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TV Review: The Biggest Loser – Episode 11

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The Biggest Loser brought yet another twist into the game in the most recent episode.

The 14 players who had previously been voted off were brought back. The man and the woman who had lost the biggest percentage of weight since their initial weigh-in (10 weeks ago) would win the privilege of coming back to the show to compete for the title of “The Biggest Loser.” Ali and Mark won the right to come back into the game.

The most wonderful part of this show was seeing how hard these people worked on their own to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle, even the person voted off in the first week, Jenni (see pounds lost by everyone below). It truly brought tears to my eyes to see these formerly morbidly obese individuals work on their own (without the trainers and comfort of peers in similar situations) to lose body fat.

  • Jenni – eliminated week 1; began at 267 pounds and tonight weighed 229 (-38).
  • Lynn (Jenni’s father) – eliminated week 1; began at 409 pounds and tonight weighed 345 (-64).
  • Mallory – eliminated week 2; began at 217 pounds and tonight weighed 175 (-42).
  • Curtis – eliminated week 2; began at 381 pounds and tonight weighed 281 (-100).
  • Amanda – eliminated week 3; began at 204 pounds and tonight weighed 158 (-46).
  • Neill – eliminated week 3; began at 317 pounds and tonight weighed 262 (-55).
  • Ali – eliminated week 4; began at 234 pounds and tonight weighed 167 (-67).
  • Betty Sue (Ali’s mom) – eliminated week 4; began at 261 pounds and tonight weighed 212 (-49).
  • Jenn – eliminated week 5; began at 254 pounds and tonight weighed 206 (-48).
  • Jackie – eliminated week 6; began at 246 pounds and tonight weighed 182 (-64).
  • Trent – eliminated week 7; began at 436 pounds and tonight weighed 331 (-105).
  • Paul – eliminated week 8; began at 303 pounds and tonight weighed 233 (-70).
  • Mark – eliminated week 9; began at 285 pounds and tonight weighed 195 (-90).
  • Bernie – eliminated week 10; began at 283 pounds and tonight weighed 195 (-88).

The challenge this week (using kilojoules expenditure to illuminate light bulbs via an exercise bike) was won by Dan. He won an extra “vote off” vote. Brittany and Maggie both fell under the yellow line. The cliffhanger is that we won’t know who is voted off until next week.

Meanwhile, Jillian Michaels, the trainer that I have criticized in previous articles for her training style, gave some amateur psychotherapy to her team: “You eat because you’re medicating your feelings” (thanks Jill), stood on someone’s legs again, and verbally abused Allison Sweeney, the well-meaning host.

Jillian was bleeped so many times on this episode that I wanted to wash her mouth out with soap. Cursing, instead of “using your words” is a true sign of ignorance, in my opinion.

I want to know why the men get to weigh in with T-shirts on yet the women are forced into sports bras and spandex. Sexist and unnecessary no matter which way you slice it. Give them both the same muscle shirts and have the women go braless. They certainly don’t have any more boobs than the men do. I’m just sayin’.

The unfortunate changes of game play every week is confusing. The drama they try to arouse is depressing. However, each contestant should be very proud of how far they have come in 10 very short weeks.

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  • Pat

    I like to watch the show for support and encouragement. I was very disapointed in some of the language that was used in last nights episode. Believe it or not there are some people that become very offensive!

  • JB

    Last nights show was a disappointment. I always watch this with my grandaughter (Age 12). It was a bonding experience and was an inspiration to both of us to remain healthy. However, having control of yourself and your emotions is as healthy as loosing weight. The crying and subsequent outbursts by Jillian were embarrassing to watch. I will be finding something else to do with my grandaughter on Monday evenings.

  • I know. I truly hope they dump Jillian. She is crude and just plain mean. Perhaps some of her team are motivated by this strategy, but if I were on her team, it would make me want to gain weight just to watch her head spin ’round.

  • Adri

    Jillian is just trying to help. I really like JIllian. I think Bob is meaner than JIllian. Yesterday Jillian did have a breakdown. Nobody is perfect.

  • Theresa

    Jillian needs to work off camera in a position better suited for her tactics and mouth. Maybe a prison would be more appropriate. She is very tough and could serve people who can tolerate that brash behavior well. I for one would not be motivated by the head games. I would prefer Bob who lays it on the line and demands team effort and everyone giving it their best.

  • Alexandria

    A prison! That’s so funny but so true!!!

  • Vonna

    I LOVE jillian. She motivates and tries to push the contestents into trying to reach their goal: Losing weight. Sure shes not as soft as Bob, but you don’t want a trainer that is not going to push you, you want a trainer that is going to motivate you and push you so you can reach your goals in life. Yes, she might have cursed, but everyone stresses out once in awhile and NOBODYS PERFECT! And its not like a 13 year old like me, has never heard someone cursed once or twice. Everyone does it when their stressed out. So think before you point the finger, because it could just come right back to you. By: A thirteen year old