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TV Review: The Bank of Mom & Dad – To Clothe One’s Dog or to Clothe Oneself

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Infuriating to say the least. This week’s episode of The Bank of Mom and Dad introduces us to Farnoosh Torabi’s youngest client on the show to date. Twenty-two year-old Stacey is a daycare assistant whose monthly income of $800 by no means meets the extravagant lifestyle she so aptly thinks she should live. Be prepared for the fact that not only do Stacey's parents not know how much debt she is in, but Stacey as well is surprised when Farnoosh unveils the shocking truth. Let’s just say the difference between the amount of debt her parents think she’s in compared to the actual amount revealed will leave a priceless look on your face, too; especially considering the fact that she is only 22.

At first glance, The Bank of Mom and Dad appears to follow the same outline of past episodes. Remember, the show is based on having the parents move into their daughter’s home for one week. Well, this week’s episode throws in a little twist by having divorced parents Joseph and Diana live back under the same roof their daughter was raised under — together! So not only do you have the uncomfortable scenario of mother and father having to help their grown daughter get back on track financially, you also have the uneasiness that is in the room whenever a couple that has divorced has to “reunite.” Some might expect a two-for…

Instead of strife, Joseph and Diana are impressive as they prove their dedication toward their daughter by placing her aspirations above their own contention. From the beginning, they are in total agreement when it comes to solutions of how to get their daughter back on the right track. You’ll be surprised what these parents get accomplished, down to the off-handed, not too in your face comment by dad about a brat daughter and a car that needs to be sold, the truth about a dog that should go without clothes, and a plan initiated by mom that ends up teaching Stacey a lesson.

The Bank of Mom and Dad airs on Wednesdays at 10 pm on SOAPNET.

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