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‘Teen Wolf’ Review: Season Four, Episode Seven – ‘Weaponized’

‘Teen Wolf’ Review: Season Four, Episode Seven – ‘Weaponized’

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The most recent episode of Teen Wolf,  “Weaponized” is a return to form in some ways, as for the first time since season one, some of the pack is locked in the school with a deadly force. Only it’s not the prowling Alpha from season one; this time, the killer is a deadly sickness launched by James Urbaniak (Venture Bros.), guest starring as a PSAT proctor cashing in on the deadpool.

One of the best things about these later episodes of Teen Wolf is the inclusion of parents, whether they are parents of teen wolves, kitsunes, banshees, or Stiles (“What is a Stiles?”). Unlike so many shows targeted at adolescents, and starring characters that are supposed to be in high school, in Teen Wolf, it’s not possible for events to happen in a parentless vacuum. Lydia’s mom and Kira’s dad are in the school when the infection sets in. Teen Wolf weaponizedStiles’s and Scott’s fathers are outside with the CDC, and other law enforcement when the school is quarantined.

While we’re on the subject of parents, let’s discuss Rafael McCall. For a long time he’s been floating in the background as something of a douchebag who is mostly harmless with an edge of “something is not right here,” but in this episode he gets a chance to really shine. It’s easy to forget that the man is an FBI Agent. When his crack shooting saves Stiles from a point blank shot to the head and he delivers good news about a cure for the disease, suddenly we are reminded that hey, this man isn’t perfect but thus far, he is one of the white hats, or at least very light grey.

Speaking of Stiles, he and Scott shine in this episode, their friendship cutting through the other elements like a scalpel. They’re a unit, they are sharing secrets (information and money) the rest of the pack and parents aren’t privy to. Once again, Stiles is ready to die to protect Scott and his other friends, even if the fear is writ large across his face. Jeff Davis said on Wolf Watch, the half hour chat show that airs after Teen Wolf, that the main romance of the show is in fact Scott and Stiles’s bromance, and this episode is a great reminder of that.

In addition, the wolves outside the school get a chance to show their stuff as Nurse Mama McCall, ancient Alpha Saitomi, Dr. Deaton, and Derek search for above cure. A quiet moment sheds yet more light on Derek’s past as he reminisces with Satomi about his mother and then Satomi, who had been no spring chicken during WWII, kicked some but against another hunter.

“Weaponized” is definitely one of the better episodes of this season, as each episode seems to be progressively better than the last. Let’s hope that trend continues all season.
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