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TV Review: The Apprentice 5 – Episode 6

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Well, here we are at the sixth week of the fifteen-week interview. Gee, that’s longer than some people I know have ever held a job! No, I’m not referring to me. I’ve been gainfully employed for a number of years. Um, decades. Okay, more than a score. Eek. At least Donald Trump is older than I am!

As Gold Rush awaits the non-fired, they want it to be Tarek whoโ€™s gone. Alas, no go. Even though Charmaine and some of the others think Tarek holds the team back, he’s not the one fired. Bryce decides to take Tarek under his wing and help him. He calls a team meeting to discuss how they should get off to a fresh start and forget past problems. Yes, it’s a great idea, but it doesn’t seem to go over too well. He’s volunteered to be the Project Manager, but will his team listen to him? Will they respect him?

Of course, Tarek blew the play nice party when he decided he was oh-so-great-and-powerful and told them that’s why they target him. After all, they’re the coyotes chasing after the buffalo (him). Yes. I’m rolling my eyes. Aren’t you?

All the rain they kept showing looked very familiar to me. It rained for a good part of September here. Sure enough, it was filmed during Yom Kippur — another holiday that Lee took off to observe. I don’t fault him for doing so. Religion is a personal issue and most businesses allow folks the time off for such purposes. I will say it’s a shame the show was filmed when it was since Lee has had to miss part of the “interview.” Even though he definitely had a valid reason to go, it can create problems on the team to have a member missing for a task. Rather, it could if the Project Manager delegates responsibility properly.

Trump summoned the teams downstairs to the lobby area of Trump Tower where he showed the display cases with the Trump branded merchandise. I took the photo above in the same area of Trump Tower the last time I was in there. (No, I wasn’t there for an interview, but I do recommend the public restrooms!) He then introduced two Arby’s corporate bigwigs to the teams and told them their task this week was to create a jingle touting Arby’s new all-natural chicken line, the only fast food chain offering such. The rest are unnatural, I guess. Aren’t nuggets a body part?

They had to write the lyrics and the melody or tune with the aid of a professional band who would perform the finished jingle. Lenny wanted to know what a jingle was. Even after it was explained, he played Russian about it all. I know he’s smarter than that. It’s something I feel just wasn’t a strength of his and he fell back into acting like heโ€™d just stepped foot into modern society. I don’t buy the act.

Sean decided to be the Project Manager for Synergy and, for the first time, I personally thought both teams worked well on the task. No one really fought; no catfights. Andrea was almost nonexistent except for working along cooperatively. Gold Rush made a horrible error that cast a shadow on anything they’d do in the task, though. They showed up 25 minutes late for the meeting with the CEO and the other bigwig. Yikes! Dumb move!

This week’s Donald Trump lecture and quote was about needing the respect of your employees. I think he was pulling straws with this one. In other weeks, it was evident who would lose the task by the lecture point. This time, I found it a bit murky. Neither Project Manager was really disrespected. Out of the two, perhaps Bryce was a bit disrespected, as his smile-on-your-brother meeting didn’t work. But Gold Rush did pull together as the task went on. I think Trump could have gone with a “Nice Guys Finish Last” quote and lecture, but it wouldn’t have put him in a great light, would it have?

The jingles were played for the bigwig folks, Trump, and a bunch of Arby’s customers. Donald danced to the Synergy one. I think I’ll probably have nightmares tonight. Unfortunately, Gold Rush left out the vital “Arby’s is the only natural chicken” and, combined with a bit catchier tune from Synergy, they lost. They will have to go to the Boardroom.

Synergy won a fancy-schmancy meal, which included $4,000-a-pound white truffles. The girls fawned all over Shawn while poor Michael (who is an attractive young man) was left out. Shallow, shallow. Thankfully, Andrea was a bit quiet. Me? I’d prefer a meal at Arby’s, probably going for the roast beef and not the chicken.

As Gold Rush prepared to go to the Boardroom, they were all getting along and really wanted no one fired. Heck, they even forgot how much they disliked Tarek! Bryce did something very right in leading this team in the task. Even though they lost, they had worked as a team. Bryce also held his head high and refused to backstab or place blame. I think his actions were pretty admirable, but it was a bit like Dead Man Walking to me. Unless he blames others, it will be him gone. As the Project Manager, he was ultimately responsible for the entire team.

In the Boardroom, we didn’t see fighting as in previous weeks. Lenny knew he didn’t contribute much to the task and was resigned to his fate of being chosen as a to-be-fired possibility. I think Bryce took the easy way out by choosing Lee to go with them. He knew Lee wouldn’t be fired and that, had he brought Charmaine or Tarek, one of them might be. I believe he figured he was a goner. He didn’t want Lenny fired either, but someone had to be fired. He was the Project Manager. He was responsible. Plus, he argued with Trump, which sealed the deal.

“Bryce, you’re fired!”

When he rode off in the taxi, he was a bit arrogant. But I think he may be right. Watching him bring Gold Rush together on the task this week, he worked miracles. I think Bryce may be the best candidate not hired yet. He wasn’t perfect, but he got that team working as a team. I understand the firing — he was the logical candidate in this case. He’ll do well in life without winning the show.

Dollar bills, y’all…

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  • mimi

    I missed the show last night because we are Gators and were watching the basketball game. Your review was excellent. I can’t wait to see the re-run some night this week. Your detailing was superb. I could picture everyone and everything by what you wrote. Thanks!

  • Joe

    My favorite part was when the winning team faked their enjoyment of the truffle dinner reward. Their “mmm’s” were not quite believable. But I guess anything that costs $1000/lb. would taste “good,” even if it is some rare fungus/mushroom thing that look like moldy lumps of cheese.

  • http://blogcritics.org Joanie

    Congrats! This article has been placed on Advance.net

  • ClubStyle_DJ

    Did a little better on this set of questions, however so did everyone else. I was so wanting Andrea to go that it clouded my decision making process. She was invisi this whole time around. Makes you wonder don’t it. (but I thought Omarosa was one of many “shills” also)

    Shill: In Vegas are the little blue haired old ladies with a tray full of “supplied” winnings “paid” to sit near the entrance to attract folks… like they could win too.

    It reads as follows
    question my answer correct answer

    ClubStyle_DJ predicts
    Points: 415
    Overall Rank: 434
    Percentile: 97th
    Rank Change: +182

    TOP 5 (overall)PLAYERS STATS

    Rank Pick Set Name Points +/-

    1 Dorothy 604 0
    2 Zhenka’s Picks 585 +1
    3 Magpie’s Picks 570 +5
    3 Xiamen Tea 570 -1
    5 Trump 4th Floor 555 -2

    1. Which candidate will claim he/she knows how to play in the sandbox?
    Roxanne Roxanne 10

    2. Which candidate will not understand the term “jingle”?
    Lenny Lenny 10

    3. Who will flirt with Sean at the dinner table? Allie Allie,Roxanne 10

    4. Which candidate will not participate in the task?
    Lee Lee 10

    5. How will Mr. Trump react during the first corporation’s presentation?
    He’ll dance He’ll dance 10

    6. Which candidate will say: “I’m very proud of what we came up with”?
    Bryce Bryce 10

    7. Which candidate will start crying before the boardroom?
    Allie Charmaine 0

    8. In the boardroom, who will say “life sucks”?
    Bill Rancic Donald Trump 0

    9. According to Mr. Trump. which candidate “masks” their talent?
    Michael Lenny 0

    10. Which candidate will be fired?
    Andrea Bryce 0

    Sneak preview of next weeks questions.
    (I could use some constructive advice if you wish)
    multiple choice

    1. Upon returning to the suite, who will call departed Bryce “a good friend”?
    Charmaine Leslie Lee Tarek

    2. During the task, which candidate will Sean refer to as a “wanker”?
    Andrea Michael Lenny Tarek

    3. During the task, what will Tarek claim drives him insane?
    Charmaine mindless babble
    Lee constant politicking
    Allie’s pointless direction
    Andrea controlling personality

    4. During the task, what does Andrea say the corporation needs?
    A cheerleader A dictator A sense o humor some rest

    5. During the task, who will Charmaine consider as “crazy, absolutely crazy”?
    Lenny Roxanne Sean Tarek

    6. With the boardroom looming, who will help the losing project manager prepare for Mr. Trump’s questioning?
    Allie Lee Leslie Tammy

    7. In the boardroom, who will the losing project manager consider as “hard to manage”?
    Andrea Charmaine Michael Tarek

    8. Which candidate will be fired?
    candidate choice

    9. After the firing, who will be accused of having “ten thousand faces”?
    Andrea Allie Charmain Tarek

    10. After the firing, what will Bill Rancic’s reaction be about Mr. Trump’s decision?
    Piece of cake
    Way too easy
    Wow, that was awkward

  • http://jackiestvblog.blogspot.com/ Jackie

    Mimi – I’m glad you found the recap/review! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • http://jackiestvblog.blogspot.com/ Jackie

    Joe – I’m not a fan of mushrooms on the whole. About the only kind of truffles I ever eat are the ones made of chocolate. Now, THERE is a truffle! Chances are that I would gag at the meal (which is so unclassy in an upscale restaurant).

  • http://jackiestvblog.blogspot.com/ Jackie

    ClubStyle – Thanks for dropping by my blog! As for your comment — I’m with you on Andrea. And, it is indeed weird she was barely seen this week. Hmmm…

    As always, thanks for sharing the questions. I know I’d suck at predicting the show. That said, here goes on my guesses for the new questions:

    1. Upon returning to the suite, who will call departed Bryce “a good friend”?

    2. During the task, which candidate will Sean refer to as a “wanker”?
    Thinking of the definition of the word, it should be a male. Although on the other team, I’d go with Lenny as he’s outspoken. If not Lenny, it would be Tarek. I doubt Michael would display behavior causing the phrase and it wouldn’t suit a female.

    3. During the task, what will Tarek claim drives him insane?
    Charmaine mindless babble

    4. During the task, what does Andrea say the corporation needs?
    A dictator

    5. During the task, who will Charmaine consider as “crazy, absolutely crazy”?

    6. With the boardroom looming, who will help the losing project manager prepare for Mr. Trump’s questioning?
    Leslie (random guess answer)

    7. In the boardroom, who will the losing project manager consider as “hard to manage”?
    Andrea (Just because I don’t like her)

    8. Which candidate will be fired?

    9. After the firing, who will be accused of having “ten thousand faces”?
    Andrea (I’m on a streak here)

    10. After the firing, what will Bill Rancic’s reaction be about Mr. Trump’s decision?
    Wow, that was awkward

    Okay, let’s see how I do! Thanks, Club!

  • ClubStyle_DJ

    after last weeks show the preview guy said there would be a shake up. Could the teams be re-arranged? based on a couple of these questions I wonder now. Team re-arrangement happend after the “fired 4” last time. My question selection that time was thrown off kilter. I’m going with the following:
    Tarek -he’d better!
    Michael -wanker potential I think
    Mindless blabber -she blabbers and blubbers a lot
    Sense of humor -irony factor
    Lenny -crazy Ivan (hunt for red october lol)
    Tammy -no reason
    Tarek -in trumps crosshairs
    Tarek -see above
    way too easy I still cant believe trump said sux!

  • Dynamo of Eternia

    Ok, I’m late in my reply this week.

    Bryce essentially shot himself in the foot which lead to his firing. On one hand, I see where he was coming from, but I think he was somewhat misguided.

    I understand that he wants to be loyal to his team members and he doesn’t want to ‘stab’ them in the back. However, when some of the marks were missed (like with not mentioning that Arby’s is the only place to get the all natural chicken in the lyrics) then he should have held the two people who wrote the lyrics responsible. It is possible to simply say who was in charge of that, recognize that they missed the mark, and holding them responsible for that without completely pouncing on them and back stabbing them.

    I don’t know if Lenny was B.S.ing or if he really just didn’t grasp the concept of a jingle. But still, I don’t think he should have been called to the board room, and neither should Lee have been.

    Bryce did get a little uptight in the board room in the end, which didn’t help his cause. During the cab ride after the show, he did seem a little arrogant, but not without reason. When he made the comment that “Trump should shut up and listen once in a while,” I think he actually kind of had a point. But, oh well.

    As far as the prize for the winning team goes, I guess it was nice, but it seemed like they were trying to force those truffles down their throats. I don’t care how expensive that stuff is, I sure as hell wouldn’t want to eat it. I would have said give me the Arby’s food instead.
    Some of these prizes just aren’t all that great in my opinion. Swimming with sharks, eating bad-tasting (but expensive) food, going on a helicopter ride to see Trump’s buildings… I mean, who the hell would want to do all of that? Not me (I guess the helicopter ride wouldn’t be so bad, but its not like I would pee myself with excitement over it either). I’d actually just rather go back to the suite and relax than do some of these stupid prizes. On occasion they’ve had some good ones, though.

  • Dynamo of Eternia

    How the heck did my last post become all italicized?

  • http://alienboysworld.blogspot.com Christopher Rose

    No worries Dynamo, the previous commenter did it inadvertently.

  • ClubStyle_DJ

    Italics???? I don’t see any italics…I didn’t cause italics inadvertant or otherwise.

  • http://jackiestvblog.blogspot.com/ Jackie

    Huh. I go off to work and all kinds of italics break loose! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I would guess a half an html tag was in there and Christopher fixcd it. Things happen. Not a worry, Clubstyle. I didn’t see italics, either. These comment threads can be touchy if they even think something may be html.

    Dyanamo – Welcome back to the comments! I think you’re right about Bryce, but with the two he brought to the boardroom it was a given that he was to be fired. I think he was arrogant, but I also think he has a lot better qualities than many who are left on the show. The only decent reward they’ve had so far this season is the diamonds one. The giving the jobless suits was silly to me. Give ’em jobs, not suits. The upcoming one with kids may be a rewarding reward for them.