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TV Review: The Apprentice 5 – Episode 8

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All right, it’s onto the second episode aired tonight. Or, last night by the time most will read this. (Grr)

Trump had the candidates meet him at the fountain in Cherry Hill in Central Park. No, don’t ask me. I know where a lot of things are in the park, but that’s not one with which I’m familiar. It’s a big park, y’know.

He came driving a fancy-schmancy souped up car with doors like the old Pantera or DeLorean cars. I’m thinking the term is gull-wing doors, but what do I know? Why they met there makes no sense to me other that he could drive up in the cool car. He made the offer for anyone from Synergy who thinks they can help Gold Rush win to make the switch. Michael was feeling very alienated by his team as they all told him that they won the last task in spite of his poor leadership. (Yes, I agree with them. He’s a nice guy, but doesn’t trust his own judgment.) So, he went over to Gold Rush.

The task this episode was to promote 7-11’s new P’eatzza sandwich — a combination of pizza and sandwich. Each team was assigned to a store and the goal was to increase sales through promotion of said sandwich. Eh. Andrea decided she wanted to be the Project Manager for Synergy and Leslie took the reins for Gold Rush. Andrea abruptly decided caps would be the promotional giveaway. “It is HATS.” Um, okay, Ma’am.

The foreshadow quote was “Know Your Customer.” Of course, Donald Trump gave a mini-lecture about it. So far this season, the phrase has indicated something wayward with the team which inevitably loses. This time, not so much. I think this time it referred to the final two in the Boardroom. But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

Synergy picked a decent price for their promo – $4 for one or $6 for two. And, they had the caps. Over at Gold Rush, Lee kept saying he knew the area and he knew the customer as it was a college clientele. Leslie really didn’t listen to him on the price. He kept saying it was too high. They were giving a rather neat six-pack cooler with the sandwich, but the price was $7.99 for one, $8.99 for two. Yikes! I know 7-11 prices. For eight bucks a sandwich, cooler or not, I want a table! Lee was right. Leslie also came up with odd trivia doings. I still don’t see her reasoning on that one. She obviously doesn’t know the 7-11 customer. Except for drunks in the wee hours, most people go to 7-11 planning to get in and out quickly with their purchase and trivia isn’t going to attract them. Lee, meanwhile, asked the manager to pull all the sandwiches except the P’eatzza. That was a good move.

On the day of the event, the trivia failed and Lee vanished, irking Leslie even more at him. It turns out he was trying to make a deal to sell a thousand sandwiches to a corporate customer. He would be the hero or the goat. In the end, the deal fell through. But I was impressed with his actions with management and his deal attempt. He’s not just political — he tried to get it done.

When it came time for the Boardroom, both teams did better than I thought either would. Gold Rush increased sales by 608% at their location. Alas, for them, Synergy increased by 997%. Unbelievable!

As a reward for Synergy, the team took a private jet plane to Washington, D.C. where they met New York Senator Chuck Schumer. After a nice time with him, it was off to the White House where Sean got all choked up. He only had his green card for six months and loves America. He thinks he’s living the American Dream. Aw.

Back at the Boardroom, Michael feels that he fit in better on the losing team than the winning one, so he has no regrets. Leslie was intent on blaming Lee when the main mistake the team made was the high price point. That was her decision and he was very vocal more than a few times about it being too high. She chose to only bring Lee in the Boardroom with her. Of the two, in my opinion, Lee really tried harder and was innovative. Plus, he wanted the lower price.

“You’re fired, Leslie. Oh. And, happy birthday!”

She really didn’t give Trump much choice on this one. What was she thinking with that price? What do you think?

Dollar bills, y’all…

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  • Dynamo of Eternia

    Before going into what the teams did, I want to say what the hell is up with the name of that sandwich? It doesn’t exactly role off of the tung. It sounds more like the person saying the name of it has a speech impediment and is just trying to say the word ‘pizza.’ I don’t know what 7-Eleven was thinking with that one.

    Now, going into the taks itself, yeah, Leslie really messed up with that price. It’s one thing when Leslie made the initial mistake, but then after Lee overheard the 7-Eleven employees making comments on how high the price was, she really should have listened. It’s not like they were forced to keep the price at what they initially came up with. She was just stubborn on that one.

    The price was too high, and while the cooler is nice, its nothing special. Frankly, at that price, they should have offered people a cooler and a free Big Gulp or Slurpee. Most people will probably want to buy something to wash it down with anyway, but at the price they wanted for the sandwich, adding a drink onto it would bring the total up to around $10, which is nuts for a cruddy sandwich and drink from a convenience store.

    Though, looking at the other team, the hat wasn’t a great idea either. They managed to win the task, but most of there strategies were nothing to write home about. I agree with Caroline’s comments about the hats. I would keep walking as well. Now, a free drink with the sandwich, that’s more logical. I don’t get what was with Andrea insisting on the hats. She just seems to be too much of a control freak and just assumes that any idea that she has is going to be 10 times better than anything that anyone else comes up with. Everyone just kind of looked at her like “are you nuts?” when she made the hat comment. She’s lucky that the other team did so badly with their pricing and having that huge deal fall through, otherwise I think she would have been the one to go.

    Leslie got fired, and deservedly so. She put too much blame on Lee when he was the one that was pointing out the problems and trying to make a huge sale. The one thing that I don’t get is why they didn’t let the sandwiches go for $2 each for that sale. Was there some restriction stating that they couldn’t sell it for that low that I missed? I mean, that sale would have sealed the win for them, so if Leslie were willing to budge on the price, then she would have had a much happier birthday.

    Lee didn’t really do much of anything wrong, and Leslie just messed up. She deserved to be fired, and I am glad that she was.

  • ClubStyle_DJ

    The NEXT Omearosa has red hair, a million bucks and a short apprentice lifespan. Missed this episode completely. Thanks for the re-cap gang. You hit the nail on the head with Andrea Dyna…best description I’ve read to date. She is a control freak….Anything she comes up with is 10 times better than ANYone else’s idea…she’s a ledgend in her OWN mind. I keep hearing in my head the last “fade out” line of Hall and Oates “rich girl” …”oh you’re a rich bitch girl” your money won’t get you too far …get you too farrrrrr. Actually the whole song seems to fit, if ya really stop to think about it. Is Lee the new whipping boy now that Brent and Lenny are gone. Tarek in a smart yet strategic move? has started flying under the radar…but then again …our government thought “duck and cover” would work as a strategy for a nuke attack in the 50’s.

    Your honor…Side bar…err i mean…
    Side Blog:
    ROXANNE RULES! (i think) she has faired better than the other black women on this series, the rest have been A BITCH, A QUITTER and A CRAZY. Bout time there was a WINNER/Apprentice don’t ya think?.

  • Dynamo – Before I could write the entry, I had to find the 7-11 site to make sure I spelt the name of the sandwich right. A very odd spelling.

    I don’t recall any restrictions on the price of the sandwich. It seems to me that, in bulk, the two bucks could cover costs. I really think Lee was pretty creative and took charge in the task even though he wasn’t the PM. I don’t think anything in a 7-11 other than medicine products costs eight bucks!

    I liked Leslie until I saw how she handled this task. She blew it.

  • ClubStyle – I have red hair! OH, NO! Er… I don’t have a million dollars, though. As for Roxanne, the more I see her the more I like her. I think I’d like to see her and perhaps Lee in the final two! I personally think Stacy was framed for the “crazy” that one season.

  • ClubStyle_DJ

    This is a little ‘cut out’ from an Entertainment weekly blog I’ve also been reading…the whole entry had me cracking up. I had to share it.

    But it came down to this: Synergy gave away a free hat with every $4 Giant Disgusting Pizza Sandwich purchase. Goldbucket gave away a free mini-cooler for ”only” $7.99. Furthermore, two Giant Disgusting Pizza Sandwiches in Goldbucket’s world would cost you only $8.99. Now: I went to theater school, but what that says to me is you are getting a $7 cooler and two 99 cent G.D.P.S.’s, right? So maybe (1) the price point is a little high there, and (2) when Lee tries to make a sale of 1000 G.D.P.S’s to some crazy person out on the street and the guy offers you $2 per, you take that deal. But what do I know, right? Who wants to play some improv games?

    What? You’re saying this task did come down to price point? Well, I’ll be. Synergy blew Goldwhatever (just merge already, I can’t keep coming up with names) out of the water by increasing their 7-Eleven’s sales by 997 percent. A 997 percent increase in store sales just by having vaguely telegenic dimwits mill around outside your franchise selling mutant sandwiches??
    The author is Whitney Pastorek on that site in case ya get a chance to read the rest.

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  • The “Know Your Customer” mini-lesson from Trump was actually right on the money for this task. By pricing the food too high, the team showed they didn’t really know the customer for this particular location or item.

  • I think Trump comes up with those lessons after the task has been completed. You and I could do the same thing, hindsight being 20-20 and all.

  • ClubStyle_DJ

    OMG I just discovered there’s a UK version of the Apprentice… I think I have the BBC on my satellite tuner… gotta try to catch that one. I’m JONESIN’!

    (There has gotta be medication for this)
    (I think it’s a valium/prozac blend)