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TV Review: The Big Bang Theory – “The Monster Isolation”

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I am so happy with the most recent episode of The Big Bang Theory! We speak here of the best-yet episode of the new Season 6, “The Monster Isolation,” which features Kaley Cuoco, our Penny, in a stage version of Tennessee Williams Streetcar Named Desire. The gang agrees she is stupendous! Kaley and the cast have gotten over the self-consciousness that plagued earlier episodes, this season.

Keeping with the title theme, in “The Monster Isolation,” Raj Koothrappali (Kunal Nayyar) has gone into isolation, never again to partake of the world, spurred on by what he perceives to be rejection from a sweet and cool Lucy (Kate Micucci). As last week’s episode ended, the two had just met; the usually shy Koothrappali stated that “Raj is my name, and stars are my game!” He went on to reveal in the most casual way that he is a world class astrophysicist. One might fail to understand why such simple conversation would prompt the young lady to flee a coffee shop, and run for the street. Now Raj is unkempt, unshaven, and miserable! Just when things look bleakest, the sprite urban nymphet comes to call.

The pair exchanges a candid and cleansing honesty. Raj in a way so atypical of him, says, “I’m broken.” His new friend with an odd look discloses, “I’m broken too!” We viewers want only to see much more from this Lucy, who has appeared in Scrubs, and Raising Hope! Insiders know that Lucy is indeed Kate Micucci and she will be around for at least multiple episodes; a love interest for Raj.

“Fun with Flags” fans take note! Dr. Sheldon Cooper (show superstar Jim Parsons) and Penny score a high ten with a great new presentation of the Flag series. It’s the advice Penny gives to Sheldon, advice to “Open up and let them in!” that segues to the friends going to see Penny’s stage performance.

Leonard (Johnny Galecki) is better than ever. His hair is slightly longer than before, and that alone would suffice to carry him for several more episodes. The bantering between Sheldon and Leonard, and for that matter the entire cast, is just as bright as ever it was, and that’s good.

Mayim Bialik as Amy Farrah Fowler, Sheldon’s girlfriend, is quickly becoming the hit of the season. She is really great, and she keeps getting better. Amy is having a terrible time working with the lab monkeys, in a study of nicotine addiction and withdrawal. “Sadly,” she reveals, she is “off the project.” “When you throw the animals’ feces back at them, the higher ups call you ‘unprofessional!’”

Howard Wolowitz (Simon Helberg) and Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) are steady and always fun. Melissa seemed out of sorts for the early part of the season, but appears to have bounced back.

This episode 6 was at the high level we have come to expect from cast and crew. We look eagerly forward to next week, and more of Raj’s new Lucy.

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  • Igor

    This is the only commercial program I look forward to, and I feel inclined to give it great latitude, as long as they’re trying. After all, much of this is pioneering work.

  • John Lake

    Thoughts on the new episode of The Big Bang Theory, March 7, 2013
    I need to get some thoughts down; this is as good a venue as any.
    As regard the new episode aired tonight, March 7, I found it a disappointment. Lucy is being granted new character traits, and the production/direction staff refuse to let her stay on screen long enough that she can feel comfortable. She has completed her second episode, and still is suffering stiffness. She needs a good long scene or two, to feel at home in the cast. The writing for the interplay between Lucy and Raj is nothing short of annoying. He suggests a “text date” so they sit across a table and text back and forth. It is revealed that she, like Raj, has ‘social anxiety’, so we find the “blind leading the blind.” The scene goes nowhere, advancing little or nothing.
    Leonard and Howard, with Sheldon, teaching the ‘fun of science’ to a roomful of seventh graders was not bad. Not great as we have come to expect, but not bad.
    The girls go to Disneyland for some excitement and a Disney makeover. The producers know that they can add interest to an episode with a few unique costumes, and they have clearly squared the idea, to use the scientific jargon. Bernadette is dressed with makeup and hair as Cinderella. Amy is sleeping beauty, and gets off a few good lines. We still haven’t determined who Penny was made up as; wasn’t Red Riding Hood, or Snow White. I doubt she was the Little Mermaid. I still don’t know.
    So the world’s current leading sit-com is stiff and struggling, week to week. This goes beyond disappointment.