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TV Review: The Beauty of The Bank of Mom and Dad

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Imagine your deepest fear come to fruition. For some that fear may be public speaking. For others, it may be being buried alive! However, if you were to really consider anything happening, imagine being and adult, in dept, without the slightest idea of how to get out. Now imagine your parents moving into your house with you in order to help you discover the best way to pay off that debt. On SOAPnet, Wednesday October 21, 2009, The Bank of Mom and Dad airs an episode with a beauty queen living this precise nightmare, in hopes that dreams will come true.

Anyone out there who still says television is a “boob tube” has yet to see The Bank of Mom and Dad. Before any young adult (or middle-aged adult for that matter) or teen gets too excited, this is not a show about Mom and Dad lending or giving money to their kids. If that's what you’re expecting, wrong reality show. The reality is that on this show, a cleverly thought out, well-laid plan is unraveled by Mom, Dad, and a financial coach.

On this episode of The Bank of Mom and Dad, Sarah, a 24-year-old beauty queen from Mount Joy, Pennsylvania has gotten into overwhelming debt. In order to get her out of debt and back on track, true to form, financial coach Farnoosh Torabi puts a plan into action by first moving in Sarah’s parents (not to worry, it is only for five days). Sheri and Andy move in with grandiose ideas of organizing, with poster boards and a filing cabinet in tow. Unbeknown to them, Sarah has dug herself into a mound of debt through maxing out her credit cards with purchases of pageant gowns, by way of multiple gym memberships, a trainer, student loans, and personal debt.

The Bank of Mom and Dad
will have you screaming at the television in awe of the choices this beauty queen has made, and what seems like an unwillingness to change. As well as being entertaining, this show is informative to boot. The ideas given by both parents and the financial coach will make you consider the debt you are in and what you should be doing about it. After this well-spent hour of watching television, you’ll come away with the money coach’s three initial steps to busting your debt. These steps alone will keep you coming back, week after week, for more how-to steps for getting yourself out of debt.

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