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TV Review: The Apprentice: L.A. – Episode 2

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I think the 24 fans had a better TV night than Apprentice fans. At least, I hope they had a better time than this Apprentice fan. I should speak for myself, after all.

Here's the idea – move the show to Los Angeles, go more shallow than need be, send a team of mainly women to the Playboy mansion as an exciting reward, talk about how great your body is, think pink, and call it a show. The great body bit was Trump. He's known for his abs and pecs, right?

This season is seriously flawed and it's just the second episode! Now, I know I watched the premiere. In that premiere, the teams had no names. I know they didn't. The caption on the screen referred to "Heidi's team" or "Frank's team." Tonight, with no discussion, the teams suddenly have names as if they had them all along. What's up with that? Heidi's team is Kinetic while the losing team is named Arrow.

Dearest DaddyWhen the teams met Trump and the Trumpette (Ivanka) at Palisades Park, what the heck was with Ivanka? She looked all goth-gone-Beverly Hills with a with an odd black outfit and raccoon make-up. The task this week was to design, manufacture, and model a bathing suit line for Trina Turk. It wants to bring the Valley Girl out of me. Oh, the task itself is very "California" and it's technically a challenging job. But to saddle the winners with a trip to the Playboy mansion and a meeting with Hugh Hefner? Gag me with a spoon… please.

On the Arrow team, Nicole became the Project Manager while Heidi retained her position on the Kinetic team. Just like last week, it was very obvious which team was having problems. On Arrow, Carey threw himself into the task; he always wanted to design. Michelle spoke up against his teensy pink bikini brief shorts for men, and the guys on the team rolled their eyes, too. But Carey was adamant and persuasive. Carey, who's gay, was obviously thinking the gay market, but not the big picture. And, the men's suit line is what killed their bid to win the task.

It's off to the boardroom for Arrow! And, off to the Playboy mansion for the overwhelmingly female Kinetic team. Oh, joy, joy… bunnies everywhere, with their little ears and tails, and Hugh telling his rags to riches story to anyone who'd listen. Don't get me wrong. I respect his success, but he's not someone I'd kowtow to, not at all.

One point I made last week was actually brought up at the mansion. I said that the new "twist" of the Project Manager remaining the same on the winning team didn't give the others on the team the chance to shine. Sure enough, almost the same words came from Marisa while at the mansion. Envy is growing roots.

In the boardroom, Carey tried to put the target on Michelle (who is the only one who really spoke up about not liking the teensy suit). When polled by Trump, most thought Carey was responsible for the loss, with a smattering of Michelle and one vote for the Project Manager. Trump made it clear it was the teensy pink suit which killed their chances to win, but thinks his own body is so great that he could get away wearing it just like Carey did while modeling it on the runway. Yeah, right. Carey actually did look good in it. Just the thought of Trump's pasty skin against the pink is frightening to me, say nothing about the teensy factor. (Take that as you will.)

CareyNicole chose Michelle and Carey for the boardroom, but it was obvious that the firing choice was actually between Nicole as PM or Carey because he designed and pushed the suit. In the end, it was "Carey, you're fired." I kind of wonder how he would have done if he stayed longer. And, though I get the reasoning, I think that Nicole should have done more to control the team. Michelle and others definitely didn't care for the suit and she turned a blind eye to them.

Just a few random notes to end this:

  • I'm going to keep a running tally of how often Frank says the phrase "at the end of the day." Last week he said it three times, this week once.
  • When Frank told Trump he had to sleep outside because he's claustrophobic, Trump replied, "Don't worry about it. You'll be back in the Bronx very soon anyway." I guess he's out of the winning picture, eh?
  • Trump actually said the words, "I have a great body." Feh. If he had said, "I have a great ego" – well, that would be believable.
  • Next week some sort of "ultimate bombshell" is supposed to happen in the boardroom. Okay, save the show Trump Boy!

Dollar bills, y'all…

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  • Cathy

    I totally agree with your comments!! I was thoroughly disappointed with the task as a whole. The past tasks were much more involved with many various aspects needing to be performed simultaneously…therefore needing a good leader, delegator, etc. The award, playboy mansion..was outrageous. I felt so bad for the females having to pretend they had a great time. Come on Trump, what’s up!!! And I said the same thing to my husband, having the same project manager doesn’t allow us to see how the others function under pressure. We’ve always enjoyed watching the apprentice, but another week like this…and that’s it. Our time is much to valuable to waste!!!

  • ClubStyle_DJ

    OMG the Jamacian girl had it right I know waaaay TMI about Carey’s “ramrod” (which he apparently tried shove down everyones throat about that suit) and Trump’s not just “great” but (lol) “great…great body” and his “quick, pass the Coppertone” legs. NY or LA…same BS. If you blinked, you wouldn’t have known there were black men on this show at all. Is it me or does Michelle look a lot like Jamie Presley? New reality show coming up next season “The biggest Sleezeoid” staring Huge Hefner, the Menage-a-tois of “main squeezes” and special guest cameo appearance from Larry Flynt, Bob Guccione and of course, The Donald. Yeah, team names did just appear. Tent clostrophobia…hmmm, guess it doesn’t apply to a mansion bedroom. Would the team lose on purpose to unseat a reigning PM? Stay tuned boys and girls… Same Trump Time… Same Trump Channel

    Step up to the plate and prepare to be thrown under the bus.

  • Heloise

    Hi Jackie,

    I too was vastly disappointed when the reward was going to the Playboy mansion. I watched anyway. But was sorry I did.

    I get called homophobic all the time for saying the least little thing. But I wonder if that move with the pink suit will not make him a target for being called names…hmmm.

    I am liking American Idol more. At least it makes me laugh.


  • Manuel

    Did anyone catch the new assistant? Has she been on before? Andie was her name I think. Wow, I thought she was beautiful, but not in that plastic way like Ivanka.

  • Darren BMA

    I honestly believe that this is a very poor and ill concieved move by the planners of this season. The decision to leave the winning PM on for future tasks is to say the least a bit stifling of the dynamism that the show was noted for with the mix of talents and personalities being scheduled to take the helm as project manager at some point. The tasks are to some extent unimaginative and the rewards just further compounds the errors. The thing is I do not think that anything can be done to change the course that they are already on as most of the season has already been taped. I have seen no display of the business acumen that Donald is known for and you got a chance to see first hand in the earlier seasons with the tasks chosen and the twists introduced. What is going on Donald. We can’t all be wrong. Ah well….all things eventually do come to an end.