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TV Review: The Amazing Race 10 – Episode 8

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Six teams remain. Who will be eliminated next?

In last week's non-elimination leg, David and Mary were once again saved, but marked for elimination. They must finish in first place tonight or suffer a 30-minute penalty, which could very well cost them the game.

So, how did it all pan out?

The teams left Mauritius, the site of the seventh Pit Stop in the game, twelve hours after they arrived. Dustin and Kandice (Evil Beauty Queens) left first at 3:00 AM and the last team, David and Mary (Kentucky), departed at 4:08 AM. So, we're talking about a bit over an hour between first and last. That's not a huge time gap at all.

Having crashed their own car, the Evil Beauty Queens appropriated one of the cars belonging to another team. Their car was drivable, but they apparently just didn't want to drive it. In the end, the ChoBros (Edwin and Godwin) ended up taking the damaged car.
Love the ChoBros!
The Six-Pack alliance between the ChoBros, Kentucky, and Alabama (Lyn and Karlyn) took an early hit when Alabama separated from the group heading for the airport. The ChoBros remained loyal to Kentucky, waiting for them and then leading the way. Of course, Kentucky is always loyal to their friends, but they're better for moral support than they are for leading the way.

The clue instructed them to drive to the airport, where they would board a flight to Antanarivo, the capital city of Madagascar. Once there, they would have to find a statue entitled the Black Angel. Oh, there's a hitch. It was recently painted white. But the teams don't know that. All of the teams ended up on the same flight, so even the hour betwixt first and last no longer mattered.

Once on the ground, the teams all rushed about looking for a statue in a lake of a black angel. Too bad it's not black. I got a few smiles when Mary was so excited about being in Madagascar — "I've only seen the cartoon. I never thought I'd be here!" And, Lyn (Alabama) didn't know why they even had to look for a black angel — "I'm right here. Look no more!" On the other hand, Rob and Kimberly went on about exhaust fumes ruining the minds of the locals. Okay, if they say so. Have they never been to NYC or Los Angeles?

It took a while, but the teams finally figured out that the Black Angel was the white statue in a lake they kept passing. Once there, we found out another new twist to the game. This, is in addition to the surprise elimination of Bilal and Sa'eed and the changes for non-Philimination legs. It's an Intersection. What it means is that two teams must work together to perform the next clue's task. In the clue, there was also a Fast Forward.

Tyler/James (Rehabbed BoyToys) and Rob/Kimberly (Bickering Couple) were the first two teams at the clue and they jumped on the Fast Forward. If they successfully complete the FF quickly, they can go directly to the next Pit Stop, so I don't blame them. They also mentioned they didn't really trust the Beauty Queens.

When the Evil Beauty Queens came along and realized their "friends" had teamed up and left them behind, they were miffed. They begged the ChoBros to team up with them as the Six-Pack Alliance arrived. And, so it was to be… Evil and the Shining Light of All that is Good and Kind teamed together on a Detour.

Although Mary really wanted to give the Fast Forward a shot, no one knew how long ago the first team of four had been at the clue. It was a given that the first group would probably go for it as the numbers are dwindling and this would be the final Fast Forward in the race. So, the remaining teams headed to a Detour.

Dave and Mary use fannypacks to secure mattresses. A Detour is choice between two tasks relating to local culture or practices. This Detour had the teams choosing between Long Sleep or Short Letter. In Long Sleep, teams had to cover, then deliver eight mattresses on foot through the city streets. In Short Letter, they would have to produce and decorate 28 ornate sheets of paper following a particular design. No one chose the latter.

As the teams struggled with unwieldy mattresses on busy streets and through narrow alleys, what were the FF bunch doing? Well, they had to eat a local delicacy. Cow lips. You heard me. I'm talking cows' lips with some hair and teeth for extra fiber and texture! At least they looked fried and they had plenty of water to wash them down. The task turned stomachs and turned it into one of the slowest Fast Forwards ever seen on the show.
All you can eat cowlips buffet.
As they gagged their way through their unexpected gastronomical goody, the mattress-haulers had two different approaches to the task. The ChoBros/Evil Beauty Queens broke down the load to four per each team of two and helped each other. Kentucky and Alabama tied all eight mattresses together with the straps from their fanny packs and tried to lug them all at once.

Once the mattresses were delivered, the Intersected Teams could once again split up. Dustin/Kandice made quick work of snagging a cab and getting ahead of the ChoBros. Kentucky and Alabama were desperately trying to keep their stacked mattresses moving toward the delivery point, but neither the mattresses nor the local street traffic were cooperating.
Rob Finished His Cow Lips
Oh. And the cow lip eaters were still eating and gagging. But they were so cocky about getting the Fast Forward, boasting how far ahead of the other teams they were, and how they could take their time. Little did they know, a few teams were really making time.

Dustin/Kandice hit the next clue first. It was a Roadblock, a task only one member of a team can complete. This one wasn't all that physical unless running around like a madman looking for rubber stamps of a boat, plane, train, and car qualifies as physical. In a crowded marketplace, it was more exasperating than anything else.

The non-participating team members in the Roadblock waited for their partners right at the Pit Stop with Phil. The Evil Beauty Queens finished the task first and even beat the Fast Forward crowd to the Pit Stop. Then the FF group finally made their way to sneak on in before my favorites, the ChoBros.

The Pit Stop arrival in Madagascar was:

  1. The Evil Beauty Queens, Dustin and Kandice – They also won a trip to Hawaii for placing first in the leg.
  2. Tyler and James
  3. Rob and Kimberly
  4. Erwin and Godwin Cho
  5. David and Mary – However, they had to wait out their 30-minute penalty as they were marked for elimination.
  6. Lyn and Karlyn – Knocked David and Mary out of the race ten minutes into the penalty.

So, David and Mary, saved twice, couldn't be saved thrice. They took it well and Alabama cried over their departure. I knew this team couldn't make it to the end, but it was refreshing to see a team approach strange lands with the joy and thrill they showed throughout the race. They argued and yelled at each other, but I could tell they're a perfect match for each other. They had the time of their lives and did their family proud.

Okay, I've switched my least-favorite team. Instead of the previous Rob/Kimberly, I now want Dustin and Kandice gone next. They're sneaky and they're strong — this is the second week in a row they've placed first in a leg. It's time for them to stumble and fall. Oh, perhaps not literally, but fall from the ranks of the racers.

Make it happen.

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  • I realized long ago I could never be on TAR with all the physical tasks being far too involved for this gimp, but the eating of cows’ lips, were there no physical challenges, would eliminate me in a heartbeat.

    I’m so pathetic.

  • Lori

    You’ve got it wrong. KARLYN is the one who claimed to be the Black Angel…she’s the one who’s stuck on herself and pitched such a fit at one of the airports when the beauty queens wanted to get tickets for Tyler and James(who were 3rd in line) of Lyn and Karlyn(who were 2nd in line).

    Lyn is the one who seems to be nicer and more down to earth.

  • unknown

    wow! what an amazing season! all i can say is stick in the kandice and dustin!

  • unknown

    sorry i meant stick in there dustin ad kandice!