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TV Review: Survivor: Micronesia – Like a Lawyer

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Well, tonight’s Survivor was surprising to say the least. However, it felt like a so-so show compared to last week. Overall, I’m happy with the results.

The show started the morning after the favorites voted out Yau-man (I'm still mad about that). Cirie immediately attacked Ami for voting for her at the last tribal council. Ami pointed out that it didn’t make a difference, but Cirie carried on and on about how she never would have written Ami’s name down.

Okay, well, if it were I in Ami’s shoes, I would have pointed out that Cirie had betrayed me by switching alliances, and therefore I had a reason to vote for her. I mean, how could she not expect her name to be written down after last week? I’m surprised Jonathan didn’t vote for her too. I would have; if for nothing else than to assure Cirie I no longer felt any loyalty to after she had betrayed me so easily.

Jonathan tried to tell Cirie off, but she would hear none of it. I have to be honest, I’m liking Cirie less and less each time I listen to her. She’s being a bit of a brat. Part of it might be because I like Jonathan and I’m still upset that they voted Yau-man out, but I still have the other reasons for disliking Cirie.  How can she yell at Ami for betraying her and yet not allow anyone to yell at her for betraying them. Wow!

In any case, Eliza started to feel sick. James took notice and acted nicely at first. He later went to Ozzy and told him how stupid it was to vote out Yau-man. Ozzy and James then went on to talk about how stupid it was with Eliza laying feet away from them. Weakly, she yelled at Ozzy and James, telling them how inconsiderate it was to say she should have been gone when she was only feet away. “I’m just fine [coughs up lung]!” maybe it was a little mean, but it was the truth. It would have benefited the team more if the weakest link was gone. At the moment, the weakest link is Eliza.

Now, what was happening with the fans? Well, a lot of people were complaining about Chet’s laziness around camp. Jason and Mikey seemed especially disgusted with how little he did. Mikey decided to put his vendetta with Joel aside, so if they had to go to tribal council, Chet would be the next one out. Not as much happened there, really.

At the reward challenge, no one was surprised that Yau-man was gone. (Really? I was!) The challenge would have four tribe members from each team swim out to a platform. One by one they would dive underwater to a long cage where there were coconuts for both tribes with letters painted on them. The tribe members would bring the coconuts to the end of the cage through the bars, and then get them out of the cage and put them on a floating platform. Once the tribe had all their coconuts; they would float the coconuts to shore and put together a secret word using the letters on the coconut. The first tribe to do all this would win the prize of two egg-laying chickens and a rooster. The fans had Chet sit out of this challenge; a wise choice considering his performance during the last water challenge.

At first the fans had a small lead; however Ozzy the fish-man came up with a brilliant strategy. Being the strongest underwater, he brought four coconuts down to the end of the cage at the same time so his tribe mates only had to dive down and get the coconut from the end of the cage. This gave the favorites a huge advantage. Once they got to shore, James was able to guess the secret word the letters formed — ‘Triumphant.’ The favorites won the reward challenge.

Ozzy wow, I love that half fish-man, half monkey! Not only did he come up with a great strategy, he performed with grace and speed. I also have to applaud James. I didn’t think he was too smart at first because he was getting dragged in to Parvati's nonsense. But, he’s actually a lot smarter than I gave him credit for. I think it would be interesting to see Ozzy and James go up against each other in the finales.

As for Exile Island; the favorites selected Kathy to go back yet again. Ozzy volunteered to go to with her. Over on the island, Kathy admitted to Ozzy that she didn’t like the team she was on. She also admitted that she wasn’t looking for the immunity idol. Ozzy formed a plan and told her he was going to look for fish; instead he went looking for the idol. Eventually, his search paid-off and he found it.

It was funny to watch Ozzy hide the idol in his hat and sneak it into his bag without Kathy knowing. When he came back, he told Kathy that he hadn’t been able to catch any food. Ozzy also decided to take a page out of Yau-man’s book and made a fake idol. He was giddy at the idea of someone using it at a challenge.

At the favorite’s camp, Eliza tried to save herself by telling everyone Jonathan was un-trustworthy. She pleaded with Parvati first, pointing out just what kind of person Jonathan was. However, instead of making an impact, Eliza just proved to everyone how desperate she was. Jonathan even admitted that he felt sorry for Eliza. Now, if I were Eliza; Parvati wouldn’t have been the person I would have gone to. Parvati really doesn’t have the power to say who they are or are not voting for. James would have been my first choice. He has more power and he’s also very easy to persuade. I also would have gone to Ozzy when he got back. They both have more power then Parvati does.

The immunity challenge took place in a shaded area. Ozzy and Kathy returned in time to compete. The challenge was for each tribe mate to secure themselves in a harness with their other tribe mates. Then, together they had to unlock their harness, maneuver through the forest, collect six bead necklaces, put the necklaces on a decoding wheel, and decode a three word phrase.

The favorites took a big lead, each one unlocking their locks very quickly. They also worked together to get through the forest; something the fans couldn’t achieve. Eventually the favorites were able to complete the phrase ‘Tribe stays intact.’ The favorites not only won reward, but immunity as well.

At the fans camp, Chet pretty much knew he was going. Mikey attempted to work with Joel to get rid of Chet, but Tracey had other plans. She went up to Joel and asked him who was going; he replied with Chet's name. Tracey accused Joel of being weak with Mikey. Joel realized that perhaps he was falling for Mikey’s plan and decided that he should be the one to go.

At tribal council, Jason and Mikey attempted to get rid of Chet. However, as it turned out, Joel had a strong influence, and it was Mikey, not Chet who went home.

Was this a good decision? Depends. It will be hard for the tribe to keep up in challenges since Mikey was one of their stronger competitors. Chet will also have no choice but to step it up if he plans on staying around. This could be a good move for Joel; on the fan's tribe Kathy, Chet, and Tracy stand as the only firm alliance, and he could have now won himself a place in that alliance. On the other hand, Joel might have also revealed just how powerful he is. That’s something you like to keep low key.

Overall, I’m glad Mikey’s gone, I didn’t like him. The episode seemed just so bland. It was good, and it had a lot of strategy from Ozzy and Tracy. I mean, is that chick a lawyer or something? I thought nothing could save Chet and then boom she goes in like a lawyer. She’s really impressed me. As for Ozzy, well, I’ve always loved that half-man, half-fish.

Next week:

The tribes are gonna switch things up! The favorites and the fans are mixing together… that means I’m going to have to start using their real tribal names!

Things get tough in a competition. Joel might be expecting a little much from Chet despite having saved him.

Also, it seems like Jonathan hurts himself during a challenge, which may or may not have him removed from the game.

New poll question: Who would you like to go next week? My choice is obviously Cirie, but what do you guys think?

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  • Bennett

    Great job. Much more effort that expected, and you told the tale of the episode well.

    Chad’s gotta go.

  • I love Tracy. She was very cunning to save Chet, but she’s got possibly the two weakest players in her alliance. Cirie is very annoying.

  • Bennett

    Agreed! Tracy has set herself up for a few more weeks at least. Smart cookie that one.

    How funny was James solving the word puzzle in 2 seconds? “Triumphant? That’s a word, right?”

    Ozzie is a serious contender.

  • “Ozzie is a serious contender.”

    I disagree. The studs rarely win Survivor. Other than Tom the firefighter I can’t think of one. He’ll get close and then when he doesn’t win immunity his group will throw him overboard.

  • Bennett

    Yeah, there’s that. It’s still way too early to be betting on anybody.

  • Katelynn Phillips

    If Ozzy can keep winning challenges once the merge happens he could go all the way, he did last time, I still think he should have won over Yul.

    Tracy really impressed, she’s been kind of in the background until the last episode. I really like how she saved Chet. That takes alot, I thought he was gone for sure.

    Thanks for the comments!

  • Bennett

    “I really like how she saved Chet”

    The wife and I speculate that they turned the guy I call “Peter Frampton” (not sure of his name, but he was the swing vote in blindsiding Mikey) by telling him that his life would be a LOT like prison life if he didn’t go along…

    He is kinda cute, and Chet (Rod Stewart after heroin) is available.

    But that’s just speculation.

  • Frampton? His hair isn’t pink and he speaks in a normal voice. You old-timers with your 70’s references. I don’t know his name either, which is why I call that same guy Leif Garrett. You could tell when he was talking to Jeff about his criteria that he was going with Joel.

  • Bennett

    Heh, Old-Timers. As if.

    Check out the cover of “Frampton Comes Alive” and then you tell me. I think Frampton’s voice IS normal when not talking through that damn ‘guitar box’…

    Leif Garrett?!? Damn teen idol?! Like Frampton, there is a resemblance (Frampton is closer), but Leif’s most recent google photo looks like he was in a motorcycle accident, without a helmet.

    You young pups got some learnin’ to do.

  • Katelynn Phillips

    Eh, I’d have to say Erik looks more like a young Peter Framton, sorry El Bicho….

  • Bennett

    Right, Leif looked like that in the 70’s…


    My jaws still hurt from grinning.

    Katelynn, thanks for the second.