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TV Review: The Colbert Report 3/9/06

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Stephen Colbert had another hilarious show that kept me laughing the whole time last evening. He opened mumbling some stuff I really couldn’t follow about the port deal. All I actually did pick up was that it turned out to be a huge victory for Bush: in your face all you un-American, troop-hating, tree-hugging hippies. Seriously, people spend too much time just throwing insults around in politics instead of talking about the issues.

Then he moved to the international baseball tournament in progress, informing us that Canada had defeated America at our own pastime during preliminary rounds. We have all-star MLB players doing nothing, and Canada has minor league players hitting inside-the-park home runs. I, myself, have never really cared for baseball, but this is still an embarrassment for the country, so pick up your game American team or you can just go live up in the endless forest of Canada.

“The Word” was DIY, meaning do it yourself. Colbert started by pointing out that he likes to keep the show a do-it-yourself project by allowing no one else on camera. He concluded the segment by telling people not to ask for things, but do it yourself. Now there is something I can really get behind – a lot of people seem really whiny. Going back to the Iraq exit strategy everyone keeps asking Bush if he has one, but we haven’t heard many people suggesting an exit strategy.

Approximately once a week, Stephen does a segment he calls “Better Know A District.” This week’s installment of the 435 part series was on California’s 39th district. It has given us a President in Richard Nixon, one good movie in Back To The Future, and the most entertaining part of a hockey game, the Zamboni. At the end of the segment Stephen spoke with Linda Sánchez, the district’s Democratic representative. He finished his interview by asking (in Spanish) if President Bush was a great president or the greatest. They mutually agreed on great. This was my favorite kind of interview because Representative Sánchez was obviously unprepared and Stephen destroyed her… not that he wouldn’t have destroyed her if she had been prepared.

He ended the show with his normal interview, today was Lorraine Bracco of HBO’s The Sopranos. Stephen opened stating, “you’re poisoning society.” He was referring to the violence part of the show. Lorraine responded that it was good to have the violence out in the open. But she says she doesn’t believe this is the last season for all you die hard fans. On a side note, Stephen is incredibly fast at reciting his 10 brothers and sisters names: he did it in 1.8 seconds. Impressive, Mr. Colbert!

So you can watch CNN and continue to talk about the unimportant issues such as Interior Secretary Notons’ step down, or watch Fox news going on and on about how low Bush’s new approval rating is, or you can watch Stephen Colbert cut though the crap to find the truth on important matters.

Question for Stephen

When golfing, how far can you hit your 7 iron?

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