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TV Review: Survivor: Panama – Exile Island – Episode 12

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Five are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

The show opened on the 30th night at the Gitanos camp as we head towards the Final Four and the finale. Shane, as we could have predicted, was very upset that the voting plan changed and it was Courtney voted out during the last Tribal Council. He wanted her with him in the Final Two as many others did, too. Except for Cirie, that is. She’s playing it shrewd and getting her way. Cirie tried to cover with Shane by saying it was a last minute change and they couldn’t get the news to him. Now, if he believes that, he’s dumber than all get out!

Terry, though, in good spirits about his winning streak, feels that Danielle lied to him. After all, the plan was Danielle, Courtney, and Terry at the end with the vote to oust Aras. That is, until Cirie convinced Aras and Danielle to vote with her against Courtney. Terry should give up the idea of gaining allies. Cirie seems to be much more effective at rallying the tribe for a cause. Lone Wolf Terry isn’t a part of the pack.

The Rewards Challenge was the loved ones from home genre with a new twist. Jeff brought out family members of the tribe mates — Terry’s wife, Shane’s son, Cirie’s husband, Danielle’s Mom, and Aras’ Mom. The winner of a “past challenges combined” obstacle course had to make some decisions. Two loved ones would go for an overnight trip with their respective tribe members. Another loved one would go back to camp overnight. One loved one would just get a hug from the tribe member.

One tribe member would be sent to Exile Island and not be allowed to even touch the loved one. It was all up to the winner. And, as it’s almost fated to be this season, Terry won. He and his wife and Shane with his son Boston took the overnight trip. H.B. (Honey Bunny? Eek!), Cirie’s husband, spent the night at camp. Aras got a hug from his Mom. Danielle went to Exile Island. I personally thought his choices were just right. Even though I don’t care for Shane, his young son was there. How could he have made any other choice?

Off at Exile Island, Danielle is mad. She knows Terry’s reasoning. It doesn’t make her much less angry, though. She chopped a coconut with a machete and pretended it was Terry’s head. Oh. Did I mention she was very angry?

At the camp, Aras and Cirie put H.B. to work. He’s as city as Cirie was on the first night. Unlike her, he wasn’t scared of leaves. He didn’t seem too thrilled with murky drinking water. On a side note, I think these two are a good couple. They seem to care a lot about each other. She kept calling him H.B. and Honey Bunny. I can’t help but wonder if that’s the “H.B.” and how he explains it to friends.

On the overnight, Shane was in heaven spending time with Boston. He seems like a nice kid. He definitely thinks the world of his father. I hope he doesn’t read this blog! Nuthin’ against you, Boston, but your father really annoys me on the show, beyond annoyment. Terry’s wife automatically got into strategic talks with him. Shane claimed she was more competitive than Terry. I didn’t think that would be possible. I think he’s the most competitive player ever on the show.

When the loved ones all went away and the tribe was reunited at the camp, Aras and Terry griped at each other. Terry thought his choices were right and Aras thought that he was slighted as his mother is as important as a wife or husband. Um, I don’t think so! Aras is young. (If Aras reads the blog, he’d think I’m siding with Terry because we’re both “old.”) I bet if he had won the reward, he would have sent Terry to Exile Island. He should be thankful that Terry didn’t send him there.

The Immunity Challenge had tribe members standing above water, each on a little platform, raising a bucket of water to try to dump down a small chute which would raise a flag. The first one with the flag wins. As in most challenges, Shane screwed up and misunderstood the directions. He was out first. And, as in almost all challenges (all Immunity Challenges), Terry won. He keeps breaking his own record. Five individual immunities and he’s won them all. Plus, of course, he also has the hidden Immunity Idol from Exile Island.

So, the scheming starts. Shane wants Danielle out and thinks that’s the deal. Terry has no objection to that choice as she played turncoat on his plan for the last Tribal Council. But, what is Cirie thinking? She’s thinking Terry wants to be with Shane in the Final Two now as he might have a chance to win over the jury vote. She convinced Danielle and Aras to vote Shane and, once again, her mojo worked.

“Shane, the tribe has spoken. You must leave the Tribal Council area immediately.”

He never saw it coming. He was so sure he had no worries. Terry just held his head in his hands while Cirie and Aras looked tickled pink over it all.

In the promo shown for next week, Danielle is seen saying that maybe it’s time to ally with Terry. I don’t trust the promo so much. But it’s time that the Final Four really think about who they would take to the Final Two with them. No one will want to take Aras — he’d win the jury vote. Even Cirie and Danielle would be a worry. Almost any ex-Casaya member would stand a chance against Terry even though he’s an incredible player. If the jury voted with their hearts, they’d vote the ex-Casaya the winner even if Terry deserved the win more. It’s time for all the ex-Casaya to think that Terry’s their best choice to be with in the Final Two.

Remember — the finale is Sunday May 14. Mark it on your calendars!

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  • Ty

    Or Terry can make the final 3 Terry, Danielle, and Cirie, Terry can easily win the final immunity challenge, and send Cirie packing so he can have the easy win.

  • Ty

    “I think it’s all going to come down to Cirie and Terry as the final two. Cirie would likely win on a “niceness” vote, while Terry could win on the “ultimate strategist” angle.”

    This is why Terry is an idiot. He should NOT hold a grudge against Danielle, because if he could take her to the final two he is a no-brainer to win.

    Cirie will get the poor black mom with 3 kids sympathy vote, and Terry will lose to Cirie.

    In the final 4 round, that is the LAST TIME you can use the immunity idol. Thus, if Terry can win immunity again, the Idol is a waste…UNLESS YOU GIVE IT TO DANIELLE.

    Then Terry and Danielle vote Cirie, Cirie is out, leaving Terry, Danielle, and Aras. Assuming Terry can win another immunity, he can take Danielle to the finals and get an easy win.

    I know Terry keeps winning immunities and that’s good, but his strategy is weak. He should know at this point his only sure win in the finals is against Danielle.

  • Jooan – The two players originally from New Jersey where only the strong survive! Actually, I think that would be a worthy final two. I think the niceness factor will be burnt as the jury members realize it was Cirie’s scheming which got a lot of them booted. But I don’t know if that would be enough to make the jury vote for the LaMina representative Terry.

  • I think it’s all going to come down to Cirie and Terry as the final two. Cirie would likely win on a “niceness” vote, while Terry could win on the “ultimate strategist” angle.

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  • Just one other thing to mention. Terry clearly understood which way the wind was blowing with his vote for Arras. It was the sort of thing which – if the vote had been revealed would have allowed Terry to say that he hadn’t broken his promise to Shane but wanted to put a vote on Arras in case there was a tie and it was a most previous votes tie-breaker.