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TV Review: The Amazing Race 11: All Stars – Episode 3

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Ah, now it's beginning to feel like The Amazing Race! Even though they didn't cover a ton of territory, the challenges were more adventurous and my edge-of-my-seat adrenalin rush came back towards the end of the episode.

Yeah, I know it's purely editing which made the ending so intense, but it could have been either team racing for that Pit Stop eliminated. For all I know, they could have been an hour apart. But that's the magic of TV, right?

"Nine teams remain. Who will be eliminated tonight?" I noted that Phil said "tonight," not "next." To me, that indicated it wasn't quite time for a non-elimination leg. Next week we'll have to see how he phrases it.

The teams left the Valley of the Dead (the last Pit Stop) in the order in which they had arrived. Rob and Amber, the first in last week's leg, left at 11:39 PM. David and Mary, the last in the leg, left at 12:55 AM. So, the lead time has been cut some, but it's still rather substantial. They had to drive four miles to San Pedro, then board flights for Puerto Montt, a port town in Chile.

Once again, we had the inevitable all-too-familiar airport scramble for tickets segment. Didn't I just say last week that these are getting way too tired? I think I did. A few things to note about this segment, though — Rob and Amber thought to go online to secure tickets for the earliest flight before the counter opened. While David and Mary declared "no more friends" after being burnt by Mirna and Shmirna… er, Charla, Teri and Ian and the Beauty Queens (Dustin and Kandice) decided they'd work together. Other teams also worked together, manning the empty counters and planning to buy tickets for others.

At the airport, Charla eavesdropped on other teams finding out they were on an earlier flight. She pulled the "I can't see over the counter, excuuuuse me" bit and tried to horn in on Teri and Ian's counter transaction. Teri bristled and I loved it! "Do not talk to my person!" Mirna called Ian "the King of Rude" and said she learned her rudeness from him when he called her on her behavior. Aha, a brouhaha!

The teams were soon on their way, with Rob and Amber in the lead. Rob took an unexpected turn which brought out a good Team Guido line (one of a couple tonight) — "Rob is not Jesus." Well, he may as well be for the purpose of this race. Is Romber unbeatable? It turned out they took a wrong turn, but soon corrected and were back on track unlike so many who roam so lost for so long.
The Roadblock had one member of each team collecting flounder from a pool and loading them into a holding tank. Danielle freaked out, as did Mirna when she later arrived. Amber, on the other hand, didn't hesitate much although she wasn't a happy fisher. Rob brought up a good point about the "encouragement" Eric was giving Danielle. I found it insulting, too. Yay for Rob for noticing and commenting on it!

Uchenna worked like a machine loading the fish, putting his team out of there first. When David and Mary arrived, David was first very timid, then put Uchenna's work to shame. But the best to watch (although not best team at the task) was Team Guido. Joe was in the pool and he became The Fish Whisperer. "Meditate them into submission."
Whitewater rafting
From there, the scenery in Chile was gorgeous as the teams drove on to their next clue, a Detour. They had a choice between two adventures found in the local area. The first choice was Vertical Limit — both team members had to rock climb a 40-foot mountain-face, retrieve the clue, then descend. In River Wild, teams had to whitewater raft a 2½-mile route down the river. Not one team chose Vertical Limit. There was a pretty large split between the groups of teams with some really trailing behind.

Teaming up with Team Guido not realizing Guido didn't read the whole clue at the fish Detour, were Mirna and Charla. Once they realized that Guido had missed the town name, Petrohue, they almost kicked themselves for helping them. They were amongst the trailing teams as were David and Mary.
Clueless Beauty Queens
Worse than Rob's wrong turn, Dustin and Kandice totally missed the clue which told them of the Detour. They saw the cars from other teams parked, joined them and automatically headed to do the whitewater rafting. Supposedly the rafting was in Class 3 and 4 level waters, but it didn't look it to me. That's something I loved to do back in the day and it looked a 3 tops.

There was more Mirna/Charla drama. Can't they just go away? Please, I beg of you! But, in the end, the finish order was:

  1. Rob and Amber – Each won a home gym (remember, they're married)
  2. Uchenna and Joyce
  3. Eric and Danielle
  4. Dustin and Kandice (sent back because they missed the Detour clue, yet they placed the same upon their return)
  5. Oswald and Danny
  6. Teri and Ian
  7. Joe and Bill
  8. Charla and Mirna (argh)
  9. David and Mary – Philiminated

Team KentuckyI didn't think that David and Mary would last long in this race, but I wish that Charla and Mirna were out instead of them this week. I am so sick of Mirna's drama! At least David and Mary threw themselves into the challenges and don't get nasty with others.

And, hey… what about Romber coming in first three times in a row? Not bad, Boston Rob, not bad at all.

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  • Ty

    1. Dustin and Kandice. If they didn’t retreive the clue, when they go back to get it, they should have to do the detour again.

    After all, when they did the detour, they didn’t know it was the detour. They should have been forced to re-do it.

    2. What is up with Mirna when she talks to foreigners???? All of a sudden she gets this weird accent. Re-watch the last ep, listen to her normally, and hear her apologize to that guy for still being in a bathing suit. First she sounds normal, then all of a sudden she has a heavy accent. Weird!!!

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  • Chris

    The All Stars Season has began to live up to its name. The first Episode was a Let Down, the location was bland and hype was also (there wasnt even a mention of an all stars season in the title credits, or they could have at least made the pit stop mat full of stars etc. ) Oh well. Episode 2 Was Great, full of Drama and excitment and the desret location was great, episode 3 got even better and the mountains and rivers were great. I love this season the most out of any season so far. Go Charla & Mirna i hope u win it all. Go for Gold Girls. Im also loving Rob & Amber, Joe & Bill, and Danny & Oswald, those teams are very enterating.
    What could hurt this season the most in the ratings is poor locations. Season 7 had the worst locations in the whole series, they just reapeted themselves and didnt change much. Hopefully this season goes somethin like this
    Leg 1. South america
    2. South America
    3. South America
    4 . South America
    5. Antarctica
    6. Mozambique
    7. Kenya
    8. Poland
    9. Switzerland
    10. Hong kong
    11. Asia
    12. Australia
    13. Australia
    14. Final Leg
    the worst thing about the all stars is its team selections. The following teams would have made a great season. Taking teams that Really Grabbed the Most attention from 10 seasons.
    1. Joe and Bill
    2. Danny and Oswald
    3. Teri and ian
    4. Charla and Mirna
    5. Linda and Karen
    6. Jonathon and Victoria
    7. Uchenna and Joyce
    8. Rob and Amber
    9. BJ and Tyler
    10. Dustin and Kandice
    11. David and Mary

  • Andrew

    There is only one team who truly deserves to win THIS race,and thats teri and ian. After coming in second in TAR3 to Zach and Flo (bitch). The golden oldies deserve to be rewarded for there amazing efforts. They truly are role models!!!!! HOO-RAY
    Andrew, aged 12, UK