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TV Review: Survivor: Micronesia – Their True Sides Show

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For those who don’t know, Survivor wasn’t on last week and that’s why there wasn’t a review. I don’t think they know that people like me have short attention spans and can’t wait two weeks for a new episode. I had to read my last review to piece the episodes together.

A variety of sayings could be used to describe this episode: "Your true colors finally shows," "what goes around comes around," or even "no pain, no gain." I wasn’t entirely impressed with the show itself; however, I found the outcome incredibly enjoyable to watch.

The episode began at the Malakal camp the night after they voted Tracy out. Erik was excited to be the last fan remaining on the tribe, yet he seemed troubled by that fact as well. Basically, he figured that if they didn’t win the next immunity challenge he would be going home. I can understand how that could ruin your mood to celebrate. Erik’s strategy was pure and simple – their tribe had to win the next immunity challenge.

The next morning, Ami and Cirie had gone out in the forest to catch crab. The previews made this look really important, but it certainly didn't appear that way.

Later, Ozzy and Ami had a deep conversation. He told her that he was afraid that once the merge happened he would have a target on his back. Ami lied through her teeth and promised Ozzy that she had nothing to do with Tracy’s attempt to get rid of him, nor would she ever get rid of him.

Personally, I don’t like Ami. Her first time on the show she seemed very quiet and I couldn't really understand her personality. Now, she’s lied so much, and flipped-flopped so many times, it’s impossible to tell who she’s with. I can take lying in this game, but flip-flopping? That’s a pet peeve of mine, take a side and stick with it.

At the Airai camp, the tribe mates suffered from boredom. Parvati had noticed a rat over by the forest and murmured something about eating it. Jason took her seriously. He cornered and hit the rat with an oar. Jason felt bad for the rat, but was excited to eat it. You ever stop to wonder what was going through that rat’s mind before he died? I had to stop myself from feeling bad for it as Jason and Parvati discussed the proper way to cook him. I‘d also like to wonder what these people were thinking. It was a rat! Ever heard of the Black Plague? How about rabies? It was a recreation of Old Yeller just waiting to happen.

Parvati was unimpressed with Jason. She took his killing of the rat as an attempt to impress the favorites. How can you impress someone by killing and eating a rat? Parvati ended up suggesting to Natalie an all-girl alliance with her, Amanda, and Alexis. Natalie was all for it. Haven’t these women seen the previous seasons of Survivor? All-girl alliances don’t work. They work for a short time. Then the women start hating each others' guts and you have problems.

When tree mail arrived, it stated that both tribes had to pick someone from the other tribe to go to Exile Island. Those two people would then have immunity for the next tribal council, which would be that night. The tribes went through the list of names and circled the name of the person they wanted to go to Exile Island from the other side (it ended up being Ozzy and Alexis).

At the challenge, Jeff revealed that it would be a reward/immunity challenge. For it two people from each tribe would run through an obstacle course over water while the other tribe mates from both sides would throw sandbags at the people running through the course. For their part, the runners would have to retrieve five flags, the first tribe to do this would immunity, and a reward of pizza and beer.

Erik and Jason gave their all in the challenge for both their tribes. Erik’s competitive side resulted in him hitting his stomach against a platform. In the end, Jason won the challenge for the Airai tribe. I saw this coming, not just because they’ve lost the past five immunity challenges, but because they had lost their top competitor. Erik could only do so much for his tribe, but Ozzy, the fish-man could have handed them the challenge on a silver platter. Had Ozzy been there, I think his side would have won.

At Exile Island, Ozzy and Alexis went searching for the hidden immunity idol. Ozzy also had wanted to see if someone had taken his fake one. Eventually, he found the place where he had left the idol – but it wasn't there. He was excited to see if someone would use the fake idol.

As the Airai tribe enjoyed its pizza and beer, the Malakal tribe prepared for tribal council. Erik asked Cirie and Amanda how much they trusted Ami. At first, they ignored the question, however, as they thought more and more about it, they realized that they didn’t trust Ami. Ami also began having doubts about her alliance and tried to get a commitment. Amanda was the only one to offer one. Erik realized just how much trouble he was in when Ami went up to him and thanked him for connecting her with her tribe. I’m sorry, that’s just witchy.

Erik, in a last ditch effort, talked to Ozzy when he came back and told him of Ami’s plan to vote him off. Ozzy knew he couldn’t trust Ami and decided that she should go. Amanda was torn between the two. Cirie also appeared to be stuck on who she was going to vote out.

At tribal council, Ozzy all but accused Ami of trying to vote him out. Ami cried out to her tribe in a very literal sense. She poured out her heart in an attempt to save herself. Unfortunately, it was not enough. She was voted out 4-1.

I was glad to see Ami go. I had started to dislike her and frankly, she lies too much even for Survivor. I would have been especially mad if it had turned into an all-girls alliance with her, Amanda, and Cirie. I really don’t like any of them, and it would have been awful if they made it to the final four. So, I was happy with how it turned out.

Next week :

The merge finally happens; will everyone go back to their old alliances or will they stick with their new ones?

The girls want Alexis off; see what I mean about all-girl alliances?

Jason shows Eliza the hidden immunity idol; and she knows it isn’t the real one. Do you think she can clue Jason in?

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  • CallmeMaddy

    I missed survivor! It didn’t tape! I spent a half an hour trying to get it to work on my computer, but it didn’t!


    Thanks for the recap.

    I hate Ami too. Evil. Tries to get rid of Ozzy. I like Ozzy.


  • Peggy

    Good review, as always. I also thought Ami’s “thank you” to Eric was on the witchy side. Look forward to reading the next one.

  • Katelynn Phillips

    Yeah, I had to watch the entire episode on the survivor website, because I had missed the first part. It was an okay episode, you really didn’t miss that much. I’m still rooting for Ozzy to win, but this all girl alliance spells trouble (until they start hating each other that is.

    Thanks for the comment, Maddy,


  • Katelynn Phillips

    Thanks Peggy, wans’t Ami just being awful to Erik? I’m glad she’s gone. She’s one player we can do without.



  • Being away for a couple of weeks I find myself no longer caring. I don’t see any smart calculating people, just groups winning out. Nice move by Erik to out Ami, but will it transfer to the merge? I think Chet left a bad taste in my mouth with his terrible, selfish game play. I don’t see myself making the finale at this point.

  • Katelynn Phillips

    Altough I see where your coming from El Bicho, I can’t see myself dropping out at this point (and it’s not just because I do the reviews). I think this seasons is alot better then some of the seasons in the past. It’s no All-stars 1, or Pearl Islands, but it’s still really good. I think the players just need to take a giant step up. Especially with the merge coming.

    Thanks for the comment,