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TV Review: Survivor Micronesia – Devil Went Down to Micronesia

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For those who saw Survivor last night, you know what my feelings are about last night’s episode. Let’s just say, the results were frustrating in my opinion.

The newly merged Dabu tribe returned from voting Eliza out. Everyone found it humorous Eliza had played a fake immunity idol; however Ozzy the Fishman and Cirie realized the danger Ozzy faced now that everyone knew he had the immunity idol.

The next day they went straight to the challenge, no morning drama, no strategizing. The tribe mates would be separated into two teams and would race against each other through a net maze. Once they got across, they’d have to remember a pattern with Micronesian symbols. The tribe mates would then have to go back through the maze and put together a puzzle and form the same pattern. The first tribe that did this won a reward. The winning tribe would go to Yap, a Micronesian village, and enjoy a feast and tribal dancing. They would spend the night there and return to tribe in the morning.

Jeff went on to say they would be divided into two teams of four. That didn’t make much sense considering there were nine tribe mates. Jeff then revealed that there would be a schoolyard pick and the person not picked would go to Exile Island.

The teams were Jason, Ozzy, Erik, and Amanda verses Parvati, Alexis, Natalie, and James, with Cirie being sent to Exile Island.

It was obvious that the team of Jason, Ozzy, Erik, and Amanda was going to win. Ozzy, the Fishman and Jason were both the leading competitors, and Erik and Amanda fared well in challenges. Though James was good at physical challenges, he was far from Ozzy and Jason. However, in the end it was Amanda’s memory that sealed the win.

Jason, Ozzy, Erik, and Amanda went to the village and enjoyed a feast. There was dancing by the local children, which Erik enjoyed thoroughly. In fact, Erik seemed to enjoy the experience the most. He tried to learn the dance from a Micronesian teenager and enjoyed something called betel nut, which he later threw up. Overall, the experience looked like fun. I always like reading about different cultures and this one looked especially interesting.

Cirie had a miserable time at Exile Island. (Good!) However it gave her some time to think and she realized that Ozzy was a huge threat. She decided that Ozzy needed to leave the game as soon as possible. (Not good!)

James probably had it the worst. He spent the morning doing things around camp alone while the women slept the morning away. Then, on top of that, while James was doing work, Parvati had the nerve to tell him he was being too loud. He was understandably angry; I would be, too. Well, let me put it this way — if she had done that to me, I would have taken off her head.

There’s more Parvati ranting to come. Ozzy, Amanda, Erik, and Jason returned from the reward. When asked how everything was, Ozzy told them the food was great and that the experience was interesting. Parvati complained to her girlfriends how annoying it was of Ozzy to talk about the trip. Um, you asked him how it was … Parvati will now be referred to as ‘the brat’, due to my extreme annoyance.

Apparently, I’m not the only one sick of Parvati. James and Amanda started talking together and knew she was playing two alliances. James and Amanda began to wonder how much they could trust her.

Honestly, if Parvati thinks she’s going to win at this point, she’s sadly mistaken. No matter what alliance she sticks with, half the camp hates her. She’s lost half the votes right there, and let’s face facts — she doesn’t have the best strategy. My prediction is no matter who she would go against, she’d lose. She’s betrayed too many people.

The immunity challenge was a repeat of a challenge from a previous season. Each survivor would have their arm tethered to a bucket filled with water. They would have to hold their arm up or else the bucket would dump the water on them. The last person to have their bucket dumped on them would get immunity.

Everyone held strong in the first part of the game, but when Jeff started bringing out treats for the losers to eat, people started giving up. Eventually it was down to Parvati and Jason. Jeff told the tribe that if one of them were to give up now, there would be a tray of treats for everyone. Jason agreed to give up the challenge if his tribe mates could guarantee they would not vote him out. Everyone agreed, though some crossed their fingers when doing so. It seemed like a deal with the devil for both the tribe and Jason. Either the tribe would betray him and Jason would get nothing out of the deal, or the tribe would have to stay true and get rid of someone who they liked more. Either way, the deal was made and Jason reluctantly gave up the challenge, making Parvati the winner.

Afterwards, Ozzy, James, and Amanda wanted to take back their word, thinking that Jason should have known better. Cirie, however, wanted to take this vote to get rid of the immunity idol and Ozzy. She figured that since Ozzy the Fishman figured that Jason was leaving that he wouldn’t know that they were voting for him and wouldn't play his idol. Ozzy and James had a bad feeling about the vote but chose to ignore it.

I’m gonna cut right to who was voted out so I can rant. Ozzy was voted out. I was so angry. Out of all the people there, Ozzy deserved to win the most. I mean, in a way, I’m frustrated that Ozzy didn’t play the idol. He should have followed his instincts. What did he have to lose? Worst case scenario: he wasted the idol, Jason is still gone, and he would have won the rest of the immunity challenges. Jason was the only one that really gave him competition, everyone else was just following behind. In any case, it was a prime time to use the idol and he wasted it.

In all honesty, it’s hard to say who I want to win now. It’s between Erik and James; I’m thinking more James. However, if the girls eliminate them, I guess I want Amanda to win. Ozzy was my favorite though, so I’m disappointed big time. I guess I can take comfort in the fact the player I dislike the most, Parvati, can’t win. Also, due to the fact that I need a Fishman in my articles, Erik has been promoted from grasshopper to Erik, successor of the Fishman, or just Erik the Fishman.

Next Week :

Parvati will attempt to fix things with James, but it looks like James doesn’t want to hear it.

The girls get a little too confident in their alliance; how long before it falls apart?

I’m adding a new section to my review about Ponderosa, the place the jury members go once they’ve been voted out. If you wish to watch for yourself, the video of Ponderosa can be found at the Survivor website.

Ponderosa: Ozzy's Week

Ozzy's disappointment about being voted off Survivor was carried with him all the way back to camp. He and Eliza talked about who might have betrayed him, both assuming Cirie. The next day, Ozzy was able to eat all the food he wanted, but that proved to be a bad thing when his got an upset stomach.

He went surfing by the beach (I've always wanted to go surfing by the way, doesn't it look fun?). Later he and Eliza got a chance to go snorkeling, where Ozzy found three giant clams and brought them back to camp. However, he put them back in the water so they could live. Ozzy also happened to find a sea snake getting close to camp, and took him back to the water. Ozzy commented that he had never seen a snake on Survivor and it had always been a secret fantasy of his.

Eliza and Ozzy were both excited to hear about what was going on in the game, as they left for tribal council. What kind of shenanigans went on while they were away? Guess we're going to find out next week.

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  • “Out of all the people there, Ozzy deserved to win the most.”

    Deserve has nothing to do with it, and when you stand out as the strongest physically you usually lose other than Tom the Fireman. Besides the only person who ever deserves to win is the one who does.

    Ozzy was way to cocky and needed to play the social game better much like Eliza before him, and he didn’t. He should have been voted out by Chet and the gang. I am sure his having the idol and not telling anyone played a part in his dismissal. Kudos to Eliza for that because not many impact the game after they leave.

    Please don’t call Erik the Fishman. It was already annoying with Ozzy.

  • CallmeMaddy

    Good recap. Ozzy was one of my favorites too. But here’s what pissed me off:
    He told Jason he was safe. He had a deal much like a temporary alliance if you will. Now, he backstabbed Jason. But got pissed off that people backstabbed him.

    Hello, Karma.