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TV Review: Teen Mom

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The MTV television reality series Teen Mom first aired on December 8, 2009. Teen Mom is a spin-off of the MTV show 16 and Pregnant. The show just ended its second season. The finale of season one had 3.6 million viewers and has become a hit on MTV. The show publicizes the lives of four teenagers who entered motherhood.

The show was created by Lauren Dolgen and is produced by Kenda Greenwood. This is a show that every teenager, especially teenage girls, should watch at least once. It shows the struggles of being just what the title says: a teen mom. These girls struggle daily with the demands that
motherhood brings, and they all have a very hard time dealing with it. This is not hard to believe though, because unfortunately they are still children themselves.

Dolgen grew up in Los Angeles. She graduated in 1997 from Pitzer College. After graduation, she immediately began working for MTV Europe. Soon after, she became the production associate of Behind The Music on VH1. She joined MTV as a production coordinator in 1998. She has successfully climbed to the top, achieving the titles of Director, Vice President, and Manager. She has been involved with the development, production, and creation of the specials and series including: Viva la Bam, Wildboyz, Randy Jackson Presents: America’s Best Dance Crew, Jackass, Rob and Big, and Parental Control. And now she has developed and created 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom. The four teen characters all started out on the show 16 and Pregnant and then followed into Teen Mom.

This show is very educational, depicting what the real world is like if a teenager becomes pregnant. The media these days constantly cover the television screens and radios with sexually explicit material. Many teenagers are now having sex and are not using birth control. This show allows the country to see what their lives could end up like if they do indeed get pregnant and have a child. These girls face conflicts involving high school, high school graduation, college, obtaining their GED, relationships, friends, family, and even adoption. All of these conflicts are faced while raising their babies and trying to have a happy life.

Maci Bookout, from Chattanooga, Tennessee, is my favorite character. She is the best teen mom on the show, in my opinion. She was the typical overachiever in high school. She was popular, athletic, and couldn’t wait to attend college. And then her son, Bentley, came along. She is not with the father, ex-fiancé Ryan. She watched all of her friends go off to college and is now enrolled in online classes at a nearby state college.

Farrah Abraham, from Council Bluffs, Iowa, is the single mom of Sophia. She was a cheerleader and an aspiring model in high school. Along with raising her baby, she is also dealing with the death of her baby’s father. He died in a car accident while Farrah was pregnant. She has an up and down relationship with her mother, who was charged with assault against Farrah in January 2010. I feel really sad for Farrah. She loved her baby’s father and misses him so much. She doesn’t have many people to share these feelings with and ends up seeing a therapist. She now attends classes at a culinary school.

Amber Portwood, whom I refer to as “Ms. Psycho,” is from Anderson, Indiana. She is the mother of Leah. Upon finding out she was pregnant, she dropped out of high school and is now trying to obtain her GED. She constantly fights with the baby’s father, Gary. She is even physically abusive towards him and does this in front of baby Leah. The abuse has gotten so bad that after viewing Amber’s abusive actions towards Gary, including punching him in the face, the Anderson Police Department has launched an investigation. She is hateful and has a filthy mouth. What really gets to me is that she does all of these horrible things right in front of her child.

Catelynn, from Port Huron, Michigan, made the decision to give her baby, Carly, up for adoption. It is an open adoption and she keeps in contact with the birth parents. The story of this teenage girl is bitter-sweet. It is sad to see her go through the emotions of giving her baby up for adoption. It is also good to see this story, because the baby was given to a pair of older, well to do, happily married parents.

I think it is so important for the younger generation of today to realize the consequences that can arise from having sex. Teenagers these days do not take the consequences seriously. Of course, refraining from sex is the best way to go, but many teens will not do that. Realistic sex education is also banned in most, if not all schools. It is up to parents to educate their teens as best they can to assure that they will not make bad choices.

Teen Mom is a show that can give teens a real life look at how life will be if they bring a baby into the world. This show is a great start for spreading information, since realistic sex education is not taught in schools. More prevention strategies need to take place before it is too late and before more teens become teen moms.


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    Ryan is a idiot,,, Dallas needs to grow up,,,,, the only person on this show is Macy. She is normal and a great mom,,, amber needs to be put away Farrah needs to be slapped for the way she treats her mom and she needs to stop worrying about men all she does is make them run away for