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TV Review: The Apprentice 5 – Episode 5

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It’s Week 5 of the 15 week “interview.” I’m finally getting to know some of the names of the quieter folks or those not really highlighted by the show’s editors. After tonight, I got to know who Leslie is. And, um…Dan.

The show opened with the candidates wondering who would be fired. The Synergy folks really wanted to no longer see Brent while many of Gold Rush were hoping for Brent’s return because of his detrimental inflluence on the team. All were shocked that Brent was gone. Some relieved; others wondering if they need to worry about Synergy now. Andrea went at Roxanne for saying that Tammy did a better job as a Project Manager. Ohhh! Catfight! Well, not quite. I personally don’t think Roxanne’s a really strong candidate for winning, but at least she’s personable. Andrea irks me. Be gone, witch!


This week’s task for the teams was a bit more along the lines we’ve seen before. They were brought aboard a Norwegian Cruise Line ship, the Norwegian Jewel, and instructed they must make a 30 second television commercial touting the cruise line’s new “freestyle” cruises. They’re cruises without any organized events or time schedules. (Okay, that’s a cruise I’d like!) The hitch was that the teams only had 3 hours to complete the filming with a crew and equipment provided. If they didn’t finish by then – the ship leaves port. And, but of course, they’re stuck on a cruise. Hey … that doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

Dan decided he wanted to be the Project Manager for Gold Rush and the team instantly liked an idea Lenny had with a storyline of a castaway coming aboard and showing all the fun activities. They set about with the film crew. Over at Synergy, Roxanne went for the Project Manager position much to the dismay of Andrea. They came up with the idea to contrast traditional cruises with the more fun and exciting freestyle ones. Now, Roxanne did look a bit bewildered and overwhelmed at times, but Andrea irked me more. Please, please get her off my television set!

The foreshadowing of the error a team would make came after a commercial. This time it was the quote “Listen to your people” along with a little lecture by Trump. Okay. So, we know one Project Manager wouldn’t listen to his people. It was so easy from that point on to see who would lose the task. While Roxanne didn’t particularly listen to Andrea (can’t blame her), she listened to the others on her team. Ah, but Dan tried to do everything by himself, didn’t delegate tasks and, more importantly, didn’t listen to Lenny when he said that text alone wasn’t good, the commercial needed a voiceover, too. When Bill Rancic peeked in on the team, all was chaos. Dan was more worried about Lee schmoozing with Carolyn and Bill than he was about actually assigning Lee a task.

The results were pretty clear. I knew about the castaway part of the Gold Rush ad and the first thing that struck me was you didn’t know he was a castaway! Synergy easily won and with no help from Brent! They won big time, too. They got to go to a secret (yeah, right) Brinks diamond vault where they played with diamonds and got to select $30,000 worth of them to take home.

Gold Rush was in turmoil. Lenny came up with the castaway idea, which even beyond the confusion, didn’t fly well with the thought of a cruise. Tarek shouted down Lenny’s balking at the text only on the ad and pushed that as it’s something he can do well. Dan wasn’t a good leader at all. He didn’t delegate tasks and he didn’t listen to his people. Tarek told Dan he would back him up in the boardroom, but then went on to say he (Dan) didn’t have any friends in the boardroom. The plot thickens!

Once the whole team got together in the boardroom with Donald, Bill and Carolyn, all heck broke loose. They argued like little kids. Here’s the corporate future, eh? Dan decided to take Lee into the boardroom mainly because he doesn’t like him. Lee really didn’t do anything wrong on the task. He didn’t do much, but he wasn’t asked to do much. Again, no delegation. Dan didn’t want both Lee and Lenny in there and Leslie actually spoke up for herself, so he chose Tarek. I thought Tarek was going to be a goner, but Donald fired Dan because he didn’t bring Lenny in and the whole concept was his idea.

“Tell Lenny he hasn’t long to go!”

The best line of the night was Trump to Tarek: “Mensa should change their test.” I’m sure that Mensa is rescinding Tarek’s membership right now.

Next week’s show will be on at 10 PM instead of 9 (ET). Until then …

Dollar bills, y’all…

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  • Dynamo of Eternia

    This week’s episode was interesting.

    I agree with who Trump fired, but I do not agree with the reason why he got fired.

    While it wasn’t great, I don’t think Lenny’s castaway idea was bad. I know Trump made the comment in the board room about how showing someone who’s been through a shipwreck when advertising for a cruise isn’t the best approach. And he had a point, but at the same time, it would be showing that a boat like this is so nice that someone who had just been through ship wreck would enjoy it. They are going from something negative to something very positive, so I don’t think the concept was bad.

    What was bad was the execution of the concept. It wasn’t completely obvious that this guy had been through a ship wreck to the exectuvies that this was being presented to. They were kind of confused as to what was going on in the beginning of the commercial. It probably would have been more effective to have shown the guy stranded on a raft or something at first, but this may not have been feasable within the bounds of the time and resources that they had to do this with. So, maybe the concept was a little too big to execute properly.

    Ultimately, Dan did not bring Lenny back to the board room because even though it was Lenny’s concept, everyone else jumped on board with it right away and seemed happy with it. No one stood up and said “this idea is stupid.” No one recognized that the idea may be hard to do with what they had to work with, and someone should have been able to figure that out (particularly the project manager). If he had figured that out, they could have easily shot a slightly different beginning and used the rest of the video as it had been filmed.

    Dan just didn’t deligate properly. In fact, he barely deligated at all. This was his one primary big mistake. It kind of came up in the board room, but it really wasn’t focused on as much as it should have been.

    And using the text instead of a voice-over in their video was a dumb move. Lenny even pointed this out and then Tarrek got all mad at him, using the ‘wonderful’ logic of “how many times have you only seen a commercial once?” Well, they only get to show it once to the executives, so it has to be effective from the get-go. That must be Tarrek’s Mensa smarts at work! Tarrek deserved to be fired to, but not quite as much as Dan did.

    Lenny had a great point in this case, so in my opinion, even if one could blame him for the initial bad idea, he had a very good idea here that he was insistant upon, and so I see it as the two canceling each other out and therefore he is ‘even’ and shouldn’t be fired. I don’t particularly like Lenny. He can be kind of a jerk at times. But he didn’t deserve to be fired over this task.

    Then in the board room, Dan tried to put a lot of blame on Lee for some stupid reason. Granted, Lee didn’t do much, but neither did most anyone else. And this is mainly because Dan did not let them. Dan kept focusing on Lee talking to Bill and Carolyn, but I don’t see what was wrong with that considering that Lee didn’t have much else to do.
    I didn’t agree at all with Dan attacking Lee and I certainly think he did a horrible job in deligating tasks and as a project manager overall.

    The only decision that I agreed with Dan about was not trying to focus too much on Lenny as the reason why they lost. While Lenny was probably more deserving of being in the board room than Lee was, Lenny really didn’t do anything significantly wrong in this case and did not deserve to be fired. This was probably the one decision that I agreed with Dan about, yet it was the one that got him fired in the end. Ah, the irony!

    But still, I felt he deserved to be fired anyway, so I was happy with the overall end result.

  • I’d have fired Dan and Tarek. Dan wouldn’t listen to his people and more importantly didn’t use his people efficiently – the shoot was all about him. As for Tarek, trying to justify not using the voice-over was insane. The team hadn’t created a commercial that was powerful enough to go without voice over – it wasn’t a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination and unless a commercial is a masterpiece you can’t go without words.

    As for Synergy, it was a beautiful ad. The only thing I might have done different was to use the same bored couple from the black & white sequence but this time in colour and having fun. I might even have given them a line, something like “Now this is what a cruise should be like!”

  • Trump hates it when you don’t bring blameworthy people into the boardroom with you. He was mad when Charlaine wasn’t brought in over the foul-mouthed comedian fiasco, and this time he got pissed that Lenny got off free. Those are two glaring examples of people who have survived on luck and the goodwill of their project managers –both of whom took a bullet for their decisions.

  • ClubStyle_DJ

    I didn’t do so good predicting this episode.
    Below are the fantasy questions from this past round my answer and the correct answer.

    Overall score
    ClubStyle_DJ predicts
    Points: 325
    Overall Rank: 616 episode 5
    Percentile: 96th
    Rank Change: -97

    I have Roxanne as my apprentice choice for a possible 500 point bonus. As indicated above I am 616 of the total people playing down from 529 from episode 4. I am 3rd of the fantasy game group “Fans of Roxanne” ’bout 30 players strong!

    (The #1 fantsy game player has 499 points)
    (At epi-2 i was in approx. 5,978th place) :^O

    1. Prior to the task assignment, which candidate will say “I want Brent to come back”?
    Lenny Lee 0

    2. Prior to the task assignment, who will Andrea consider as “not a strong leader; [he’s/she’s] a strong follower”?
    Roxanne Roxanne 10

    3. During the task, which candidate will Lee say is “going to have a heart-attack”?
    Lenny Dan 0

    4. During the task, who will say the project manager “could have utilized us, we’re good quality people”?
    Lee Lee 10

    5. During the task, what will Roxanne ask from her fellow candidates?
    “Understanding” “Respect” 0

    6. With the boardroom looming, who will consider himself a “big ally” to the project manager? Tarek Tarek 10

    7. In the boardroom, who will Mr. Trump label as “always flying below the radar”?
    Roxanne Leslie 0

    8. In the boardroom, who will Mr. Trump label as “an embarrassment “?
    Tarek Tarek 10

    9. How many additional people will the losing project manager bring back to the final boardroom?
    Three Two 0

    10. Which candidate will be fired? Tarek Dan 0

    There is a thin line between business savvy “go get em bish” and “just plain ‘ole ungrateful Bish”. That being said…Andrea has got to go. I’d rather see her go before Terek or Lenny. And they all should feel the sting of “diss-ing” Brent. Remember at the end “fired” folks come back to work with the 2 finalist. Now that will be something to see. I think I read somewhere that they all got 30 grand in diamonds…That would have to be a group total wouldn’t it?…that would be like $180,000 bucks each or $5,000 each. And since the last taks win gift was “dressing the jobless and distraught?????” WTF.. a reward of a heart string tug with a side of “peace of mind”. Surely Trump has a mailroom or two in one of those buildings. Give them guys a JOB, phuck a suit.

  • Dynamo – Dan should have been fired for being a poor leader. You’re right on the execution. To be honest, I didn’t think of the shipwreck advertising a cruise bad idea angle. But when I saw the commercial, it was confusing even though I knew the story. Thanks for stopping by again. I’d debate the issues, but we agree too much!

  • Brent – I think, as project manager, Dan deserved to be fired more than Tarek. I think Tarek’s day will be coming soon enough, though. It’s a good thing he has beauty as he doesn’t have brains! Oh. Wait. He’s a Mensa member. I’m SO impressed!

  • Congrats, this article was placed on Advance.net

  • Rodney — Don’t you think that Trump was perhaps just as upset that Dan brought Lee into the boardroom for no other reason than he didn’t like him? Lee didn’t do anything wrong, per se. Even if Lenny had been brought in, Dan’s leadership on the task was horrendous. If I were Trump (eek, I’d have to change my hair!), I think I would hold Dan responsible since he was the PM.

    You say the two “took the bullet” for their goodwill, but I tend to think of it as yet another bad decision made.

  • ClubstyleDJ – I always find the fantasy quesions interesting. You know you’re going to have to keep us informed on how you’re doing. 🙂

    I agree with you about Andrea. She’s no one I’d want to work with or even know. Alas, she’s the type who might make it in the corporate world — climbing to the top of the ladder over the corpses of her co-workers. She’s cold, she’s heartless, she’s arrogant. I’m sure she’s smart, but her personal tactics seem to be putting down others and revenge. I know “nice” isn’t always the best policy for corporations, but a bit of it would be um … nice.

  • ClubStyle_DJ

    That’s a “will do” on the fantasy game update. Wonder what Trump would look like bald, like Howie mandel did. commanding, even freakyer if there is such a word or state of being? He’s rich, married (usually to a goddess) and oh did i say rich. So no need for an attractive hairstyle. I’d do business with him if he had “leave it to beaver” plugs cut out of his hair and mutton chops.
    (now there’s a visual)


  • me

    Dan should have been fired. Lenny’s shipwreck idea was a bad one. It was not vetoed.
    Tarrek’s idea to use text was a bad idea, Lenny even advised against it, saying that they should use voiceover. Dan didn’t veto it. Ultimately it was Dan’s fault.
    In my opinion if a concept is a bad one and the PM does not reject it, it’s ultimately the PM’s fault. If an individual team member executes the concept badly, then it’s the team member’s fault.