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TV Review: The Amazing Race 11: All Stars – Episode 6

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This episode was very odd. I didn't care too much for the outcome, as you'll see.

But that's not why I found it odd.

For the most part, it really didn't move forward so much. Instead of, like the last episode, having some sort of show-planned back-up tickets for a flight, the flight the teams had to board had some waiting for more than a day, maybe two. While I don't like bunching points, I think that put some teams so far behind the pack leaders that an extended bunching point will be needed to get the teams on a bit more even basis. I found the Detour and Roadblocks rather run of the mill, too.

Seven teams remain. Who will be eliminated next?

Charla and Mirna, the first team to arrive at the last Pit Stop in Maputo, were the first to leave. I actually missed the time gap between them and the last team, Uchenna and Joyce, this week. I believe it could have been more than a few hours.

The teams received $124 for this leg and had to get their drivers to drive them to the airport where they needed a flight to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The mention of Tanzania prompted a reference to the "Tanzanian devil" by Eric. It's no wonder he's a beach bum model, eh? To give Danielle credit (which Eric never seems to do), she knew it was a Tasmanian devil.

Okay, a half-hour into the show, we still had dreaded airport scenes. First, the airport wouldn't sell tickets until morning, so all the teams made it there. But, in no way could it be considered a bunching point. And, what's worse is that we had to endure fake accents from Mirna and Schmirna, nasty glares between Eric and the Guidos, and lots of confusion.
Yes, Danielle Was a Nightmare
And, want to know what's the absolute worst? Mirna and Charla were the only ones on the first flight! Argh. It gave them a huge lead on the other teams. Uchanna/Joyce, the ChaChas, Dustin/Kandice, and Eric/Danielle got on standby for the next flight.

But, after boarding, Eric and Danielle had to leave the plane as they didn't wait for the tickets with the others and were in someone else's seats or something to that effect. Danielle was crushed. She said it was a nightmare and she rather looked like a nightmare, too.

That left Eric/Danielle, Terri and Ian, and the Guidos stuck at the airport. Ian had been insistent about waiting on line and ended up missing the boat. Er, the plane. Then, Eric/Danielle boarded a flight and it was just Terri/Ian and Team Guido (Joe and Bill) left behind. By the time they got on a flight, the winning team probably already jumped on the mat at the Pit Stop.

Once in Dar es Salaam, teams had to take a ticket to board a dhow which would sail them to where they'd find the next clue. As the first dhow was canceled due to a storm, Charla and Mirna were left to wait until morning. By then, Oswald and Danny showed. They were so lucky! They got to travel with seasick Charla! Oswald tried to administer a bit of first aid to make her feel better. Mirna said "you always have such great beauty tips." Say what?
Puzzle at the DetourThe next clue led to a Detour, a choice between two tasks that both members of the team must complete. They could Solve It or Schlep It. In Solve It, teams had to complete a rather difficult 62-piece puzzle which consisted of painted wooden fish which each fit in a particular place. In Schlep It, teams had to go to a lumber yard, put two fifty-pound logs in a cart, then wheel it a bit over a mile to deliver it. All of the teams except for Dustin and Kandice chose the puzzle. The wood actually seemed easier. Some of the teams had real problems with the puzzle, others finished it on quick order.
Target at the Roadblock
Next was a Roadblock, similar to ones we've seen in the past. In "Who's on Target?," Maasai warriors were gathered to teach and watch as one member of each team threw a wooden club used in that area at a target. When they hit the target, it broke and revealed the next clue. I remember the Maasai from either this show or Survivor. They're the tribe which drains blood from cows to drink. Not enough to kill the cow; they revere the cows. Who says reality television isn't educational?

The clue they received there directed them to the Pit Stop where the next team may be eliminated. Oswald and Danny were there at the same time as Charla and Mirna, but easily finished first. When Charla and Mirna finished, they put on such a loud and odd celebration that the Maasai actually cringed away from them a bit.
Maasai Warrior Hides From Mirna
I had dreaded flashbacks to the time they went shopping in their season as they stopped to purchase fruit. ChaChas, don't blow it! Sure enough, Mirna and Charla passed them and hit the Pit Stop at the Old Fort in Stonetown first. Other teams were still struggling to make it and we saw day turn to night and to dawn again before the last team checked in.

Here's the order at the Pit Stop:

  1. Charla and Mirna – Each won a catamaran. Neither knew what one is.
  2. Oswald and Danny
  3. Uchenna and Joyce – Since they were marked for elimination in the last leg, they had to wait a half-hour before they could claim the spot. No other teams arrived during the time, so they kept third place.
  4. Dustin and Kandice
  5. Eric and Danielle
  6. Joe and Bill
  7. Terri and Ian – Philiminated

Obviously, I don't care for the winning team. But this entire leg was sort of so-so. With the huge flight snafu it set the whole leg awry. I didn't really enjoy it too much. I believe the footrace bit with Ian/Terri and Team Guido was heavily edited. I think there probably was quite a bit of time between them. I guess we'll see what they say in interviews.

Next week's show is two hours. They better make up for my dissatisfaction with this week's episode.

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  • Ty

    “As the first dhow was canceled due to a storm, Charla and Mirna were left to wait until morning.”

    Yeah, right, bunching points are one thing, but obviously CBS paid off these people not to use the first dhow to make sure that Charla and Mirna did not get ridiculously far ahead of other teams.

    I actually liked this episode because it exposed some of the BS behind Amazing Race.

    Mirna/Charla are not well liked, but they made the smart move on hoping on the first flight to “Jo’Berg.”

    And they were rewarded by having Oswald and Danny catch up because the “dhow couldn’t go out because of a storm”???

    Yeah right, how f**kin’ convenient.

  • Katrina

    how many episodes are left of The Amazing Race: All Stars, i know that we are up to episode 7 but how many are left?
    Thnx heaps!