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TV Review: Survivor: Micronesia – The Beginning of the End

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I was surprised to find that I wasn't disappointed by Thursday night's Survivor. It was actually the first episode in two or three weeks that didn't make me roll my eyes. By the way, did anyone notice the new beginning? I don't know if they've ever done it like that before. Then again, I might just be oblivious.

So, after voting out Jason at tribal council, James had to go see the medical crew. They gave him one more day, and said if his finger didn't look better then, he'd be pulled out of the game. I could imagine that James wanted to do everything in his power to avoid that. I mean, he's survived the first round of the game, then the merge; it would just be frustrating to leave the game after so much because of an injury. Understanding, but just frustrating.

The next morning, everyone became concerned about James's finger, especially Amanda, who trusts James more then anyone out there. James was convinced his finger would be fine, but team girl power wasn't so sure. If James left, then they'd have to vote out Erik. However, Erik is the strongest competitor at the moment (maybe he has some competition from Amanda), he could easily win immunity. This would mean that the all-girl alliance would have to start turning against one another.

Alexis also managed to hurt her knee during the night. She fell and twisted something. I was wondering if the medical team was going to pull her out, but she seemed like she was fine except for some limping.

At the reward challenge, Jeff explained what would happen before he revealed the reward. Each survivor would fill out a survey with questions about who they thought was the most/least something. Afterwards, Jeff would ask the questions again only this time you wanted to put down who you thought everyone else put down. Now, when a survivor answered correctly, they'd get to cut the rope of one of the other survivors. Each survivor had three ropes which held down a mallet, if the mallet was released, this would destroy a figurine of that survivor. Basically, the survivor who had all three ropes cut had their figurine destroyed and lost the challenge.

The reward turned out to be the survivors' loved ones. Visiting from home was Parvati's mother, Gale; Erik's brother, Curt; Natalie's mother, Rocky; Alexis's brother, Nathan; Amanda's sister, Katrina; James's father, James Senior; and Cirie's husband, H.P. The challenge went relatively smoothly.

I was confused when James was chosen as the least likely survivor to get invited to a family cook out. Everybody likes James; he seemed like one of the most likely to get invited to a barbecue. All the others were particularly easy to predict. In the end, Alexis won the reward. She could bring her brother and two other people along with their relatives and she had to send one person to Exile Island. She took Cirie and her husband and Natalie and her mother along to swim with stingless jellyfish. Amanda volunteered to go to Exile Island.

In my personal opinion, I wouldn't know how to take swimming with jellyfish. I'm kind of afraid of them. I don't think it'd be fun for me. I guess the survivors liked it though, especially being able to share the experience with their loved ones.

James was sent back to the medical team. The medic had no choice but to force James out of the game. He said goodbye to Parvati and Erik, and left to take care of his infection. Well, there goes one of my choices to win. Now my only hope is that Erik or Amanda win, I could really care less about anyone else.

Amanda began looking for the new immunity idol, which had been put on Exile Island, or so she thought. As it turns out, the last clue told Amanda that the immunity idol was at camp under their flag. Meanwhile, when Cirie, Natalie, and Alexis returned to camp, they were shocked to see James gone. Suddenly, it seemed that the end to the all-girls alliance was drawing close.

At the immunity challenge, Amanda was stunned to find that her friend, James, was gone. Jeff updated the tribe, informing them that James was fine. He explained that in this challenge the survivors would use a rifle and shoot at bottles of their colors – the first person to break three bottles won immunity. Doesn't that sound a little too easy?

Erik won the challenge easily, putting the girls in a bad position. Natalie and Alexis decided that Amanda should go. They didn't think she had the idol since she emptied her bag in front of them. However, Amanda sought help from Parvati, who refused to vote her out. Parvati distracted the tribe while Amanda looked for the immunity idol. It was her only hope to stay in the game.

At tribal council, the jury of Eliza, Ozzy, and Jason rolled in. After a minute, James also walked in with an IV attached. He explained that he needed the IV four times a day to help with the infection. Alexis and Natalie pretty much told them that Amanda was going… however, much to their surprise, Amanda played the immunity idol. Imagine my shock when, finally, someone played the idol right! Alexis was voted out, thanks to the votes by Parvati and Amanda.

Finally, a night without stupidity! I was happy that Amanda managed to save herself. I would have rather seen Natalie go home, but that's just me. Overall, it was a great episode, proving that Survivor can still be great.

Next Week:

Erik is sent spinning in circles as the girls begin to confuse him. Who can he trust?

Natalie, for some reason, becomes mad at Erik.

Ponderosa: Alexis's week

This was supposed to be James too, but the only update I found out about him was that he was still in the hospital at that point. I'm not even sure if they're going to risk sending him to Ponderosa; they'll probably just fly him in to the tribal councils. I don't know though; we'll have to see.

Alexis was angry she was voted out, maybe a little too mad. She irritated the other jury members, acting a little too high and mighty for their liking – but it was tolerable. Ozzy and Alexis hung out for most of the next day, but Alexis was keeping her hands off Ozzy. Everyone seems to think he and Amanda are a match made in heaven. If Ozzy proposes, do you think he'll give Amanda a fish instead of a ring?

The jury members were taken on a tour of an old World War II battleground. They learned about Micronesia's part in the war, and about what it was like to survive the war. Later when they headed back to Ponderosa, Alexis put on a fashion show to pick something to wear to Tribal Council. Eliza had fun helping Alexis pick out her clothing, and Ozzy took some fun in it by trying on a poncho. He commented that the dress Alexis eventually chose matched the poncho. Probably one of my favorite Ponderosa clips so far. I enjoyed the wonder of the World War II sightseeing, and the fashion show was fun to watch. Who will join the jury next? We'll have to wait and see.

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  • CallmeMaddy

    James is gone! I have no idea who I’m going to root for now. I’d say Erik, but I think he’s going next.

    Nice article.


  • Peggy

    Good recap; have been checking each day, looking for it! Also enjoy hearing about Ponderosa. It would be fitting if the favorites pulled together for the final three, although I would prefer Erik to be in there instead of Parvati.

    It definitely was enjoyable to see the surprised and stunned looks from Natalie and Alexis when Amanda used the idol.

  • The reason no one would invite James to dinner is the bat eating.

  • Katelynn Phillips

    Maddy- That’s probably who I’m voting for. But I wouldn’t feel bad if Amanda won, Cirie would probably be my third choice (even though she got rid of Yau-man)the other two I’d hate to see win. Thanks for the comment.. sorry about James.

    Peggy- It would be a good final three- Cirie, Amanda, and Erik. I just hope anyone but Parvati or Natatlie. Thanks for the comment.

    Lynda- Huh, I suppose that makes sense. Thanks for your comment.