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TV Review: Survivor Micronesia – Now Who’s the Biggest Fool?

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No! Last week's Survivor was so good! Then this week, this happens! I can't tell you what happened yet, but I will tell you one thing. James has officially lost his place as the dumbest survivor. (No offense intended; I like James.)

So, the day after voting Alexis off (it was almost Amanda, but in a surprise move, she had the idol), Natalie began to feel vulnerable without her biggest ally. She attempted to make an alliance with the other out-cast survivor, Erik. Natalie asked Erik to send her to Exile Island if he won the next challenge. Erik all too quickly agreed. Amanda, who was hungry for revenge after Erik tried to vote her out, put on a poison smile and attempted to reconcile with Erik. She asked him to take her with him on reward if he won the challenge. That works, right? I mean he could put Natalie on Exile like she wanted and bring Amanda like she wanted, right? Nope. Amanda also wanted Erik to put Parvati on Exile. Erik was torn between keeping his word to Natalie and making amends with Amanda.

The reward challenge was extremely low key. Jeff would ask the survivors questions about past seasons of Survivor and the current survivors would have to guess to which seasons the questions referred. The winner would go on a helicopter ride to a spa, and then spend the night there. I got two of the five questions right. The questions were:

1. On which season of Survivor did a survivor have a pet snake? Correct answer: Pearl Islands, it was Rupert Bonham's snake. (Oh yeah, I got it right!)

2. In which season of Survivor did a survivor get bit by a shark and in retaliation, bit the shark back? Correct answer: All-stars, Richard Hatch was bit by a shark, and he bit it back. (I got that one right too!)

3. In which season of Survivor did a survivor ask another survivor to pee on their hand after touching a sea urchin? Correct answer: Marquesas, John Carroll asked Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien to pee on his hand after he touched a sea urchin. (I got this one wrong. I actually didn't watch that season.)

4. During which season of Survivor did a survivor have to be evacuated after falling in the fire? Correct answer: Australia – Michael Skupin fainted from smoke inhalation while starting a fire and burned his hands. He was the first to leave Survivor because of an injury. (I got this one right).

5. Which season of Survivor was the first season to have the survivors separated into four equal tribes? Correct answer: Exile Island. ( I got this one wrong, and I did watch that season.)

Erik got all the questions right, and he won the challenge. Natalie was surprised when Erik took Amanda and sent Parvati to Exile Island.

Back at camp, Natalie let her steam out about Erik, much to Cirie's amusement. Sometimes, Cirie would throw in a comment every now and again, but it was all mind games. Meanwhile, Erik and Amanda decided to leave the game at the door, and went on a beautiful helicopter ride to a spa. Amanda was shocked to find that Erik had never been to a spa before. Amanda confessed to the cameras that nothing between her and Erik had changed; she still wanted him out.

Not much at all happened at Exile Island. Even though Jeff told the survivors there was a new immunity idol at Exile, Parvati lounged on the beach explaining that it was pointless to look since she was just a decoy to keep Erik off the island. Pretty boring … glad I wasn't stuck on the island with her.

The next day, Natalie gave Erik the cold shoulder when he returned to camp. Erik and Cirie started a conversation, which Natalie overheard. She was angry when Erik admitted that he wanted Natalie and Amanda to go next (seeing them as the biggest threats). Later on, Natalie, Cirie, and Amanda were having a conversation about Erik, which Erik semi-overheard. He was extremely worried and figured at this point he pretty much had to win immunity.

At the immunity challenge, Parvati was reunited with the group as they went over the challenge. The field had three large circles surrounded by symbols. These symbols represented coordinates. The survivors would use rope to mark an area inside the circle. They would dig for puzzle pieces and go back to an area where they would put the puzzle together, which would give them their next coordinates. After they found the third set of puzzle pieces, they would put together a puzzle that said "Guaranteed Final Four". The survivor that finished the puzzle first would win immunity.

As I assumed, Erik had no competition and easily won the challenge. It was really that obvious he would win, honestly. He was putting the final puzzle together by the time the girls reached their second circle. I was happy that he had won immunity, he was safe now. Or so I thought.

In a last attempt effort, the girls decided to send Natalie to literally talk him out of his idol. Natalie would convince Erik that if he gave her the idol, he would redeem himself and they could get rid of Amanda. Erik questioned the move at first, but later asked if they would consider getting rid of Parvati instead. Natalie agreed, with her fangs showing.

I could tell they were lying. Even if I hadn't heard them say it, I knew they were. The worst part is Erik was thinking correctly the first time. He had questioned Natalie about why he had to give her the idol, and why they couldn't just get rid of Parvati. It was such a fake story! There was no way anyone was that stupid. I was wrong.

Erik had handed his idol to Natalie, much to the jury's surprise. Everyone was laughing as the votes were read; Erik was fooled and was sent home. James renounced his place as 'dumbest survivor ever' and rightfully gave it to Erik. I hate to say it, but he deserved it. That was the stupidest move of the season and this season has had its share of dumb moves. So now I'm just hoping Amanda wins. It's possible, considering her ties with Parvati and since she is now the most physical competitor. The way I see it, here is how it will go in the finals.

Amanda vs. Anyone – If Amanda makes it to the final two, she's got this game in the bag. She's betrayed the fewest people and has played the best game.

Parvati vs. Cirie. – Cirie wins, Parvati broken = an alliance with half the people in the jury, Cirie hasn't really had a strong alliance with any of the people in the jury.

Parvati vs. Natalie – Close, but I think Natalie would win. Natalie has betrayed as many people as Parvati, but not everyone knows it.

Cirie vs. Natalie – Cirie would win; once again, she hasn't made as many people in the jury mad.

This Sunday:

It's the Survivor finale. Congrats to Cirie, Natalie, Parvati, and Amanda for not only making it to the final four, but also managing to keep an alliance of all girls strong. First time in Survivor history, I believe. Way to prove me wrong, ladies.

I'll probably write separate reviews for the Survivor finale and Survivor Reunion. This can either turn out to be a good season of Survivor or simply disappointing depending on who wins. We'll also get to see where the next season of Survivor will be. That's actually a great poll question. Where should the next season of Survivor be?

I'm always hoping they'll go to Papua New Guinea, but I'm not too optimistic about it. My mom is hoping that Survivor will take place on an island so small that they can only fit two tribes on it. Imagine the drama … "Hey, hey, the other tribe used our fishing supplies!"

Ponderosa: Erik's week

This episode of Ponderosa took place the morning after Erik was voted out. Erik took the time to enjoy Ponderosa. He enjoyed a nice breakfast, and then played football with Ozzy, Eliza, and Jason.

Later, Ozzy gave the viewers a small documentary about his favorite fruit, the coconut. It was rather fun to watch. They didn't really go anywhere since tribal council was that night, but it was still pretty cool to watch, and you know, once Erik cleans up, shaves, and actually attempts to manage his hair, he's quite the sharp-looking young man. It's really been interesting to watch Ponderosa; I hope they do it again next year.

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    For those who don’t know, Parvati won Survivor …I was wrong in the worst way possible. I haven’t seen the entire episode, only the ending. So I’m not reviewing the episode. Instead, I’m just going to review the reunion show. I hope Ozzy and Amanda are at least together after this.