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TV Review: The Amazing Race 10 – Episode 12

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I can't believe that next week is the season finale. And, mind you, not one of those fake fall finales like Lost, Jericho, or Heroes – this season's TAR is almost history!

Speaking of history, in all of the previous seasons, not one all-female team has made it to the Final Three, the huge determining factor for this show. This season started off with two very strong female teams. Remember Jamie and Kelly? They were gone too soon for all the promise they held. The other strong female team is Dustin and Kandice. I refer to these teams as strong as they both have the physical strength and are in good shape. Since men tend to win, it takes strength, right? Hey, maybe not.

Four teams remain. Who will be eliminated next?

We last left the teams at a Berber camp in the desert near the Atlas Mountains in North Africa. Tyler and James (Model Rehab BoyToys) had arrived first, so they were the first to receive the clue and leave from the camp. Dustin and Kandice (Evil Blonde Beauty Queens) were saved from Philimination last week as they had arrived last. Because they weren't eliminated, they're marked for elimination in this week's leg. That means they have to come in first at the Pit Stop or face a 30-minute penalty. With it down to four teams, that could very well mean elimination for them. I noticed that Tyler and James had about a 45-minute lead on them taking off from the camp.

The clue led teams to Casablanca, Morocco. The route through the mountains was full of switchback roads similar to what I've seen in places in the Rocky Mountains, but much more treacherous without guardrails. Yikes! The teams had to drive it and, somehow, the Blondes scooted through and made up a lot of time. Best quote of the drive goes to Kim, "I can't believe all the dogs out here." Um, they're goats, not dogs. Rob didn't let her live that down for a while.

One thing I found interesting is that Casablanca has Shell gas stations. That struck me as a bit odd.
Once in Casablanca, the teams faced a Roadblock – a task only one member of a team can do. This one, though a traditional native food one, wasn't as bad as most as long as the person wasn't a vegetarian. It was buying, grinding, spicing, handing off to a chef to cook, then eating camel meat.

The BoyToys and Blondes were the first teams there and both actually seemed to enjoy the meat. Later on Lyn had a problem with it being too hot (fresh off the grill hot, not spicy) and Rob had deferred the task to Kimberly. She was the only one to really gag and fuss. "Awesome, possum!"

From there, teams all ended up on the same flight to Barcelona, Spain, despite a gap between the BoyToys/Blondes and 'Bama Moms/Rob and Kimberly (Bickering Couple once again). At the airport, Dustin and Kandice tried to get back in with Tyler and James, but the boys are burnt on the beauties. As a matter of fact, all three teams are deadset against the Blonde Bombshells at this point. Too bad, so sad.

I wanted to like them when I first saw their profiles and, I have to admit, they're a good team. But the incident when they passed off the car they crashed to another team by taking one belonging to another team ticked me off to no end. That move could have cost the team stuck in the damaged car the race had it broken down. That one move was one of the most mean-spirited things I've ever seen on the show. Scheming and plotting, I understand. But that move went beyond that.

Once in Barcelona, teams hit yet another bunching point awaiting the opening of Parc del Laberint d'Horta, which contains a labyrinth or maze in which they had to find a clue and find their way back out. I found it rather amazing that the 'Bama Moms made it out first, as did the other teams. They certainly don't have the edge when it comes to a footrace, but they can make some good moves. I like Lyn, but I'm not too keen on Karlyn's personality.

The Blondes thought to borrow a cellphone and make arrangements for a taxi, but then told them to only pick up blonde women. The other teams made similar arrangements, albeit sans the blonde requirement. Sure enough, there were problems when the teams emerged from the maze. Tyler/James and Lyn/Karlyn had to scramble for a cab.
Giant Hot Chicks
The next stop was a Detour, a choice between two locally-influenced tasks that both members of the team have to complete. This one was a hoot! In Lug It, teams had to find 9½-foot-tall giant costumes, get in them, and walk a mile to receive the next clue. In Lob It, teams had to look for a clue in a mound of tomatoes while locals were lobbing tomatoes at them.

Tyler and James wanted to take the same Detour as Dustin and Kandice, figuring they would go for the physical task – the giant costumes. They figured right. In their minds, they want to beat Dustin and Kandice in a footrace to the Pit Stop. Of course, both of the other teams want to beat the Blondes, too. Who will beat them first?

Rob and Kimberly chose Lob It and we once again saw them break down, apart, and just shy of implosion. Under stress, these two do terrible. They had already bickered during the fooTomato Fightingd when Rob berated her for retching while he didn't have the guts to even try for the food Roadblock. The tomatoes broke her down totally, it was almost the end for the team. She tried to quit, but he kept at her. And, they actually found the clue, as did the 'Bama Moms a bit later (they squabbled, too). To me, the task looked impossible, but both teams choosing it fared better than Lug It.

Memorable line from Lug It and the actual name for the episode, "Dude, I'm such a giant hot chick now!" It was said by one of the BoyToys. But, being a giant hot chick doesn't mean first place.

Rob and Kimberly hit the Pit Stop in Barcelona first, winning a trip to Barbados and crying a lot. Next up, in a very surprising move, were Lyn and Karlyn. The BoyToys didn't quite get their footrace with the Blondes, but secured third. And, last and eliminated – Dustin and Kandice.
Beauty Queens
Who woulda thunk it? The 'Bama Moms beat out the Blondes? Unbelievable! In their parting words, they didn't say it was a rewarding experience, a thrill of a lifetime. Nope. Nothing like that. They're upset they didn't win. Go figure.

Are you ready for next week's finale?

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  • The Lob It task was a weird one. Weird in the sense that unless dozens of tomatoes contained the instructions, the job of finding the correct one seemed near-impossible.

    I wonder how much it hurts to be hit by a tomatoe? Is Kimberly really wwuch a whinner or was she really getting hurt? I honestly thought the Lug It teams would finish 1st and second.

  • Publius

    Hi, thanks for the review! You did get something wrong, however. Dustin and Kandice did say what an amazing experience the race was for them–as well as how grateful they were for the opportunity. You can see for yourself at this link, from the official site: http://www.cbs.com/sprint/video.php

    I speculate that because of the constraints of time, the parting comments cannot be aired in their entireties on the show itself.

  • Next week they come back to the U.S., which always seems to be such a let-down for me. Gone are the language barriers (though you’d be stuck in some American cities if you didn’t know Spanish), the unusual forms of transportation, and the animals roaming through the streets. The spirit of adventure that comes from walking the packed roads of India doesn’t seem to carry over when the teams return to the mainland and walk the streets of, say, Dallas. Still, I enjoy each episode of TAR to the very end.