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TV Review: Survivor: Micronesia – Survival of the Weakest

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I can guarantee that after tonight half the Survivor fans are fuming and the other half are cheering. I just don’t know what happened. I mean, I can’t say I’m angry. I’m just shocked.

The fans tribe returned after voting Mikey out. Jason seemed troubled not only because he had lost an ally, but because it seemed like his tribe was only getting weaker. He had a bad feeling his tribe would not go far if this continued. By the way, I can tell Jason and Erik apart now. It only took five episodes!

At the favorites tribe, Chucky (or was it Charlie?) the rooster found himself on the chopping block, in the very literal sense. I remember the last episode they had been talking about killing him for almost two days. So, finally, three days later Chucky is losing his head. The only problem was, just who would kill the beloved rooster? Ozzy the Fishman stepped up to the challenge along with Amanda and James. James and Amanda held Chucky down while Ozzy the Fishman did the deed. During the mourning process (that was about ten seconds) Ozzy went into the forest and hid his immunity idol; he also told James, Parvati, and Amanda about finding it, trusting his firm alliance.

At the reward challenge, the favorites were very surprised to see that the fans had voted out Mikey. Jeff only added to the surprise when he told everyone to drop their buffs, they were mixing up the tribes. It ended up with Ozzy, Amanda, Ami, Chet, Joel, Cirie, Tracy, and Erik on the Malakal (a.k.a former favorites) tribe and Jonathan, Alexis, James, Jason, Parvati, Kathy, Natalie, and Eliza on the Airai (the former fans) tribe.

With their new tribes, two tribe mates from each side would be tied together with a harness; one tribe would chase the other through an obstacle course trying to get a flag off the other tribe's back. The first tribe to get three flags would win reward: a steak barbecue with potatoes, peppers, and spices.

The favorites Malakal tribe had started out with a lead, but lost it when Chet and Joel went out on the field. Joel was practically dragging Chet through the obstacle course. In the end, the fans Airai tribe won the reward, no one had to go to Exile Island.

This proved to be very bad for Chet. Immediately, Ozzy pointed him out as the weakest link and decided he was the next to go. In fact, Ozzy and Joel discussed their strategy together with Erik watching. I have to agree with Erik, watching Joel and Ozzy the Fishman talk strategy was a lot like watching two powerhouse countries talk terms. It was interesting.

The Airai tribe enjoyed their meal with fat lips and twisted bones. Jonathan, however, had somehow pierced his leg, leaving a big hole in it. The survivor paramedics were called in. They basically cleaned his wound and stitched it up, but warned him that an infection might occur.

At the immunity challenge, four tribe mates from each tribe would alternate and throw rocks at four tiles. When the tiles broke, a bundle of puzzle pieces fell and the tribe had to drag them using rope and put together a puzzle with the help of a caller. The first tribe to complete the puzzle won the challenge. Once again, the Malakal tribe had a commanding lead, but some disagreements with Joel and Chet ended with them losing the challenge.

It seemed obvious who should go home: Chet. Unlike all the other times though, Chet did not lie down and die. He decided that it was Joel’s fault they lost the challenge and thought Joel should leave. Cirie tried to convince Ozzy and Amanda to join them in voting out Joel. Ozzy was stuck between the choices: the weakest? Or the strongest? On one hand, Chet was weak both inside and outside the camp, on the other hand, Joel wasn’t just for winning the challenges; he wanted to win the game. Ozzy had a big choice to make and little time to make it.

At tribal council, Tracy attacked Joel, blaming him for both challenge losses. I swear, Tracy has to be a law council or something. Once again, Chet was spared and in a complete blindsiding, Joel was voted out.

Now if it were me, as much as I like Chet as a person, I would have voted him off. At this point you get rid of the weakest first and then worry about the long run. The episode was fun and defiantly interesting to watch, even if I didn’t agree with what happened. Hopefully, Chet takes this new attitude and puts some more effort into this game.

Next week:

Ami questions her loyalty to the former favorites, since she might benefit more from the fans.

Jason finds the (cough) immunity idol (cough) on Exile Island. Does he know it’s fake?

Jonathan gets in an infection in his leg and he may have to pull out of Survivor .

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  • “At this point you get rid of the weakest first”

    No way, it’s still fans v. favorites. If I am in the new Cirie group, and I call it her group since she is the power player so far, it’s a much smarter choice for the four favorite four getting rid of Joel over Chet. Now you have the numbers going forward and hope to get rid of all the fans before the merge although they may lose Ami, which will be huge.

    Joel is a fool who couldn’t see the big picture and let personal feeling get in the way. He should have stayed united with the fans and taken a chance at least and gambled that Chet could have beaten Cirie at a vote challenge. That’s why he went home.

  • Katelynn Phillips

    That is true, but my point was that because they lost two challenges as a tribe, it probably would have been smarter to get rid of the weakest person. It did work to benefit the weaker players, but it just made more sense to me that Chet should have gone, not Joel.

    I don’t think Joel had any disire to stay with the fans in the long run. The only allyhe really had was Jason, and that was more of Jason just voting with him. Maybe things would have been different if Joel had considered an alliance with the weaker players, but I don’t know.

    Thanks for your comment!,


  • CallmeMaddy

    JOEL IS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Hated him. Well, I hate Chet too, but still. Joel was responsible for getting rid of Mikey B., who I absolutely adored.

    I agree Chet should have gone home, but I’m still happy …

    Nice recap! Are you coming on the radio show next week? Email me.