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TV Review: The Apprentice 5 – Episode 11

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Once again this week, Deal or No Deal ran over its finish time. What’s up with that, NBC? It’s annoying to get all settled to take notes for blogging The Apprentice and then sit through 3 minutes of a show about people choosing briefcases. I don’t understand the show; I don’t watch it. I want it to end on time so I can watch “my” show. Is it too much to ask? What’s Trump’s opinion on this? Is he going to let a bald Howie Mandel stomp all over him? I think not! Okay, now that I have that out of my system, it’s onto the show…

In the hotel, Sean has worked his way up from repeating “awkward” situation by adding a syllable. Now it’s “awkwardness.” Remember, he spoke against Allie in the Boardroom two weeks ago and she wasn’t the one fired. She’s as thick as thieves with the other two members on Synergy, Roxanne and Tammy. He said, in his British accent, “I’m adrift in a sea of ‘eastergene‘.”

In came Lee and Michael from the Boardroom with the news that the most recent event was a double firing — both Tarek and Charmaine gone. Right then and there I figured Sean has his way out. The teams can’t run two against four. Trump will flip one Synergy member to Gold Rush and I’d bet dollars to doughnuts it would be Sean.

They got the call to meet Trump at Rutgers University Stadium in New Brunswick, New Jersey. (Not far from where I’m writing this article.) He took his TrumpCopter and they hitchhiked. Well, perhaps they didn’t hitchhike. I suppose they drove there. Once there, Trump explained the upcoming task. At the Navy versus Rutgers football game, the teams were to each put on a tailgate party feast selling Outback Steakhouse food.

Synergy was assigned the Yellow Lot while Gold Rush had the Blue Lot. Naturally, the team earning the most money would win the task. And, as I had thought, he evened the teams out. Sean volunteered to join Gold Rush, so the show’s back to a gender war once again. Tammy, Allie and Roxanne were so happy that they danced. I personally thought that a bit much, but that may just be me.

This week’s ominous foreshadowing quote and Trump lecture after a commercial break was “Deliver the Goods.” It was a dead giveaway as to which team would win once the task was on. “You can talk a good game, but it’s no good unless you deliver the goods,” said Trump.

Lee stepped up to be the Project Manager for Gold Rush, saying that he’s a recent college graduate, a football fan, and blah-blah-blah. I think he thought it was a sure thing, didn’t you? He delved right into things, planning and scheming with Sean and Michael. He arranged an exclusive on having the cheerleaders join them, got a “money pit” (an enclosure with dollar bills blowing around — people pay to go in and grab as much money as they can in an allotted time span), planned an eating contest, and generally went to town with plans run amok. They decided on low prices and went for the crowd scene.

Meanwhile at Synergy, it looked like the women were doomed. Roxanne was the Project Manager and, to me, it looked like they didn’t have much of a plan. They decided to visit Outback to sample the food. (Now, I wouldn’t have to do that…give me a bloomin’ onion any day, mate!) They decided that each dish would be $5, no matter what.

They lagged in the actual doing of things to prepare, though. While they were planning, the men were already hyping their tent at the pep rally with flyers. The women’s flyers weren’t even ready at the time! The more they showed of the team, the more sunk they seemed to be. It looked like the men had this one in the bag.

Synergy tried to get cheerleaders, but Gold Rush’s exclusive deal with the cheerleader team’s coach nixed that. Actually, the coach tried to give them some and silly Michael almost agreed, but Lee and Sean made him insist on all the cheerleaders.

So, Synergy themselves donned little cheerleading outfits. I think all of them were cheerleaders in past lives, or at college. Then it happened. The Trump Quote came to play. Gold Rush had so much going on that it was a cool party, but the focus was on partying, not selling the food. Synergy had almost nothing but themselves and their $5 an item food plan when they hit upon delivering the food through the lots. The baseball team bought $200 worth, taught them the Rutgers football cheer, and they were on the run from that point on. They were delivering the goods.

In the Boardroom with both teams present, it was obvious that the delivery (thought of on the spot at the event) won for Synergy. Their proceeds for the Outback Steakhouse were $2750 and Gold Rush only brought in $1750. Synergy won a trip to Raphael Vineyards on Long Island where they made and private-labeled their own wine while Gold Rush won a trip back to the Boardroom where someone would be fired.

I would like to mention now that every time I see people stomping on grapes with their bare feet, I promise I’ll never drink wine again. They had a grand old time and each left with a bottle named after themselves.

As Gold Rush prepared their bags in the hotel, it was clear that both Lee and Sean would go against Michael in the Boardroom. They thought he spent too much time on the microphone being the emcee of the tailgate party and not enough time selling. Plus, they still were shocked that he almost gave some of the cheerleaders to Synergy.

Once in the Boardroom, the latter is what did him in. Somehow Lee’s performance as Project Manager skated through, but Trump and Company focused on Michael almost giving up the cheerleaders. “You don’t give away your assets to rivals.”

“Michael, you’re fired.”

All right, even though I still think Lee’s days are numbered, I don’t think Michael was the best candidate for the win anyway. I’m not sure if I were Trump I’d fire him over Lee, but he did have to get gone. Michael seems like a very nice man, but he’s wishy-washy. In corporate life, unfortunately, nice doesn’t often make the grade. A politician-type such as Lee would do better. Sean is still a bit of a non-entity, even this late in the game. I’m thinking it may be a Tammy or Roxanne win at the end.

Mark your calendars: next week’s The Apprentice will air at 10 pm ET/PT in most viewing areas. Be there or be square.

Dollar bills, y’all…

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  • I was really, really surprised. For weeks now, Trump has been joking about what a politician Lee is, and I figured a major loss with him at the helm would finally signal his doom, especially since he rather clearly bore the lion’s share of the blame for the loss. It was Lee’s idea, his leadership, and — as George pointed out — his pricing, and pricing killed them more than almost anything. Michael may have been too nice of a guy in offering to give up a team advantage early on, but that obviously wasn’t the problem, because the advantage wasn’t given up.

    It’s surprising to me that both Carolyn and Trump were more concerned about the ill effects of something that didn’t happen over something that did.

    Lee isn’t just a politician. He’s an extremely lucky politician. He’ll go far. Now if he can just get rid of that permanent five o’clock shadow…

  • this is the frist season where i honestly can’t see anybody running one of trump’s companies.

  • Maybe it’s just hometown pride talking, but my money’s on Allie.

  • ClubStyle_DJ

    The video editing is masterful on this show. The whole time I’m rooting for the guys…I’ve dj’ed functions like that, I’m suprised they didn’t have a DJ there. Well they had Djmikeyfired. The whole idea of a party , cheerleaders-exclusive, money grabbing environment was, so i thought…little brain has taken over at this point brilliant! NOT…I’m thinkin give-away…and oogleing, no sale) They should have hit em with the higher price for stuff, like most food functions things do. Cleveland Rib Burnoff costs ya 4 to 6 bucks to get in, $2.00 bones 7 to 8 dollar dinners 2.50 for the BBQ corn wait that’s worth it…yer pockets are hit bigtime when you leave. I had the guys walking away with this one. I must have sat there for 5 mins with my mouth open in shock when I heard the figures. My girls opened a big $1000 can of whoopass, an EASTrogen rich, testosterone repellent if you will. DJmikeyF was offered up as the sacrifical lamb that he is. That’s how i saw it and i believe he knew it. Allie is history BTW Rod. America voted her to get fired even tho the girls won. She’s holding on to a two week grudge over freakin Andrea…omg…let it go hon. Along with her numbered days are Sean and Lee. The final two will be Tammy and Roxanne, mark my words. I didn’t post the questions last week but there was no who will get fired question, double firing that it was…things that make you go hmmmmm

    Here’s the stats and how i did on yahoo:

    Total points + bouns 50 + 0% = 52
    you get bouns if you answer early
    I’ll post the neww questions when i get em.

    ClubStyle_DJ predicts
    Points: 592
    Overall Rank: 1,300
    Percentile: 93rd
    Rank Change: -244

    Fans of Roxanne
    Rank: 5
    Percentile: 93rd
    Rank Change: +1

  • America voted for Allie to get fired before we knew the girls won; the voting was closed before the results came in. America (me included) thought her team would lose. As project manager, she likely would have been canned. She turned it around, though.

    Between Sean and Lee, I see Lee making it into the final round. Of the three girls, Allie is clearly the strongest. Refresh my memory, someone, about why Tammy and Roxanne are spectacular.

  • ClubStyle_DJ

    Oh BTW anybody else catch the “wanker” line again… too funny. What are the chances that this term could be talked about more than once in a blog. They would censor the translation, having to do with one a eyed playing card character and a name brand bug repellent. Here’s an american term – hen pecked.

  • ClubStyle_DJ

    The performance report stats at the official website state the following:

    roxanne: 2 pm wins 0 pm loss 0 sent to br
    allie: 1 pm win 1 pm loss 0 sent to br
    lee: 2 pm wins 1 pm loss 5 sent to br
    sean: 1 pm win 0 pm loss 1 sent to br
    tammy: 1 pm win 1 pm loss 1 sent to br

    Nothing is spectacular about any of em.
    It would have been interesting to see which way the arguments would have gone, had the women lost.

  • Sherryl

    These candidates are terrible, so terrible, in fact, that I keep forgettting to watch the show. I have to do an interent search on Tuesdays to find out what happened.

    At this point, it’s like who cares who wins. Just get the season finished.

    Maybe these people are qualified, but the editing sure doesn’t support that. Yeah…. maybe it’s the editing!!!

  • With last night’s win, that would be two for Allie; she won as PM in the first show and then last night, so that ties her with Lee and Roxanne.

  • Dynamo of Eternia

    I was surprised to see that the guys lost since they seemed to be doing so well the whole time. But, in the end it made sense since they didn’t focus more on sales.

    As for Michael getting fired, I don’t know if he was the best choice. I think Lee deserved to be fired more than Michael. I think Michael almost giving up an advantage over the cheerleaders is a bad thing(though I did kind of see his point on some level, even if it was a bad choice), but not nearly as bad as the fact that they didn’t focus enough on the primary purpose of the task at hand, and the responsibility to remain focued was on Lee’s shoulders.

    I didn’t like that Lee wanted to attack Michael for being on the microphone and not selling. Wasn’t that essentially the task that was designated to Michael by Lee?
    Granted, this wasn’t the main reason that Michael got fired, but it was still a low move. If Lee had foused the whole group more on sales, then they would have been better off.

    It will be interesting to see how the rest of the season unfolds. Though, I do agree with what Mark Saleski said. None of these people really seem like true Apprentice material. Choosing a winner right now seems more like it would be a matter of choosing the lesser of several evils. “Gee, which one of these people suck the least?” I really don’t think any of them are worthy of winning.

    But, maybe that will be the big twist for this season. Maybe on the live final episode, Donald will say that he’s not hiring either of the final candidates, and maybe as a surprise he will instead hire Rebecca, the runner-up from last season who almost got hired along with Randel who won, until Donald asked Randel if he should do so and Randel said no. Now that would make for an interesting ending.

  • I can see Lee making final four but actually making it into the final challenge is a different question. They guy has great ideas – the promotions at the tailgate party were great – but he does have a tendency to politic. Price point for them should have been higher and they could have done more with the cheerleaders than just have them standing around (why not have your food delivered by one of the cheerleaders), but they were getting the foot traffic. They needed to promote the fact that there was more here than just the money pit and the cheerleaders and the eating contest (okay, that was a bad idea unless you restricted the entries somehow).

  • Not to mention a stupid one.

  • mmmmm….Rebecca…

    oh, what were we talking about?

  • Clubstyle_dj

    I thought Roxanne was the PM for the Rutgers task. Am I mistaken? Allie’s little demon made you think she was the PM…but I beg to differ.

  • You’re right. I thought Allie was PM because she did all the work.

  • By the way, I have renewed respect for Andrea. I had no idea she is the founder and CEO of http://www.StickerJunkie.com. They advertise a lot in Rolling Stone and other magazines — big two-page spreads, too. The first apprentice in history who has actually created a business I’ve heard of.

  • Rodney – Your comment 1 hit the nail on the head — Trump was more worried about something that didn’t happen than the things that did happen under Lee’s ‘LEEdership.’ I’m seriously wondering if we’re seeing a serious steering by Trump to have Lee as a winner. Now, I don’t think Michael is a true leader, but…!

  • CSDJ – When the women started delivering the food, the lightbulb went off in my head connecting to Trump’s Quote of the Week. Until then, I thought the guys had it all together in the bag. Had they increased the prices a bit — I know Rutgers students as it’s local, most who would attend the football game are not starving or seriously lacking money. They would have spent more.

    As I said in my own article, I’m thinking a Tammy or Roxanne win, too. Although, I think Trump actually likes Lee. But, with Lee, it won’t take much to throw him out. He’s been in hot water too much. It’s telling that Trump had the opportunity to can him and went for Michael instead.

  • I’m surprised that NBC has been allowing the “wanker” bit so much on the show. 😉

  • By the way, another comment here about Allie. A few weeks ago, I was suffering with a monster toothache and had to go to the dentist — a new one, this time. My dentist is named Dr. Gandhi, and she partners with a Dr. Jablon. Just yesterday I found out that Dr. Jablon is Allie’s dad! Her name name is Allie Jablon. I had no idea. That certainly would have given us all something to chat about while I lay there in the chair getting pumped full of novocaine.

  • Congrats! This article has been placed on Advance.net

  • CLUBSTYLE DJ, you were as wrong as I thought you were.: “The final two will be Tammy and Roxanne, mark my words,” eh? Well, Tammy’s toast as of tonight. That leaves Roxanne and Allie on Synergy, and my money is not on Roxanne.

  • I’ll have the new episode up tomorrow, but Allie kept her cool in the boardroom. Had Tammy not gone, Roxanne would have been the one.

    I’m beginning to think Lee might be the winner this season. Eep.

  • My guess: Allie vs. Lee in the final.