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TV Review: The Biggest Loser – Episode 13

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The Biggest Loser week 13 began with a pop quiz.

1. How many calories does it take to burn one pound? (Answer: 3500)
2. How much weight had Curtis lost last week? (Answer: 100 pounds)
3. How many calories does one cup of fat free strawberry yogurt have? (Answer: 200)

Dan won the quiz and therefore won a piece of 600-calorie triple layer chocolate cake. He could either eat the cake or use it in the next challenge. He chose to keep the cake intact until the challenge. He took it with him to the gym and gave it its own treadmill. There were some hijinx by his teammates when they hid it in the one place Dan might never look – the laundry room. Nevertheless, the cake remained safe for the challenge.

In this challenge, the remaining contestants were taken to an arena. They had 20 minutes to load the other players' tables with junk food. The challenge was supposed to be a test of who had the most knowledge of the calorie count of junk food. Whoever had the least amount of calories on their table would win $10,000.

The Blue Team men ganged up on the two women in a staggering display of solidarity. They knew they were going to win the challenge so almost every time they got some junk food, they ate some. It was disgusting to watch. Not only was this mean-spirited, it was stupid strategy. Jay won the $10,000 but was immediately able to trade the money for a one pound pass at the weigh in. He bought an extra pound for $10,000!

Meanwhile, Kelli and Ali continued to work out. So at the weigh-in the Blue Team men were shocked when two of their brethren fell below the yellow line. The men just became overly confident.

Not surprisingly, no one was going to vote off Mark again. He was such a baby about it last time. In addition, Mark only weighs 181 pounds. He does not have a lot left to lose and is therefore not a big threat to the remaining players.

Dan was eliminated.

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