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TV Review: Survivor: Panama – Exile Island – Episode 13

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Time is dwindling and the season is near an end. On Sunday evening at 8pm ET/PT in most viewing areas, the two-hour finale will air followed by the reunion show. The Final Four are Cirie, Danielle, Aras and Terry. Who will win the million dollars? And, more importantly, will Shane clean up enough for the reunion so that he stops looking like Reverend Jim from Taxi?

But that’s Sunday — let’s get into tonight’s episode (5/11). Four are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

The show opened on Night 33 at the Gitanos camp as the four remaining tribe members returned from the Tribal Council where Shane was blindsided by Cirie’s scheming. Cirie plopped her torch to the ground and Terry almost tripped over it in the dark. So, then it started. He spoke harshly to her; she defended herself. Then Aras got into the verbal brouhaha by telling Terry he was ruining the time they should be celebrating as the Final Four. All grouchy-pusses at the camp. Terry went off to bed and told them they could celebrate.

The Rewards Challenge was a bit different from ones we’ve seen before. It entailed the tribe members tied to ropes following a path like some of the ones in the past. But they each had to go to six locations, one at a time, count what was there, return with the number and then set out to do it all over again. Once they had all the numbers, they had to use them to open combination locks. At the locations they had to count iguanas, poles, rocks, fish, sea shells and hermit crabs. Cirie did her squeaky voice when it came to the iguanas.

Terry and Aras had several sort of rough encounters on the course, deliberately blocking each other, bumping each other and words. All of them had to go back through the locations due to miscounts. Terry mistakenly thought they could only return to one location at a time and noticed Aras was gone a long time — checking all the locations in one outing for a double-check. When Terry mentioned it to Jeff, Aras started yelling, “Call a waahmbulance! Terry’s whining!” (Yes, I’m rolling my eyes here. Aren’t you?)

Aras won Reward — a cruise in a 100 foot luxury yacht through the Panama Canal, a five-course meal and an overnight stay. Since he could choose one guest, he naturally chose Cirie. Both Danielle and Terry were sent to Exile Island where Danielle belatedly decided to flip and work with Terry. Now, that’s something she should have done long before the Final Four, don’t you think? Of course, Terry’s out of cards to play (with the exception of the hidden Immunity Idol from Exile Island), so he seems to have forgotten that Danielle backed out of the last alliance attempt. He once again told her he would give her the Immunity Idol from Exile Island if he won Immunity. The yacht trip was a bit less eventful for us as we all know that Cirie and Aras are loyal to each other.

Both groups of two met up next to compete in the Immunity Challenge. This one was a bit funky. Puzzle pieces in three bags were hidden in sand pits. Surrounding the sandpits were markers. The castaways had to use coordinates to cross ropes to know where to dig. Each puzzle led to the coordinates to the next puzzle. And, Aras was on a streak. Not only did he win Reward, he also won Immunity — both firsts for him. Terry’s winning streak of all individual immunities thus far finally ended.

When they got back to camp, Terry confronted Aras about a nasty statement he made regarding him disrespecting women. To my surprise, Aras apologized and it seemed to jolt him back into a nicer person overall. Both shook hands and it appears the boys won’t be catfighting through to the bitter end.

Although Terry hasn’t admitted to either Cirie or Aras that he has the Exile Island Immunity Idol, they’ve assumed he does. Therefore, the whole tribe knows that both Terry and Aras will both be safe and it’s Cirie and Danielle whose heads are on the chopping block (figuratively, of course!). It’s also quite likely to be a tie vote. Unless that silly purple rock deal (Survivor: Marquesas) rears its ugly head and it’s totally random who leaves, the tiebreaker is usually fire. Cirie had made a fire while alone with Aras and had success. Danielle has made fire on and off through the season. Still, Aras teamed with Cirie and Terry with Danielle for fire-making classes.

Sure enough, at Tribal Council, it was a tie — two votes for each woman. And, sure enough, the tiebreaker was a fire-making challenge. Since it was a tie and Terry himself received no votes, the hidden Immunity Idol never came into play and this show was the last one in which it could be used. I suppose that Terry could take it home and call it Shane. After all, there is a bit of a resemblance. The show left off on a “to be continued…” note with both Cirie and Danielle ready to start the challenge. Apparently, they will finish that at the start of the finale show on Sunday and it’s not until then that we’ll know the Final Three.

In a sidenote: What the heck was that giant ring taking over Courtney’s hand in the jury box? Sheesh! It looked like the Mood Ring That Ate Cincinnati or something!

At this time, I think I could support any of the four for a win. Terry has played a fantastic game and I think he’s the most competitive man ever on the show. Aras, though he has some weak spots, came around with his apology to Terry tonight. I have the feeling that he’s more that sort of man than what we’ve seen. Cirie? For someone scared of leaves in the first episode, she’s proven herself to be a strong competitor and an excellent strategist. At the bottom of my choices would be Danielle. I wouldn’t be upset, but I don’t think I’ve seen her exert herself either strategically or physically as much as the others.

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  • Survivor Expert

    Terry is now a certifiable idiot.

    All he had to do was give the idol to Danielle before tribal council, and Cirie would be gone.

    There is no way Cirie and Aras would have voted for Terry, just for fear he still had the idol.


    Terry is one of the biggest morons on Survivor ever.

    Now from the clip they showed, Danielle will lose, leaving Terry/Cirie/Aras.

    Even if Terry wins final 3 immunity, he is not a lock to win a final vs. Cirie or Aras (he has a better chance against Aras).

    If Terry had given Danielle the idol, the final 3 would have been Terry, Danielle, and Aras. If Terry wins immunity, he gets a good final (For him) of Terry and Danielle. No way would 4 of 7 give the win to Danielle.

    Terry almost doesn’t deserve to win for these severe misplays. I just don’t like Cirie or Aras, so I guess I still want Terry to win.

  • Terry went to the Naval Academy but quite clearly they’ve either stopped teaching strategy there or everything he ever knew about it was squeezed out of his brain when he put on his fighter jock’s helmet. The only plausible explanation for not giving Danielle the idol was that he feared that as soo as she got it she’d switch sides and the Casaya trio would vote him out. Plausible I suppose, tactically sound but paranoid beyond belief.

  • I think Terry might think that either (a) Danielle knows how to build fire better than Cirie or (b) the jury might realize that Cirie is responsible for all the blindsiding strategies and he might win against her or (c) Danielle already let him down once.

  • Survivor Expert

    I think you are giving Terry too much credit. Besides winning immunity challenges, he doesn’t know how to play the game. Reminds me of the worst Survivor *player* ever, Rupert.

    Yes Rupert was a nice, strong guy, but he PROVED he doesn’t understand the game of Survivor, or refuses to play the game.

    If Danielle is going (The clip made it look like she is), Terry better take Aras to the finals IF Terry wins immunity. The last think Terry wants is a “Terry is a upstanding white male with a hot wife, and Cirie is a poor black female with a ghetto husband and 3 kids…Cirie needs the money the more.”

  • Survivor Expert

    “The only plausible explanation for not giving Danielle the idol was that he feared that as soo as she got it she’d switch sides and the Casaya trio would vote him out.”

    Yeah, but Danielle would never do this because then she’d be stuck with Aras and Cirie, who have a tight alliance to the finals, and no way in hell can Danielle win a final 3 immunity.

    Terry is dumb.

  • What is the clip about which you keep referring? If it’s the show promo in commercials, yes…Cirie’s fire looks higher in that moment. Which could, of course, be deliberately leading folks to believe she makes it. The only ones in new challenge footage are Aras and Terry.

    I personally think Cirie is a better strategist than Terry. However, I don’t compare him to Rupert at all. He’s stronger at all the challenges, physical and mental, than Rupert. Plus, he hasn’t that childish pouting “nobody likes me” persona.

    Actually, I don’t know if saving Danielle would have helped him. With the jury made up mostly of Casaya members, I think he might be sunk against any of them.

  • Survivor Expert

    “Actually, I don’t know if saving Danielle would have helped him. With the jury made up mostly of Casaya members, I think he might be sunk against any of them.”

    His best chance to win would be versus Danielle. The final 4 except for Terry is Casaya, so in your words he is sunk against Danielle, Cirie, or Aras. That may be, but his best chance is against Danielle, who hasn’t done jack, and was originaly planned by Shane to be one of the first Casaya gone.

  • yabooo

    I think you are all being way too harsh in your assesment of Terry. If I were in Terry’s shoes, I would not have given Danielle the Idol either. Danielle has never shown Terry that she is trustable. At every opportunnity, she has stabbed Terry in the back. Yes absolutely, everyone wants to compete against Danielle in the finals as she cannot win. So assume that Terry makes the “strategic move” you all wanted him to make and he gives it to Danielle; there is certainly no guarentee that she does not continue to stab terry in the back and let the others know that Terry can now finally go home. How dumb would terry look if he were booted by giving away the precious idol? I can already imagine the posts claiming Terry the ultimate idiot if this happened. This game is all about getting to the final three and then hoping you can win the final immunity. By keeping the idol, Terry guarentees himself a birth in the final three and he believes that he can win the final challenge. So I believe he did exactly the correct thing. Personally, I think he has a good shot of winning in the finals against any of the remaining players. He will definately get Austin and Sally’s vote. Bruce was never close to anyone on his second tribe and I think he values winners so Terry could easily get his vote. Both Courtney and Shane are going to feel that they were stabbed in the back by their tribe mates so Terry could get their votes also.

  • Bill

    Does anybody know for sure how much money Danielle won? I think it may be $100,000.

  • I believe you’re right on that amount, Bill. That’s what it’s been in the past for second place and I haven’t seen any updates on it.