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TV Review: Survivor Micronesia – So It’s Come to This

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Is it just me? Or after last night's Survivor is Team Girl Power getting a little witchy? It was actually kind of sad, but I don't want to spoil anything, so on with the review.

It began with the day after voting Ozzy out. The Dabu camp had its fill of morning angst, with Amanda and James furious about Ozzy's departure and Parvati's fear that she may be losing her best friends. Amanda decided to pretend to not be mad at Parvati, but James didn't hold back any punches.

I remember the days of the OZmanda and JArvati alliance. It reminds me of that movie Crossroads actually. Once they were four best friends planning a future together. Now, Ozzy is out, Amanda is being used, James feels betrayed, and Parvati is left strong but friendless. Sadly (not really), Parvati's move forced James to put an end to whatever relationship they once had, thus ending JArvati for good.

Instead of a reward challenge, the survivors participated in an auction. Each person was given $500 and they were allowed to bid on items. Cirie won hot dogs and fries, Erik got a choice between what he bought and a mystery item. He almost got octopus, but got nachos instead. Natalie unknowingly bought bat soup, which James was happy to take. Then Natalie won an envelope that stated that she could send one person to Exile Island and take their money. She asked Jeff if a new idol was put in its place and he confirmed that indeed there was. Even though he didn't want to go, Natalie sent Jason to Exile Island.

I always enjoy the Survivor auction. It's a nice, friendly game where everyone gets a reward and just has fun. Also after all the cut-throat plays that have been going on, it was nice just to have a game be a game.

After the reward, Natalie immediately noted her error in sending Jason to Exile Island. He had found a fake idol once; could he find the real one? Natalie, Parvati, Alexis, and Cirie started forming a plan. Natalie would convince Jason that she sent him there for a reason so he would trust them and at tribal council he would feel safe enough not to play the idol and be the next survivor out. Amanda and Parvati had a talk — though not the kind I wanted it to be. I had wanted Amanda to call Parvati out on betraying Ozzy; instead she complained that Parvati didn't trust her. Cirie and Parvati soothed Amanda's fears by saying it would be the three of them all the way. Amanda agreed, though she revealed that she didn't trust Parvati or Cirie.

At Exile Island, Jason made quick work of the clues, and easily found the hidden immunity idol. I kind of saw this coming. What I didn't see coming was his belief that Natalie was interested in starting an alliance with him. What? Was he serious? I could see through Natalie the moment she sent him. She hadn't sent him for any particular reason other then she didn't like him. I mean, he begged not to go and she sent him anyway. Jason didn't know it, but he was walking into a huge trap.

The survivors made their way to the immunity challenge, where they were reunited with Jason before they had to compete. The challenge would be divided into three parts. In the first part, the survivors would have to use rocks to break a tile that would release a bag of puzzle pieces which were locked in a bag. The first four to do this went on to the next round. In the second round, the tribe mates would have to dig up a key to unlock the puzzle pieces and then have to put the puzzle pieces together and form a wheel. That was put on an axle and when turned would bring down two planks. The first two to do this would move on to the final round. In this round, the two competitors would use the planks to get across a rope bridge, next they would have to race against each other on a bridge made of disks. The first survivor to get to the other side of that bridge would win immunity.

Before the challenge, Natalie went up to Jason and told him to let anybody but James win. Jason agreed and thanked her for sending him to Exile Island. He told her he knew why she sent him there. Okay, now if he didn't see through her before, how about now? The look on her face read deception. I knew she was lying and Jason stood there smiling like an idiot.

James, Erik, Jason, and Amanda made it through the first round. However, James and Erik beat out Amanda and Jason in the second part. Finally, Erik was able to win immunity conveniently on his 22nd birthday. Well, that's nice, happy birthday Erik. It takes me back to Borneo when Richard went naked on his birthday. As big as a jerk as Richard may have seemed, you have to admit he was kind of funny.

Before tribal council, the girls planned they would make Jason believe he was safe, and worst case scenario, he would play the idol and James would be gone, who happened to be their next target anyway. Jason had no idea that he was about to get blindsided. Amanda told James that if Jason played the idol, the girls had picked him to go. James seemed mellow about it and only stated that no matter what, he was writing Parvati's name down. Oooh, I love nasty break-ups! So much for Parvati and James being the next Rob and Amber.

I guess what made me mad about this part was that Amanda and James merely accepted their fate when they had the power to change everything. Amanda was there when the planning went on, she could have told Jason that Natalie was planning against them and then Amanda, James, Erik, and Jason could have blindsided the girl's alliance and have gotten someone else off. Instead, Amanda was too spineless to go forward with it and James just assumed Jason would use the idol.

He proved to be mistaken at tribal council. Jason didn’t play the idol which was his demise. He was the next person voted out. Now, there is some major ranting I must do!

Natalie: She's a witch, no doubt about it. She's mean and nasty, and she admitted so herself. Saying that she could be cut-throat and that was the way she is in real life? It was cruel the way she played Jason, and I almost hate her more than Parvati (if that's possible).

Parvati: Way to go, smart one, you pissed off half the people on the jury almost guaranteeing you won't win the game. Then you try to act all sweet and innocent when the people come down on you. I can't wait for her reaction when Natalie decides she's no longer useful and tosses her aside like an old dirty towel.

Amanda: A dead jelly fish has more spine then she does. She could have changed the game completely and thrown Parvati out. Instead, she's following Parvati's orders like a good little girl and complained when things didn't go her way. Obviously, Amanda can talk the talk, but she completely fails to walk the walk.

James: Why is he letting them run the game? Did he think to ask Jason about the idol? They could have pulled off a major backfire-blindside. I mean, James is one of my favorites to win at this point, but he can't just lay back and accept the votes, if that's the case, then he might as well give up.

Cirie: Hmmm, fourth or fifth? With the game she's playing right now, she's setting herself up to be betrayed by those girls. I, of course, would take joy in that considering she got Yau-man off, however, she might not like it so much. Does she really think Parvati's going to take her to the end? Amanda too? I think she either needs to wise up or get out.

Alexis: All aboard the coat-tail express! She contributes nothing to strategy or camp from what I've seen. Basically she's just there to exist. Honestly, who does she have to trust? Amanda's ready and willing to betray her. Parvati doesn't have her in her top 'friendsies' list, and her biggest ally is Natalie, who may see her as disposable. Yeah, go girl-power, but what power is this girl contributing? Nothing. I'd rather not see another person in the final two who didn't do anything to belong there.

Erik: Probably in the best position at this point. He's now the strongest competitor with James as his only competition, and since James is a bit big to balance, Erik is the potential candidate to own the challenges. Problem? He hasn't secured himself in either alliance and if he becomes something fierce in the challenges, the moment he loses he's gone. He can't be all physical and no strategy. At this rate, he better get something together, otherwise Team Girl Power is going to vote him out.

Jason: Sorry buddy, but good riddance. I don't think I've ever seen a more stupid player in Survivor. I'll admit Natalie downright played you from the moment she sent you to Exile Island, but you should have seen it coming from a mile away! Even if Natalie was telling the truth, she would have only used you until you were useless, then you would have been gone. You can ponder on that while in the jury.

Next Week:

A new immunity idol is placed at Exile Island; oh no, not again!

James gets his finger looked at, it could mean bad news.

The survivors get a special reward on what appears to be their relatives visiting. Aww…

Ponderosa: Jason's week

Jason was welcomed by Eliza and Ozzy to Ponderosa, and he discussed the idol with them. The next day Jason showed Eliza and Ozzy a rather odd hobby he enjoys, which included balancing on a line and walking across it. Ozzy and Jason bonded after realizing they had similar interests. After awhile, they went out on the waters and skied (I think it was called something else but I can't recall.) After an afternoon of playing on the waters they prepared for tribal council. Jason really does seem like a nice person outside the game. It should be interesting to see who he votes for while on the jury.

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  • Peggy

    Excellent recap! I have been a Survivor fan since the beginning but what happened last episode really left a bad taste in my mouth. Natalie talking about flossing with somebody’s jugular; how charming is that? I am beginning to dislike her as much as Boston Rob. I agree that Amanda, James and Erik lost a major opportunity to turn the game in their favor.

  • Katelynn Phillips

    My mom and I were saying the same things about Natalie … It’s one thing for someone to be like that in the game but in real life? Last nights Survivor was kind of disappointing. I hope James, Amanda, and Erik find something to do other then wait for their time to leave.

    Thanks for the comment Peggy!


  • I had thought that Ozzy not playing the Immunity Idol last week was the dumbest Survivor mistake ever, surpassing James being eliminated with two Idols. I now take back that assessment and give that particular honour to Jason for not playing the idol. I mean he saw what happened to Ozzy last week and let’s face it, you don’t have to be Jean-Robert Bellande (the Poker player from Survivor: China) to read Natalie’s “poker face.” Nine out of ten idiots could see he was going down. Too bad he was the tenth idiot.