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TV Review: The Event

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From creator Nick Wauters comes a gripping new television series called The Event. The show made its debut September 20th on NBC and has since garnered a lot of attention. It’s part mystery, romance, and sci-fi thriller that’s sure to leave viewers wanting more.

The series focuses on two different storylines that are in reality very connected. While vacationing in the Caribbean, Sean Walker’s (Jason Ritter) girlfriend, Leila, disappears off their cruise ship. Leila (Sarah Roemer) decided to stay behind earlier that day because she wasn’t feeling well. When Sean returns to check on her, he finds that Leila and all of their belongings are gone. He asks the front desk for help but they have no record of him, or his girlfriend, ever being on board.

A year earlier, newly elected President Martinez (Blair Underwood) learns of a top secret government facility that has been in existence since the 1940s. Mount Inostranka in Alaska is a high security prison for inmates of a special kind. President Martinez realizes that there are some secrets the government even tries to withhold from the leader of the free world.

Through heart-pounding scenes and insightful flashbacks, viewers are totally immersed in the intertwined stories of both Sean and President Martinez. The show is set up so we see certain events before they happen, and later all the details that lead up to that moment. Several reviews I’ve read have criticized this method of storytelling, but I think it’s awesome. It’s refreshing to watch a story unfold in pieces that jump from past to present, and change viewpoints. It adds an element of surprise that way. I also like that some kind of secret is revealed every episode, instead of unloading everything on the viewers in the season finale. The writers reveal just enough to keep you from going insane, yet still keep you guessing.

The actors aren’t bad either. By not bad I mean they’re phenomenal. Jason Ritter, yes John Ritter’s son, is as handsome as ever and plays the role of the loving boyfriend very well. You can feel the pain, confusion, and determination to find his would be fiancée, and experience the lengths he’s willing to go to to get her back. Blair Underwood is also stirringly convincing as the new president. His character is probably my favorite just because he’s so believable in that role.

This series makes you think. I saw commercials for it and thought it looked pretty good, but still wasn’t sure. Normally I prefer the catty drama of Gossip Girl and 90210 but I decided to give The Event a shot. After the first ten minutes I was hooked. Only intending to watch one episode on Hulu last night, I soon realized that wasn’t possible. The high-octane action scenes and government cover-ups, along with a splash of romance, is an unbeatable combination.

If you’re looking for an original, fresh take on political mystery, or just want a really good show to watch, give The Event a try. You won’t regret it.

The Event is on NBC Monday nights at 9/8c.


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