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TV Review: Survivor: Guatemala – Week Four: Bugs or Lepers?

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Now that we are getting to know some of these folks, the show is starting to get interesting. The personalities are coming out, and I find myself liking (and disliking) some of the individual cast members.

The Cast
(Stephanie and Bobby-John not shown)

The fourth week of survivor Guatemala started out with a long recap of last week’s episode, and then we move to: Life In Pest Ridden Scab Skinned Jungle Camp!

NAKÚM is shown laying around, basically wiped out by the jungle heat. Lots of moaning, lots of scabs and rashes from insect bites, no real jollies at all. The combination of mosquitoes and heat ailments has these folks looking like a colony of lepers.

YAXHÁ (ya sha) is a totally different situation. These folks are hanging out on the beach trying to catch enough small fish to augment their corn-only diet. Laghing and joking, they lure the fish into a kettle with bits of corn and then scoop them up onto the beach. This leads to the first memorable line of the show, from Rafe:

“We’re a fine tuned fishing machine, and these minnows are in trouble!”

Reward Challenge

This competition is for, wait a minute, there is no challenge. Instead the two groups are asked a series of questions about their tribe, and write their responses on a slate.

1) Who in your tribe need nourishment the most?

The member of each tribe with the most votes receives an apple.

2) Who is the smelliest member of your tribe?

The member of each tribe with the most votes get to take a shower, right then, with shampoo, soap, and 5 gallons of fresh water.

3) Who deserves a picnic lunch on top of a pyramid (one male and one female to be picked from each tribe)?

The four folks leave the area with a picnic basket with a serious lunch of chicken, potato salad, and extras.

4) Then comes a trick question: Who in your tribe is the most loyal, enthusiastic tribe member?

Here’s the deal. The person chosen from each tribe, stays in the tribe. Everyone else shuffles over to the new tribe. When the folks out on a picnic return, they are greeted by a totally new mix of tribe members, and the positioning/politics/alliances begin to form.

So it’s back to camp life, with one notable exception. Gary Hogeboom was one of the picnic folks, and he now finds himself in the same tribe with Danni, a sports caster who recognizes him as the ex-NFL quarterback. She asks him about it in front of the whole tribe…. Deny deny deny!

Again, this is a bad move, but he figures if they know the truth – he’s gone anyway, so what can you do? His tribe-mates look like they don’t buy his line…

At both camps the tension leads to alliance discussion, Judd thinks he’s all set with his new tribe, as the big man, “I feel like King Kong!” (cue the Howler Monkey footage)(they did). And then we get the second good line of the show:

“The game is on! Get out of MY jungle!” – Judd


The Tribal Immunity Challenge

Race down the beach to an outrigger canoe. Each tribe paddles their war boat out to three floating platforms, each with a sack of wooden clubs tied to a pole in the center. Retrieve all three sacks and return to the beach. Race up the beach and then use the clubs (one tribe member at a time, thank you) to break a series of hanging clay signs – set 20, 30, and 40 yards away.

NAKÚM takes and early lead, makes it back to the club-throwing area first, but YAXHÁ arrives and has the better club-throwers…

YAXHÁ Wins immunity!


The Politics Of Elimination – Who Goes Next?

This time I really had no idea. There’s lots of politics, shifting alliances, and sideways glances going on. Judd seems to be the key to this four-on-four vote. Will he go with his original tribe members? Or will he seek a new alliance with Jaime, Stephanie, Rafe, and Lydia?

The voting starts at tribal council, and in the end, Judd (nee Judas) helps his *new* tribe mates.

Brook Struck is Voted Out Of The Jungle

CBS has put together a really nice website for this season’s show at SURVIVOR. Be sure to take a look at the individual contestant’s profiles. Beautiful pictures of the Mayan ruins are used as the background to each of the contestant’s “favorites” and “bio” information.

Check back next week for more Survivor Results!

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  • It’ll be interesting to see what happens with Gary next week. Somehow, I think he’s going to stick around for a while.

  • Bennett

    I dunno, Joanie. He’s setting himself up for a big expose – “You LIED to us!”

    As if…

    But he’s a strappin’ fella, and if he makes it to the days of personal immunity all bets are off.


  • Late notice but,

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    And thank you