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TV Review: Survivor: Panama – Exile Island – Episode 9

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Something has to change on the show or Terry will have to be Superman. Although he’s such a strong player, I get irked when one tribe is picked off one by one in a numbers game after the merge. Yes, he has the hidden Immunity Idol from Exile Island, but is he going to conquer the odds against him? I guess we’ll just have to keep watching, right?

Eight are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

After the predictable and inevitable recap of last week’s show, we opened on Day 22 at the Gitanos campsite. Super Terry was going on about his jet fighter pilot career, something which may not endear him to others who already are worried because he keeps winning immunity. Courtney, Cirie, and Danielle were giggling as he talked to Shane and Aras about his past. We got a hint of what Danielle wants for the ousted order when she said in a confessional Terry, then Sally, then Aras.

That really didn’t surprise me much — go after the remaining LaMina folks, then hit the strongest Casaya one. She searched through Terry’s stuff a bit looking for the hidden Immunity Idol to no avail while telling the girls it was a “furry thing.” Many are doubtful Terry has the Idol. Aras actually wants to be sent to Exile Island so he can look for it or traces that it’s gone.

In the Rewards Challenge, they all got to see a tidbit of videos from loved ones. Shane went hysterical while watching his son and, again not a surprise, was the most emotional. His child looks like a normal little boy. That was the surprise! The tribe was randomly split into two teams. The winning team would see their videos in their entirety while chowing down on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and guzzling cold milk.

The challenge itself was a new one for the show. One team member was harnessed in a cradle suspended by bungee cords and the other three had to steer her (both teams went for women) with ropes to collect 15 numbered flags in order. Once the last flag was placed in its holder, the team would win. Along with the videos and treat, the winning team would choose someone to send to Exile Island. The team of Terry, Courtney, Bruce, and Sally won. Aras got his wish; he was sent to Exile Island.

We didn’t see the videos as the show focused on those folks who headed back to camp. Shane was fussing and fretting. What now? He called Cirie over to him and told her, “I have an issue with my penis.” Of course, she cracked up. He insisted she look at it (poor woman) as she’s a nurse. She explained to him that he’s been wearing wet underwear for more than 20 days and he’s chafing. He didn’t understand. “But it’s all red! LOOK!” Finally she told him it’s like diaper rash and he understood that. He made his shirt into a skirt. What an odd, odd little man.

Aras had troubles with the clues over on Exile Island. He spent some time digging and finally gave up to relax. He couldn’t determine whether someone has the Idol or not, but he thinks it’s probably been found. He’s probably right, I’d say. Heh.

Shane, Cirie, and Danielle were already not too thrilled that Bruce, Terry, Courtney, and Sally saw their videos and ate. They were outright disgusted that the four returned with their luxury items, too. Now, this is weird. We haven’t seen the luxury items for the last few seasons. Apparently, although they haven’t had them on the show, contestants are still selecting them. Bruce had a sketchbook, Terry had the flag from his father-in-law’s funeral, Sally had her journal, and Courtney had fire toys — basically two ropes, each with an attached ball. Remember, she has an act she does with fire. She’s a performance artist, ooh-la-la-la.

The Immunity Challenge wasn’t in itself all that thrilling. Castaways had to swim out and dive down to a huge bar with 7 symbols, memorize the order, swim to shore, and recreate the bar in the proper order in a puzzle box. The twist was that each person was handed a nut and a shell. (I don’t know why that had to be done, all Jeff would have to do is ask…!) One meant they wanted to go for Immunity, the other meant they felt secure and would gorge themselves on hamburgers, fries, and sodas rather than compete. As I said, the shell/nut bit wasn’t necessary at all. Just ask! It ended up that the only three competing in the challenge were Aras, Sally, and Terry. Terry won. He’s immune once again, plus has the Exile Island Hidden Idol. You go, Terry!

So, back at camp, the campaigning and trying to flip some Casaya members over started anew. The results were the same as last week, not a flip in the bunch. At Tribal Council, the vote went right by LaMina and Casaya lines — six votes for Sally and two for Aras. Terry wisely, for his own game, didn’t use the hidden idol to save Sally. After all, once that hand is played, it’s over. Right now, although outnumbered, his only chance is to keep winning immunity until at least the Final Four and keep the find a secret. In Sally’s good-bye confessional, she said she totally understands why he didn’t use it to save her and hopes he wins it all.

My opinion? I’m getting a bit perplexed with this season. Yes, I understand why Casaya members aren’t flipping. I don’t think I would, either. I like Terry. I think he’s pretty ethical in how he’s playing the game. He seems like a good guy and he’s definitely one of the strongest competitors ever on the show. While he has the figurative ace up his sleeve, is that going to be enough to go against the Sinister Six?

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  • Ty

    I think Terry was a fool not to use his idol right at the merge. He could have gotten Shane off and tipped the numbers in his favor. It never crossed his feeble mind at that point when he only needed ONE member of Cassaya to flip that he could have just that idol to get rid of Shane and in essence accomplish the same thing if Bruce or whoever had flipped.

    Although Terry is an idiot who doesn’t understand the basics of game theory, Cassaya members are dumb. Not all of them are going to the final 4, Bruce and Danielle should see that. They are pretty dumb for NOT turning.

    Now it should be clear that Terry has the idol. No matter what, he’s NOT going home this upcoming week. 3 of them should be smart enough to see that to save their own a$$, they should ally with Terry and vote off Aras or Shane.

    Of course they won’t and even if Terry doesn’t win immunity, 2 of Cassaya (Shane and Aras) will cast a vote for Bruce/Danielle, while the other 4 vote Terry. Terry casts his vote for Aras.

    Now with the vote 4-2-1, Terry is gone, but wait, he has the idol, plays it, and since Shane/Aras voted for Bruce/Danielle, Bruce or Danielle goes home.

    This scenario should be enough for that moron Bruce AND bimbo Danielle and the other white girl in Cassaya to turn, but since they cannot think, they are sunk.

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