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TV Review: The Celebrity Apprentice

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Lisa Rinna met the wrath of sour grapes on Sunday’s The Celebrity Apprentice episode “Child’s Play.” A.S.A.P strategy– push Lisa to project manager, fail the task, fired, and thrown under the bus all in a day’s work.

The teams Backbone and A.S.A.P. had to pick a PM and write a children’s book based on one of the team member’s personality and act it out before four and five year-olds.  One of the judges was Holly Robinson Peete from an earlier season of The Celebrity Apprentice.

The men’s book title: “Lil Jon is Not so Little,” based on Lil Jon the rapper. The men wore drag and the production was not so good, but they rapped and rhymed the ABCs and 1,2,3s for the kids.  The women’s production of “Why Can’t I Roar?” based on La Toya the lion, who couldn’t roar. The theme was a little advanced for kids—contentment within.  The men’s theme was more elementary—size does not matter, just be you.

Holly told Donald Trump that the men had the best book and theme. The font inside the lion book was so small you needed magnification! The women won the presentation hands down but the men won for the best book. Trump announced that he would get it published–and the profits added to the pot for Meat Loaf’s (team PM) charity. 

In the boardroom I had to laugh at Star Jones. She reminded everybody that Lisa was not crazy about her but she needed her and that she should not “kill the queen.” Lisa was lackluster before Donald who earlier praised her for deflating her lips! And with his lips said: “You’re fired!”

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  • Suzanne Bélanger

    Well I have to say that I am very disappointed by Miss Warwick. Loved her music back in the days but never thought she was such a biaaatch and so is Miss Jones! Hope one of them is next! Felt very bad for David Cassidy!

  • maryanna tracey

    I love this show but this last one was just too much D.Warwick and the ever amazing Starr waqs too much for me talk about egos!

    This was done purposely it was so apparent.

    Warwick and Starr should have been fired.

    Nobody should be treated that way. Both are ego maniacs.Leah you did a good job you have a wonderful creative way to get your people to work.Shame on you Donald you should have seen this coming.Dont you have intuitive skills.