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TV Review: Survivor: Micronesia – It Wasn’t on Thursday Night!

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Wednesday night I was on fellow Blogcritics writer CallmeMaddy’s radio show, The Teenaged World of Maddy 🙂, when she informed me Survivor was on that night instead of Thursday. I didn’t know what to think. I know they put Survivor on Wednesday night at least once during the season, but they hadn’t said anything about it after last week’s survivor. Thankfully, the Survivor Website had the episode up and I was still able to watch it.

Let me tell you, I am so glad I did.

At the Airai tribe, it seemed like being surrounded by women was driving James insane. The women were complaining about the weather and being stuck in the cave while James worked to make the cave more comfortable. I can’t help but wonder, though, is James going insane because the women are complaining, or is he going crazy because, besides Jason, the tribe is all women? I’m not saying he’s not being a little over-dramatic about the complaining, but I don’t think any guy wants to have to spend 24 hours a day surrounded by women (and Jason). I think he’s just looking for some man time.

The next day at Malakal, Ozzy the Fish Man wanted to get some fishing done. He took Amanda and Cirie out fishing and, well, took charge. I guess he was bothering Cirie and Amanda with his commands and they were calling him arrogant. From what I saw, Ozzy was just getting work done. He was fishing! It’s his natural environment. It’s why I call him Ozzy the Fish Man – because he’s half-man, half-fish. He knows what he’s doing. Then they get mad because Ozzy wouldn’t let them kill the chickens. What is with these women? Now they’re just trying to disobey Ozzy in some way just to show they can. It’s crazy.

Erik seems to be the only one who appreciates Ozzy. In fact, Erik decided to learn from Ozzy and actually learned to climb the tree. I think I saw Ozzy wipe a tear from his eyes as he welcomed Erik as his new Grasshopper. Cirie was making a big fuss about it. I didn’t think she had much to complain about since they were getting coconuts for their tribe.

At the reward challenge, it was no shock that Chet was gone. (Should there be?) The challenge consisted of large money stones that Micronesian’s used to use as currency. Two tribe mates would direct the others while they pushed the money stone through the forest. They would use the money stone to crush boxes of their tribal colors and pick up smaller money stones. They would then use those money stones to complete a puzzle. The first tribe to complete the puzzle won a reward of a waterfall spa trip with shampoo.

In the end, Malakal was finally able to win a challenge. However, they had to send one person to Exile Island, along with someone from the losing tribe. They chose Jason from the other tribe and Tracy from their own. The Malakal tribe then went on to the spa.

The spa was a small hut by the waterfall filled with treats and more shampoo. I think it was Jeff’s subtle way of saying they stink. Ozzy the Fish Man was pleased with the look his Grasshopper gave, this being Erik’s first reward. After a while, Ozzy, Amanda, and Ami took a shower together. Amanda eventually took her top off with Ozzy looking right at her. I could only imagine what was going through Ozzy’s mind at the time. Probably not a lot, except he was in the shower with two ladies. Sadly, his Grasshopper watched wide-eyed from the side.

After a rough night of sleeping in the cave with no fire, water, or cooked food, Kathy decided she wanted to leave. Jeff pulled his boat to the shore to confirm that Kathy wanted out. After talking it over, she decided she couldn’t take another day. Jeff took her away and informed the other tribe mates that he’d see them soon, indicating there would still be an immunity challenge and a tribal council.

My Mom brought up a good point. They seem to be getting rid of people too fast. They’ve had two people leave the game and still have had tribal councils. It’s becoming more usual for people to leave because they’ve given up or have been injured. However, normally when that happens, they don’t have tribal council, too. This year they are. It’s really crazy, isn’t it?

At the immunity challenge, Jeff explained what had happened to Kathy and reminded the tribes the game was still on. For the challenge, each tribe would have to race across a bridge leading from the shore to a platform in the water, trailing a rope and hook behind them. Once they reached the platform, they would find five giant puzzle pieces, hook the rope to the puzzle piece, and hold on while the other team pulled them back. After they had all the puzzle pieces, two tribe mates would put the puzzle together. The first tribe to put the puzzle together would win immunity.

Ozzy the Fish Man gained a huge lead for the Malakal tribe, so much so that he let his Grasshopper go out in the water to get a puzzle piece. I actually think this challenge was tiring Ozzy and that’s why he had Erik go get one set of puzzle pieces. He looked so tired his final time out, but he was able to bring the puzzle pieces to shore for Cirie and Amanda to put together. However, Amanda and Cirie had difficulties putting the puzzle together, and the Airai tribe was able to catch up and win the challenge.

At camp, Ozzy decided it was Tracy’s turn to leave. Cirie and Amanda had other ideas, though. They thought it was in their best benefit to vote out Ozzy and form a strict female team with Erik. I’d just like to point out the huge hole in this plan: Ozzy is the strongest competitor there! Granted, they’re not winning, but it’s not because they couldn’t win – they just don’t. Getting rid of Ozzy would make it harder for them to win.

Things then changed. The girls decided getting rid of Erik was the best choice – not Ozzy’s Grasshopper! Ozzy will get so angry if they get rid of him because Erik’s his student. The gang of girls then questioned betraying Ozzy altogether. This was basically the pattern until tribal council.

At said tribal council, Tracy attempted to save herself by revealing Ozzy as the leader. Ozzy dismissed this by stating he was getting work done, not leading the tribe. Actually, they were both right. Ozzy probably hadn’t meant to become the leader since being the leader was practically a death sentence. However, because Ozzy used the most survival experience and had the physical power, he became the leader anyway.

After everything, Tracy was voted out with everyone against her. I think she knew it by the second vote. I’m actually kind of sad. I’m really glad it’s not Ozzy (can’t you tell?) but Tracy was a great player. She had talked her way out of so many things it was amazing. She gave a really good fight.

Overall, it was a good episode. I just hope the merge happens soon, especially if Malakal is going to continue with this losing streak. It should be soon enough.

Next Week:

Cirie and Ami go wondering in the forest…for what reason? I have no earthly idea. Maybe they’re trying out for Amazing Race.

Parvati tries to form an all-girl alliance. Hasn’t she seen the past seasons of Survivor? When women form all-girl alliances, bad things happen!

Erik hurts himself badly. My mom and I cringed at the clip. Will Ozzy lose his Grasshopper?

Special thanks to Maddy! If she hadn’t told me that Survivor was on last night, I would have gotten really mad when I realized it wasn’t on tonight.

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