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TV Review: Survivor: Guatemala – Week Thirteen

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I’m going to gloss over most of the details of last night’s show and get to the meat of the matter. However, there were one or two interesting points to note:

1) There are four women left and Rafe. Rafe commented on this by saying something like “Here we are, a little gay guy and four women as the final four. Who’d have thought?” This actually led to one of the decent lines of the show when Lydia said:

“We’re looking at him as just one of the girls.”

The Cast
(Stephenie and Bobby-Jon not shown as they were surprise additions to the cast)

2) Cindy won the reward challenge, and the reward was a brand new Pontiac Torrent. Nice ride! She was given the choice of keeping the car, or giving it up (getting rid of the “car curse”) and have each of the other four survivors receive one of these $30k monsters. Cindy debated the choice out loud, and then decided to keep the car.

Her tribe members were split as to whether this was the right thing to do. What would YOU do? Everyone was all smiles until Cindy drove away with Steph for an overnight feast and rum-fest, at which point Rafe’s face spoke volumes. He was pissed! (imagine that)

There was some chatter about the various goings on, and then it was time for

Immunity Challenge:

Another ropes and chains course, locks and keys, leg irons and wood posts. Ho hum.

Steph Wins Immunity!

Politics Of Elimination:

Danni promises to be loyal to Rafe. Rafe lobbies Steph to vote Cindy out. Steph resists. Cindy lobbies Steph to vote Rafe out. The howler monkeys held a meeting and voted for all five to get the hell out of their jungle. The debates raged back and forth, all five ladies taking part.

Tribal Council

It was interesting to see Judd clean-shaven after all these episodes. Nothing important is said during Tribal Council, and so they vote.

Cindy Hall is Voted Out Of The Jungle

The Meat Of The Matter: So now it’s the final four. Who will advance via personal immunity? Who would get the votes from the jury? Who would win by being paired with who? Here’s my take on it, depending on the final two.

The easy picks:
Steph and Rafe – Rafe wins.
Steph and Lydia – Lydia wins.
Steph and Danni – Danni wins

A bit tougher:
Lydia and Danni – Danni wins.
Rafe and Lydia – Rafe wins.

The toughest match up for a final two?

Rafe and Danni – This is the only match where Rafe loses. Danni hasn’t pissed anyone off, she’s pleasant and physically appealing to the (mostly) male jury, plus she’s been a good competitor.

We shall see… What do you think?

Tune in Sunday evening for what should be the best (last!) episode of Survivor: Guatemala.

CBS has put together a really nice website for this season’s show at SURVIVOR. Be sure to take a look at the individual contestant’s profiles. Beautiful pictures of the Mayan ruins are used as the background to each of the contestant’s “favorites” and “bio” information.

Check back Monday for Final Survivor results!

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  • This sounds like a full length commercial of survivor instead of an objective review. Only thing missing is gag reels and off-the-set pictures.

  • Bennett

    You’re right archie. It’s more like “coverage” of the show. But since it’s really not News, it falls under the BC heading of “Review”.

    I go back and forth. Hating it one week and being okay with it most of the time. If I hadn’t committed to following the show through to the end, I would have stopped doing up these blasted things and just watched the damn show.

    Oh well, hope it didn’t ruin your day!

  • I think Cindy’s fatal mistake was reasoning out loud in a way that made it look like she was just rationalizing. “The curse is being a strong player and winning things, it’s not the car”.

    I think Danni is the only likable player left. So she’ll go next.

    I think Steph survives because everyone thinks they can beat her in the final two. SO she comes in second.

    The last immunity ( and who gets to take Steph with them) will be an endurance test and Rafe seems to be able to do that better.

    I am really dreading the ceremonial walk past the names of those already voted out.