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TV Review: The Amazing Race 9 – Episode 9

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We last left the teams in Oman where my personal favorites Tyler and BJ managed to squeak through to the next leg only because it was a non-elimination. They lost their money and all of their possessions except for the clothes they were wearing at the arrival (TTOW shirts!) and their passports. Will they recover? Can they get back in the running? Tonight would make or break them. And, if it doesn’t break them, it will be the end of another team.

Five teams remain. Who will be eliminated next?
Fran and Barry, the team who arrived first at the Pit Stop, were the first to leave at 5:35 pm. The clue directed them to fly to Perth, Australia. Before getting on their way, they stopped at BJ and Tyler’s car to drop off $20. What sweeties! Not sweet at all, actually rather evil, were Monica and Joe. They pretended to leave money in the car, said that BJ/Tyler shouldn’t have asked and shouldn’t have threatened to yield them. Huh? Something happened betwixt those teams which wasn’t shown.

There was one Yield so far in the race – BJ and Tyler didn’t use it. That one was Lake/Michelle yielding Danielle/Dani. Some kind of bad blood is going on, though. And I’m not quite sure why. Oh, well… it gives me yet another reason not to like MoJo. They’re my least favorite team since Lake and Michelle were eliminated. The Frat Junior Boys (Jeremy and Eric) left an I.O.U. for $100 to be paid after the race. A big help they are, huh? BJ and Tyler, the last team to leave, left for the airport at 8:21 pm.

All of the leading teams before BJ/Tyler ended up stuck in traffic because the King was in town. I know what that’s like. Have you ever tried to get across Manhattan when the President is in town? About the only cool thing about the delay is that the teams got to see fireworks and it gave my boys a chance to try to catch up a bit. Would they?

BJ and Tyler even had an adventure on the way to the airport as they decided they’d pick up a hitchhiker. They picked up a man who said he was from the desert and he was fantastic! They told him about the race and their plight (no money) and he bought them gas when they were on empty, candy bars and snacks, too! I think this sort of thing is why I’m enjoying the team so much — their spirit of adventure and the way they embrace life in general is contagious. Even strangers are picking up on it!

Much to the dismay of MoJo, in particular, BJ and Tyler just made it boarding the plane by the hair on their chinny-chin-chins. Take that, you evil MoJo team! The Frats weren’t too thrilled about their arrival either, but at least they didn’t have hate in their eyes. I swear Joe was trying to send death rays at them. Fran/Barry and Ray/Yolanda seemed happy to see them. To make MoJo even more upset, BJ/Tyler collected $300 from passengers on the plane and, with the exception of wardrobe issues, they’re in the money once again.

The teams all started out on even footing once they landed in Perth to head to the next clue. They had to take taxis to the State War Memorial in King’s Park. The race was on! And we have… a bunching point. The first ferry wouldn’t leave until 7:30 am. The teams headed to hostels and hotels for the night. Fran and Barry’s room at the hostel was named the Pleasure Dome, but the pleasure is only there if you like onlookers. It was a shared hostel room, not very romantic at all.

After their ferry ride to Rottnest Island, the teams had to ride tandem bikes three miles to a lighthouse where they’d find their next clue. MoJo had trouble with the bike, so did Ray and Yolanda. Meanwhile, the Oldsters (Fran and Barry) are avid bicyclists. They passed both teams with ease.

The clue in the lighthouse was a Detour – a task to be performed by both members of the team. They had a choice of Sea or Sand. In Sea, teams had to don Speedos (yes, the Frat Juniors looked good) and snorkel gear, then dive to find two crayfish (one each) among 50 mostly empty traps, then swim to shore and hike to turn them in for the next clue. In Sand, teams had to drag forty branches across the beach to a sand dune, something that’s called “brushing the beach.” Monica and Joe really messed up the task as only Joe brought back a crayfish. They had to go all the way back, then Monica was scared and had a hissy fit screaming, “I can’t do this! It’s the worst thing I’ve ever done!” I thought carrying the swordfish was the worst thing she had ever done. I believe she should live inland. She seems to have issues with the sea and its creatures.

Argh! No! No! Jeremy/Eric were the only team catching the first ferry back to Freemantle to head for the next clue! Another big lead for them! Grr. BJ and Tyler decided to take a ferry elsewhere and then catch a cab while the other teams gathered on the next Freemantle ferry and made arrangements from the ferry for cabs. The increasingly annoying Monica and Joe stole the cab reserved for Fran and Barry.

Where were they headed? Straight to prison! Okay, it was the Freemantle Prison, built by prisoners and shut down in 1991. And, it was a Roadblock – a task only one member of the team can complete. In a blatant product placement, the team member had to find a flashlight and Duracell batteries in a certain block of the prison, then go down through the tunnels beneath the prison in a canoe searching for the clue which would lead them to the Pit Stop. Jeremy and Eric blew their huge lead when Jeremy took forever on the task, but the other teams never were able to catch up.

The Pit Stop was at the Freemantle Sailing Club and the teams arrived in this order:

1. Jeremy/Eric – won a trip to Hong Kong
2. Monica and Joe (Grr.)
3. BJ and Tyler (Yay!)
4. Ray and Yolanda
5. Eliminated — Fran and Barry

I’d rather Fran/Barry stay in and Monica/Joe go! Although I was tired of Fran saying she couldn’t do this or couldn’t do that, Monica is much worse. And I think Jeremy and Eric are getting way too smug about themselves. I’d love to see them barely make it to the mat for the next Pit Stop. Out of the teams left I would like to see Ray/Yolanda (despite their bickering with each other – they’re nice to others) and BJ/Tyler as the final two teams. With a BJ/Tyler win, of course!

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  • Actually they didn’t steal Fran & Barry’s cab. They would have but Fran & Barry’s cab never showed up and I hate that they were eliminated because of a lazy cab driver.

  • Miss_Lain

    What a wild episode from down unda’. The heat is on and so are the dollar signs in the racer’s eyes. G’day for some, and not so good for others.

    Eric & Jeremy, how do you guys do it? Have any other teams in TAR history been this skillful or this lucky, whichever it is? Not bad for two guys who relish gettting into their speedos and frolic in a Baywatch moment. Oh, and the comment about trying to get into the opposite sex’s pants was….priceless and expected.

    BJ & Tyler’s style, while a little overboard at times, is slowly infectious and you can’t help but appreciate their ability to maintain a positive attitude. If only they could have counseled Flo in TAR 3 she would have helped Zach rather than hinder. Yes, they have such rainbow power. Even in the most dire situation, while expressing a realization to travel with only the clothes on their back (and driving a provided rental vehicle), the hippies displayed grace under pressure and managed to find the sunshine through the rain. Maybe this Karma thing has something to it after all. Well done guys and good luck on the next leg.

    Monica, we hardly knew ye, until now. The concealed cat claws are finally exposed and the rude remarks start to fly. Smelly boys, indeed. It was the cab ride where stinkin’ thinkin’ began, you might say. Joe, easy does it big guy. Hey, we all get irate and blow up when our girlfriend tries to calmly (under these circumstances) point out that they may be going the wrong way. Someone missed nappy time.

    Ray & Yolanda, yo. Even despite bouts of bickering and never resolving their profanity issues, they are hanging in there. Yolanda is happiest when things go her way. Who can disagree with that sort of logic? I have to say, the best legs of any TAR that gets my vote, belongs to one and the same. I have to TiVo them in slo-mo and imagine the copious amouts of sweat that were expelled to sculpt these marvels. Makes me tired thinking about it. One thing with Yolanda that I’m unsure of is her pronunciation of “Fran & Barry.” It almost sounds like she is saying “Frank ‘n Barry.” Maybe she is hungry and she craves cereal, I don’t know.

    Fran and Barry gave it a good run. They even gave money-stripped BJ & Tyler an offering, creating and possibly hoping to later borrow a piece of the long-haired duo’s good luck. Unfortunately, the good Karma had run low by that time. Fran told herself not to cry, but the tears had a mind of their own. Barry, as the good old duff he is, praised her and nearly cried himself. Pass the tissues, please. Is there any doubt how these people have managed to stay happily married for 40+ years? I knew there wasn’t. I’ll remember you guys whenever I put my car in reverse. Here’s one last OH MY GOD! in your honor.

    I can’t wait until next week to see what happens.