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TV Review: The Biggest Loser – Episode 9

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Jay from the Blue team was last week’s biggest loser. His prize was a trip for his entire team to Las Vegas.

The Black team ordered room service for the Blue team in Vegas. Pizza, cheese steak, burger, fries, and desserts by the plateful arrived at their room only to be summarily refused. The note from the Black team read, “Love ya, mean it.”

While in Vegas, the Blue team all stuck to their workouts (minus a sleepy Dan) with thoughts of WWBD (what would Bob do) in their heads.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Jillian put her Black team through an extra grueling workout. Two of her “motivational” comments to Brittany were: 1) “I’m gonna show you the back of my hand, woman” and 2) “You do four more or I’ll rip your arm off and beat you over the head with it.” Then Jillian tells the audience, "I just don’t know what’s wrong with Brittany.” Really? I bet I know.

The boys in Blue got “Pride” tattoos for solidarity. The Blue team returned to the ranch happy and confident. They beat the Black team in an obstacle course challenge and won the fabulous trip to Puerto Rico.

However, the Blue team was 10 pounds shy of beating the Black team this week and therefore had to vote someone off.

I’ve never seen so many macho guys shed so many tears over something so unimportant. Mark only lost one pound. I suspect this is due to his nearing his goal weight. It’s much more difficult to be dropping big poundage when you only have that last 20 to lose. So after many tears, hand slapping, many hugs, many more tears, and many more hugs, they all agreed to vote off Mark. It was a no-brainer decision and the only choice the Blue team could make if they were going to stay competitive so I’m not sure why all the drama. But maybe that’s what makes ratings, I don’t know.

My favorite line of the week is when Mark, sobbing, makes Roger promise to “Take care of my brother, man. Take care of him like he’s your own. Promise me. Promise me you’ll take care of my brother.” I guess I missed the part of this show where wild animals spontaneously drag off the contestants.

All I’ve seen is a group of people living in luxury, not having to work, pay bills, take care of anyone but themselves, and who get to spend the day working out. That’s the real reason Mark was crying, I’d wager. Who would want to return to the drudgery of real life? I’d cry too.

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    Why did you associate so closely with this show? Did you have binging issues? Were you feeling torn between two ends and could not choose? Or did and sublimated like I do night after night alone.