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TV Review: The Apprentice 5 – Episode 10

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First, I have to get a gripe out of my system. Feel free to skip this paragraph if you’re a fan of Deal or No Deal. I refuse to be held responsible for any hurt feelings of readers. Okay. Here goes: Get that stupid Deal or No Deal off the air on time! What’s with that usurping the first few minutes of what should be The Apprentice? What’s the deal that idiots opening briefcases is so exciting? If it has to be on, end it on time.

There. I feel better already. On with tonight’s The Apprentice episode…

The rather typical brouhaha about the boardroom events went down in the show opening. Allie was all hugging and sweet-as-pie with both Roxanne and Tammy as she thought they were on her side. Then she points out that Sean didn’t back her up at all. (Remember last week he kept mumbling “you’ve put me in an awkward position” over and over again? Well, he’s still awkward, perhaps more awkward since Allie made it through and his friend Andrea got fired.) Now Allie and Roxanne have a target drawn — right on Sean’s back. He can’t be trusted! Tammy is leaning towards, “Oh, he wasn’t malicious.” On it goes…and on and on.

This is the second week they’ve been running the “Get Rich With Trump” gimmick with home viewers. I wonder how this works outside of the East Coast as viewers are asked to tell Trump who they want fired via text messaging or the NBC website. One home viewer wins $10,000 each week. Hmmm…do they give out another ten grand to West Coast viewers three hours later? Is it just an East Coast thing? It hardly seems fair. Ah, but who am I to complain? I neither text message, nor go to the site during the show.

This week it was back to Bill Rancic and Carolyn being Trump’s hitmen. Um, er…make that assistants in judging the task at hand. Yeah, that sounds good! They met up with the candidates and an executive from Hair Cuttery, a chain of hair salons. The task wasn’t thrilling. At least, I didn’t think it was. The teams each had to hype separate grand openings; whoever sells the most wins. Yawn.

Charmaine was the project manager for Gold Rush while Tammy took the reins for Synergy. Once again, I don’t think Trump sees these candidates in the light of how a home viewer or their teammates see them. The more I see of Charmaine, the more I’m just not thrilled to death by her. I don’t think she’s a good leader and she whines way too much. (Just a note: I would never go on a national television show because I whine too much. It takes one to know one and she indeed is a whining Nellie!) Charmaine started out her project manager leadership by not leading. The rest of the team wanted a theme, so she arbitrarily chose the first they mentioned — “Making You Happy.” Feel free to roll your eyes. I did.

The after-commercial break’s clue of what will come was “Watch Your Back.” Trump lectured us about how people will come after you and when you’re right, fight for yourself. Stay focused. Now, a few different people came to mind for me with this one. Most are fairly clearcut and you know who will end up fired. This time I was thinking Sean with Roxanne and Allie targeting him. Or, it could be the Charmaine/Tarek squabbling.

The oft-promoted romance between Tammy and Sean during the week turned out to be a simple pizza lunch. Yes, they seem to like each other. Perhaps they’re dating now. Who knows? Who cares? I only care in regard to how it will affect the show and the remaining candidates.

I didn’t need Trump’s clue to determine which team would win the task. It was clear that Charmaine blew it. Lee, as usual, kept pushing marketing. Well, duh, Charmaine should have listened to him. Instead, they tied up five hours making the shelves of product look pretty. Then, when it was basically too late to really market anything, she sent Tarek and Lee out to litter cars with trashy flyers. I so hate those things. It’s actually illegal to do that in many towns and with good reason! When Bill stopped by, Charmaine was having her own hair done. That calls for a double eye-roll, doesn’t it?

Meanwhile, over at Synergy, Sean and Tammy started handing out flyers to passersby the night before the event. And, once the day was on, Allie pushed selling product and did very well at it, too. Her reasoning was that more people would buy a product, it’s less time-consuming and it’s money in the till. She was absolutely right.

In the initial boardroom, there was no question in my mind which team would win. Sure enough, Synergy earned about $1000 while Gold Rush only earned a paltry $700. The Synergy team got to write a song with Burt Bacharach. How exciting, huh? Again, I think I’d rather swim with sharks. When it comes to singing, they should all stick to their day jobs. The lyrics they put together were okay, though. It’s certainly not anything I’d run out to buy.

So, the scheming started for the Gold Rush team members, each one wanting someone else to get fired. In watching Lee, though I think he’s a great marketing type, is sneaky and slimy. Yes, he’s been called a politician by Trump many times. He’s playing the hand to get Tarek fired by plotting with both Charmaine and Michael. Tarek has been his quasi-buddy, but does that stop him from the backstab? Nope!

Once the team gathered in the boardroom, all heck broke loose between Tarek and Charmaine while Lee just sat there. Michael spoke for Tarek’s firing, but did so politely. Lee squirmed and talked in double-speak. He looked like a cornered rat every time he was asked anything. The tension between Charmaine and Tarek shouting at each other finally broke above the heck breaking loose level forcing Trump to break in…

“Charmaine, you’re fired! Wait, stay in the room. Tarek, you’re impossible to work with or for. Tarek, you’re fired.”

So, they’re both out of the running for the job. I personally think it was a good call. I think that Lee’s days are numbered, too. I predict he’ll be the next gone. Or maybe not. I’m never good at predicting these things.

I felt tonight’s show, with the exception of the boardroom at the end and the double firing, was a bit ho-hum. I think that even the part which was meant to be funny when Trump defended his hair wasn’t all that humorous. The task was a bit mundane and so similar to others they’ve done before that it brought nothing new to the table. Now, if Lee and Tarek had been picked up by the cops for putting all those flyers on cars, that would have livened things up a bit.

Dollar bills, y’all…

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  • CS – Oy! Your own boardroom? My sympathies are with you.

    If you go to the website, the voting is free. I just never vote on these things. I tend to not buy lottery tickets, either.

    Milk Toast is a good way to sum up the episode. I think Allie is losing her cool bit by bit. Michael, though he spoke well in the boardroom, has trouble making decisions. Sean doesn’t lead well. Lee is getting a bit slimy with his politician ways. To me, that would leave Tammy and Roxanne duking it out for the win. But, this is why I don’t bet. I’m probably wrong.

  • ClubStyle_DJ

    I know I’m tardy with this comentary, but I had some issues at work and basicly… I’ve been to my own boardroom and sadly I am soon to revisit it and someone will be “fired”. (deep sigh) I can honestly say I know how all the former canditates feel and or felt at that deciding moment…no cab ride confession for me tho…I got in my Silverado and went home via the nearest bar. So after my couple or six Captain Morgans, I realized I hadn’t commented on this “MILK TOAST” episode. OMG… of all the episodes and shows combined this was the most YAWN inspiring thing i ever watched, save the end. I kept thinking of the Jim Crochie song Bad Bad Leroy Brown. “you don’t tug on supermans cape, you don’t spit into the wind, don’t pull the mask of the ole lone ranger and ya don’t mess around with Trump’s hair.” Charmaine paid the price for that move. Well she suk’ed at this task as a leader, but i think it was the hair thing that did it. Tarek was a “deadman walking”. nuff said. The two of them were bickering like an old married couple…omg…yeah like Trump’s gonna keep either of them….I would have lost whatever admiration I have for him, had he let either remain. I to fell for the 10 grand marketing ploy…both times…dumbassme $.99 on my frickin phone for a text message…and they say …oh you can “only” vote 10 times…that would be 10 bucks… exqueeze me…ehem…looks like i’m gonna need that $.99 back Donny. Seems the little demon that lives in Allie has come out to stay…i feel it’s gonna turn around and bite her in the perky little ass. Man o man talk about the honeymoon is over. No more orgies for her, Sean & Roxanne. He’s lookin for a new love. My perverted little mind had him and Tammy at a No Tell MOtel after the pizza…(oh no you di’ant go there.)…I digress. I Had to go there… the show was so… what’s another word for blan. oh i know uber-blan. Deal or no deal …kinda dumb…but…I just can’t get over a bald Howie Mandel…….. i just can’t.

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  • Dynamo – Sorry I didn’t get back to comments last week. My work schedule was switched around and when I was here, the site was glitching on me. Sigh. But, I’m here now! I hope the other regulars stop back!

    Unless those briefcases are being opened to give money to ME, that show ain’t gonna hook me! And, each week it actually goes over. I turn from another station which has already started its show at that time and Deal or No Deal is always on a minute or two longer. Grr.

    Dull and Tarek and Charmaine deserve firing. Yep, we’re in agreement on those! You brought up an interesting point about the reasoning behind Tarek’s firing in view of the reasons behind Charmaine’s. Huh. Incongruous, isn’t it? In retrospective, he should have rescinded Charmaine’s firing as he himself declared that Tarek was impossible.

    I’m getting the weasel vibes from Lee, too. He always looks like a cornered rat trying to squirm his way out. I think he’s great in marketing, but something sleazy and sneaky is oozing out of him when he’s in the Boardroom. Although, being one who never fits into corporate politics such as me … I can see him getting ahead in the corporate world.

    Thanks for stopping back!

  • DT – I can see Roxanne very likely being in the final two, but I think Lee might not make it. While his marketing skills are great, in other areas he’s not particularly a good leader.

  • Dynamo of Eternia

    Well, first of all, let me say that I am a fan of Deal or No Deal 🙂
    Yeah, I know the premise is simple, and it is just people randomly opening briefcases. But, there is a certain tension and excitement in not knowing what will be in the case. In other quiz-based shows, there are right and wrong answers, and it is based on people’s knowledge. There is some tension there, but if you hear them state an answer that you know to be wrong, there is not much tnsion there. In this show, it’s luck, and there’s just something exciting and different about that when compared to other game shows.
    But, I do agree about ending it on time. It was 8 p.m. (I am in the central time zone), and it was still on. I actually got concerned that they were doing another 2-hour episode like they did a few weeks back, and I just wasn’t previously aware of it. But, nope, it just ran over. They really should end the thing on time.

    Now, onto the subject at hand. I also found this week’s task kind of dull. I wasn’t even fully paying attention to the episode, as I got up and did some house cleaning while watching it.

    I agree that the two people fired deserved to be fired. Charmaine wasn’t a great leader and deserved to be fired, and Tarek has had it coming for a while.

    What I found funny was the quasi hypocracy in Trump’s reasonings for firing them. He basically says that if Charmaine can’t get Tarek to work well on these tasks, then she isn’t a good fit for this job, so she is fired. But, then he fires Tarek because he is “IMPOSSIBLE” (the exact word that Donald used) to work with. So, if he is “impossible” to work with and cannot be controlled, then how can he blame Charmaine for not being able to control him? I just found that kind of funny.

    But still, I agree that they both deserved to go and so I’m really not upset by the firing choices this week.

    Lee is proving to be a little crap weasel. He really is a politician. He was trying to play things from all sides just to save his own butt. I don’t know if he will be the very next person to be fired, but I don’t see him lasting until the end. And even if he makes it to the final two, odds are the time frame of the final task will land on a Jewish holiday, he will skip work, and the other person will win be default. It will be interesting to see how the upcoming weeks unfold.

  • DT

    Nice review. Many people have picked up on hints that Lee and Roxanne could be the final two.