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TV Review: The Gospel View – BET’s Sunday Best Eliminates Five More Gospel-Singing Contestants

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The third episode of BET’s Sunday Best aired on Tuesday October 16, 2007. The remaining ten of the original twenty contestants upped their game for a chance to continue to the next round. There were only five slots available, therefore the contestants had to deliver their Sunday best, or face the consequences of being eliminated from the competition.

Deanna Dixon from Indianapolis, Indiana started off the competition with the song “Be A Fence.” She engaged the crowd, while managing to give the song her own original spin, without missing a beat. The challenges for one individual to sing a group song can be overwhelming, but in this case she made it seem effortless. Make it do what it do, Deanna!

Charisma Sweat from Chicago, Illinois came next in line with “We Fall Down.” Her voice is filled with melodies of a jazz or rhythm and blues singer. It is distinct from the other vocal artists who performed. The gentle approach she took disappointed the judges — they were expecting her to convey the power that stemmed from the song itself. However the sound of her voice brought a different feel to the competition. A snazzy glare with jazzy flare, keep on keepin' on, Charisma!

Queensley Felix from Houston, Texas sang “Going Up A Yonder.” Though she displayed great energy, passion, and heart, the vocals were pitchy in some spots. She has the ability and hopefully it will take her far but she has to be careful about staying in her vocal range. Keep your game tight, Queensley!

Corey Webb from Marietta, Georgia stepped to the stage with the song “Jesus Can Work It Out.” He rocked the crowd with his style of praise. He brought the audience to their feet with his gospel hype. With a strong voice and a pleasing pitch he demonstrated the potential needed to become a gospel great. Rock on with your bad self, Corey!

Yvonne Cobbs-Bey from Pinole, California sang “Spirit of the Lord.” She is the viewers’ choice, chosen through the video she sent in via Internet. The judges commented that her energy level fell below that of the song. They were not convinced she took it to the next level, however they were certain that she gave a mediocre performance. Don’t believe the hype, Yvonne!

Juannell Johnson from Chicago, Illinois sang “Coming Out of the Dark.” This guy’s voice is great. He showed promise but it became clear the moment he walked out onto the stage that he didn’t possess the self-confidence. Keep your head up, Juannell!

Emily Gomez from American Falls, Idaho brought “Excellent Lord” to the stage front. This is a gorgeous woman, and when you look at her you would never expect such a sound of grandeur to flow out of her. It makes you wonder what else may be buried in Idaho other than potatoes. How excellent is your voice, Emily!

Crystal Aikin from Tacoma, Washington brought the crowd to tears with the song “Alabaster Box.” This woman took the competition to a completely different level with her incredible voice. She has such an anointing on her voice that even the judges could not deny it. What you felt when you heard her voice described the very essence of the word 'anointing'. You’ve got skills, Crystal!

Lawrence Williams from Jacksonville, Florida put a twist on the performances thus far when he rapped the song “Changed.” The combination of the beats, along with his style, flowed together, creating his own unique sound. His lyrics portrayed the message of his journey to Christ. Stay true, Lawrence!

Tasha Collins from Chicago, Illinois ended with a bang as she sang “I Love the Lord.” This is the young woman who the judges eliminated during the tryouts in Chicago. However, she did not give up that easily and auditioned again in LA and the judges reneged on their original decisions and she became one of the twenty finalists. She brought the house down with her excellent vocal talent. She can defiantly carry a tune. He is a God of a second chance, Tasha!

Atlas, the time had come for the judges to make their decisions. The journey to being BET’s Sunday Best had ended for some but for others would be a step closer to their dreams. The question “who made the cut” penetrated the atmosphere as the following names were announced:

• Queensley Felix

• Corey Webb
• Emily Gomez
• Crystal Aikin
• Tasha Collins

These contestants stepped forward and were congratulated; they would move on to the next round.

The following were eliminated:

• Deanna Dixon
• Charisma Sweat
• Yvonne Cobbs-Bey
• Juannell Johnson
• Lawrence Williams

Everyone did a great job and should be proud of their accomplishments. It takes a lot of courage to stand in front of a televised audience and perform, while being judged by some of the best gospel artists in the business.

The fire will be turned up as we get closer to the final episode of BET’s Sunday Best.

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  • Mrs. M. Bynum

    This has been a long time coming, BET’s Sunday Best, an American Idol with a gospel flare, as you have stated. I have followed this from the beginning. With all the talented contestants, I’m glad not to be a judge. I hope that this show ‘Sunday Best’ will continue for years to come. Kiela, you have done an outstanding job with the ‘Sunday Best’ reviews. May the Lord continue to use you, as He elevates you to the next level. Love, Mommy

  • Kevin

    I understand dress is a factor in your musical career, but how in the world can Erica (the one that be having the too little clothers and different color hair) from Mary Mary judge anyone’s dress.

  • Marterrio

    PRAISE THE LORD!!!! I’ll take annointed singers over talented singers any day. I’m glad BET is giving us saved folks a chance to sing/minister without having to compromise and cross over to secular songs. Mrs. Bynum, this is a great review you have going. I think it’s just a matter of time before you get a call from BET to write or do somthing for them. Only God knows! (BET, I wouldn’t wait too long to give her a call. It would be a shame to miss out.) Keep doin’ what you’re doin’ lady, and may the Lord continue to bless you richly!!!!!

  • Lyris Harris

    When will they start the next set of try-outs for Sunday Best.

  • gwen roberson

    u have blessed my soul this season. deac u r a blessing. leandra is off the chain. i pray u both win. and if cortney & leandra r both single please get married. u both have endearing eyes & sincerity in ur anointing. this may be my one and only phrofitcy.xcuse my spelling. thank u bet for this show. it ministers to my soul.