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TV Review: The Biggest Loser – Episode 12

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The Biggest Loser keeps changing the rules and the game.

Last week's episode left me asking, "Why did they have to put a cliffhanger in this show?" For the first time, last week we did not get to see who was voted off at the end of the episode. Maybe other viewers had tremendous suspense building all week long awaiting this week's show with breathless anticipation. Me, not so much.

Maggie was voted off, which was sad because she is probably the sweetest person that has ever been on a reality TV show. I never heard her utter a mean word or saw her roll her eyes at the others (the way some do). Anyway, she's gone.

The remaining contestants were taken to Macy's. They got fashion advice from Tim Gunn. It was nice to hear them excited about being able to shop in a "normal" store. It is easy to forget that some people don't fit into sizes found in most mall stores and shopping, for those individuals, can be hurtful.

I was so happy for all of them that they were finally able to express themselves aesthetically and buy more than just "handbags and shoes because those will always fit." They also received makeovers which most dramatically changed the appearances of Kelli and Dan.

Dan finally cut his hair! (This warrants its own paragraph).

It was moving to see their significant others' reactions to the "new" look. These contestants posed for a photo shoot by Prevention Magazine and were given $1000 gift cards to Macy's.

The challenge tonight was walking backwards on a treadmill that was suspended 10 feet above a swimming pool. Mark won the challenge prize which was a week's vacation at Fitness Ridge Resort and Spa, in Utah.

Brittany and Jay fell below the yellow line this week. Brittany was eliminated.

And Dan finally cut his hair!

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  • Watcher

    When you say Maggie never rolled her eyes or said a mean word about anyone else, I guess you’re just giving her a pass on calling the all-boys Blue team “dumb jocks,” “dummies,” and “stupid,” correct?

    Not that I disagreed with her statements — but you apparently did not hear them.

  • Alexandria

    Maybe I didn’t hear them because “PRIDE ON THREE, PRIDE ON THREE” was ringing in my ears.