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TV Review: Survivor: Panama – Exile Island Episode 8

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Nine are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

The episode opened on Day 19 at the Gitanos camp. Ah, Austin explained his behavior at Tribal Council. He was so certain he was going to be voted out that he felt he had to explain how he tried to look weak. Of course, that backfired on him. Now he’s got the biggest target in Panama plastered on his back. That target would be Terry’s, but he keeps winning everything and we know he has the hidden Immunity Idol from Exile Island. If he keeps this up, he’s going to make Tom Westman look like a wimp! Courtney and others feel they made the wrong choice in voting Nick off instead of Austin. Aw, too bad. Too late. Aras keeps pushing the Casaya Agenda and no one trusts Austin. It’s not a happy place, not at all.

But the Rewards Challenge comes around and temporary happiness will be had by a few castaways while two others will be in for the most miserable two days of their lives. Jeff splits the tribe into three teams of three — Shane, Austin, Terry; Bruce, Aras and Sally; and Cirie, Courtney and Danielle. The teams had to run coconuts from up on the beach and put them in the boats of their opponents, the objective being to weigh the boats down and slow the other team(s) as they row out to retrieve their flag and a net. After arriving back on shore, they had to load the coconuts in the net and haul them up the beach, loading them into a coconut corral. Aras kept pushing for the girls to target the mens’ boat. It didn’t really work too well. The Women Only team ended up having to put coconuts in their own boat after the other teams finished loading their nuts. Had the Men Only team not decided to take two trips with their coconuts, they might have won. Instead, it was Aras, Sally and Bruce winning Reward.

They won a bed and breakfast feast and the opportunity to name a person from each of the other teams to go to Exile Island. Aras took over and decided Austin and Danielle would go. The B&B initially started out bad. It was pouring rain and the canopied bed was on a sandbar, soaked clear through. But once the food arrived, all was peachy keen. According to Sally, “I can’t believe I’m cold and wet and in a bed with two strange men.” Well, it happens. Meanwhile, over on Exile Island, Austin and Danielle are really suffering. No fire, no shelter and they’re cold and miserable. A perfect situation for bonding. But will the bond be enough to break tribal ties?

While the Lucky Three chowed down in their damp bed and the Exiled Two shivered, back at camp Terry was once again campaigning. He was prying information out of Shane who admitted he wants the final four to be himself, Aras, Cirie, and Courtney. Of course, that gave Terry the idea of who to pursue for a flip — Danielle and Bruce. Will it work? Once Sally and the Breakfast Club returned, Terry told her he had the hidden Immunity Idol and was planning on using it to barter votes. Now, I’m not sure that was such a good move. I think Terry has got to be one of the strongest contestants ever on the show. He has the ace in the hole and it’s not a game of tribal lines any more. I personally think he should have kept things mum and remembered it’s his ticket to $1,000,000 if he plays it right.

The Immunity Challenge was a huge contrived affair. There was running, digging, crawling, jumping, brainteasers, a Lincoln Log-type obstacle course, and more. Eventually it was down to the three ex-La Mina members pitted against each other, then down to Sally and Terry. Terry won, not surprisingly. However, it was pretty surprising that Sally was only a smidgen behind him. She almost snagged Immunity. I’m suitably impressed, aren’t you?

Then the scheming starts. Danielle claims she’s bonded with Austin. She also is angry with Aras for sending her to Exile Island. All the women get ticked off at Aras. Shane, for once, stayed out of the fracas. Terry is going around telling Danielle and Bruce that they’re the next targets of their own tribe. He offered Danielle the Immunity Idol to flip her vote. Bruce claimed he respects Terry more than members of his own tribe. So, what happens?

They voted along previous tribal lines at Tribal Council. Five votes for Austin and three for Aras. So much for bonding. So much for Terry’s secret find. Austin is the first member of the jury.

“Austin, the tribe has spoken. You must leave the Tribal Council area immediately.”

Argh. Terry should have kept his mouth shut about the Idol. Obviously, Bruce and Danielle didn’t flip and now everyone will know he has it. What is going on with him? He’s a great player and it’s honorable that he doesn’t lie or cheat. But he should know that’s not Survivor.

I found this episode very frustrating. What did you think?

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  • Terry was a fool to use the idol as bait. No one “flopped” and he should have used it to get things closer to even. All he did was make it easier for them to pick off more people. He probably won’t get another chance to get the vote closer. If he doesn’t win immunity next time, they’ll make him use it.

  • Ty

    The thing is, Bruce and Danielle are so pathetically dumb. They are NOT going to be the final 4 with Shane’s group, so why not turn???

    And Terry made the biggest mistake of all not this week but last:

    He need ONE person to turn for a tie, but he had the immunity idol. I forget who was off that week, but all Terry had to do was slip that person the idol and Shane would have gone home, thus in effect balancing out the scales and definitely shaking things up!

    Terry is stupid. That idol could have shifted the game, but instead it will only keep him there one week longer and that’s it. He still won’t even get to the final 2.