunday’s best. Alot of people tell me I have a great voice , but I never really tried to pursue it. I stay in Louisiana. Im 18 years of age. It would be an honor if I could compete on the show. [Personal contact info deleted] My name is Orlando Michael Williams.