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TV Review: Survivor 14: Fiji – Episode 8

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Let's see… last week we got rid of Rocky, someone who annoyed me to no end. The only other ones on the show who really irk me are Lisi and Dreamz. Will my own dreamz come true tonight?

Eleven are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

The show opened at the Ravu Camp on Day 20. As Dreamz and Lisi slept in the daytime sun, Edgardo, Alex, and Mookie were following the Exile Island hidden Immunity Idol clues that Lisi had given Edgardo and Alex. They were digging quietly, but Mookie could barely stifle his whoop when he found the matching turtle to the one Yau-Man found at the Moto Camp.

Mookie, Edgardo and Alex Find IdolWith lots of shushing, the three tribe-mates checked out the Idol nearby the camp. They decided they wouldn't tell Lisi they found it as Edgardo thought she was "unstable." Similar to the Earl/Yau-Man agreement, they decide that it will be used if any one of the three needs it.

But, in confessional, Mookie tells us he found it and it's in his pocket. He may not be as willing to share as his buddies think he is. He knows that coming from the original Ravu, he's outnumbered. Actually, I think he's wise to think he has first rights to its use.

Mookie returned to the area where he found the Idol and was trying to hide the evidence of digging. Lisi awakened and asked him if he was digging for the Idol and he admitted he was. "You have to wake up pretty early to fool an old cat like me," Lisi told us. Mookie offered to help her dig around for the Idol. Oh, I'd call that fooled, wouldn't you?

Earl DancesWhen tree mail (wicker basket mail) was checked at the Moto Camp, it told them they were to be coached on a traditional Fijian dance. One member would have to sit out. Yau-Man said he has no rhythm and I believe him, so he sat out.

At the Reward Challenge, both tribes were dressed in native garb, make-up and all. I guess maybe it's more war paint than make-up. The tribes had to dance the dance taught to them being judged by three Fijians on three separate criteria — appearance, authenticity, and spirit.

Lisi seemed to take the whole thing as a joke when her tribe practiced, but it looked like Moto was really pulling together and getting in the spirit of things. And that effort showed in the performance.

I'm no Fijian war dance judge and I could see a clear difference between the performances. Earl was magnificent and all of Moto danced in unison as if they had been doing the dance for years. Meanwhile, Ravu was out of step and just didn't have the It Factor. (Oh, wait… wrong show.) The judges thought both tribes did well in appearance and spirit, but Moto was a clear winner for authenticity.

Moto won a Fijian feast with chicken, pork, and fish as well as the company of locals. They sang, danced, and had a good time all around. Poor Lisi (heh) was chosen by Moto to go to Exile Island once again. She moped, fussed, whined, and cried. Oh, no… she wants to quit again!

Day 21 brought about an early morning meeting with Earl and Michelle. They're close and Earl tends to think of her as his spy. Michelle has her own agenda, though. She wants to push for Stacy to leave as she thinks that she and Stacy are pretty much carbon copies of each other. She feels she would be stronger on her own. Earl was thinking Boo would be more of a problem than Stacy, but Michelle convinced him otherwise.

Mookie Uses BlowdartI liked the Immunity Challenge — perhaps because Yau-Man strutted his stuff. The challenge was in three rounds — a blow dart, then spear, then bow and arrow. Each tribe member went in turn trying to make the closest mark to the bulls-eye on their target.

The first round was worth one point for the winner, the second two points, and the third three points. If there was a tie, there would be a sudden death round.

Now, here's where Yau-Man proved his worth. While Edgardo had told us in confessional that he was proficient at archery, Yau-Man just studied the the scene. He found the straightest arrow. He thought of the trajectory of the arrow and placed himself accordingly. He was the only one who thought to get a running start for more power for the spear-throw. He's the Man!

Dreamz Aims for the TargetOnce again, Moto wins Immunity! Before the tribes split up, I hated when Moto won all the time. But now that my two favorite players are on the tribe (Yau-Man and Earl), winning is a good thing. Gee, too bad there's no Rocky to have a fit about the loss.

Wait! There's Lisi to have a fit. She told us in a confessional that her tribe-mates are all losers. She told them she wanted to quit. She told them they were losers. She's surrounded by losers, y'know. Well, guess what? I think she's the losiest loser on the tribe. Yeah, I know that losiest isn't a word, but I'm coining it just for Lisi.

Bye-Bye LisiDreamz thinks all is perfect as Lisi asked to be voted off. But then Lisi changed her mind once again while talking to Alex. I can't believe how this woman flip-flops. She thought she could get Alex and Edgardo to vote out Dreamz, but she was too fickle too much. As Edgardo said, she's unstable.

At Tribal Council, they all voted for her to go. They had enough. Dreamz had one vote for him to leave, coming from Lisi. You just can't cry wolf, let them know you're weak, Lisi. And, Lisi — you're a loser. Your tribe-mates have the Idol you should have found because you blabbed the clues. It's your own darn fault you got the boot. And you have the nerve to be bitter about them?

There. Now I feel better. Sweet dreamz, Lisi.

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    You hit every nail on the head….and then Lisi had the nerve to pretend she knew they were digging all along….yeah right, keep on telling yourself that Lisi cuz you’re the only one believing it girl….