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TV Review: Survivor 14: Fiji – Episode 6

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There were finally some changes this week. I'm talking about the show itself, not the fact that it aired on Wednesday. Next week it will return to its regular Thursday night 8 PM ET/PT in most viewing areas.

Thirteen are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

The show opened with flies bugging the Ravu tribe in their non-luxury camp. Yau-Man said in a confessional spot that he was surprised to be still in the game. He thinks the others think of him as dispensable and really wants to find the (a) hidden Immunity Idol.

The show jumped right into tree mail or, in this case, wicker basket mail. The note promised a feast, a trip to Exile Island for one, and mentioned brain teasers. Now, I'm not quite sure where the brain teasers were, but I noticed that Jeff changed his shirt. Whoa! I believe that's indicative of big changes ahead, don't you?

Once the tribes met with Jeff, they were told to drop their buffs. Was it a merge? Nope. Edgardo and Earl had to start the new tribe picks. They each had to pick someone from the other tribe and, then in turn it was repeated until one remained due to the odd number.

The teams, in order chosen, are now:
Edgardo, Mookie, Alex, Rocky, Dreamz, Anthony
Earl, Boo, Michelle, Cassandra, Yau-Man, Stacey

That left Lisi standing alone (as she should be). She was very flippant and thought it was her ticket out of the game. Instead, all she did was blow any chance that others know she's willing to leave. She was sent to Exile Island and won't return until after the next Tribal Council. She will join the tribe which loses a member.

Jeff had Edgardo and Earl do rock/paper/scissors for the right to reach in a bag and pull out a buff to determine which tribe goes to which camp. Edgardo won, but he lost… he pulled out the orange buff for the Ravu Camp. Yau-Man, Earl, and Michelle will finally eat! Oh, gee. Poor Rocky. Too bad, so sad, Rocky.
Anthony - I am so screwed!
Both tribes had beer at their camps and we saw the start of Tribe Testosterone. Just when I thought Rocky could get no worse, he did. Oh, there was male bonding, back-slaps, and Rocky declared them an unbeatable super power. Poor Anthony was very worried. After all, he's the nerd and geek. He was scared to take off his shirt and just kept the fire going and played cook. The Macho Boys went off fishing and did very well — five fish in two hours.

Over at the new Moto Tribe, Earl may be getting a bit big for his britches. I really like Earl, but he may be going too far with his thought of being the tribe leader. Yes, Cassandra fell in with Earl and Yau-Man, but he shouldn't assume he has more power than anyone else. He said he plans to keep his friends close and his enemies closer. I guess we'll see.

At tribe Testosterone, Rocky was telling all the other macho men how feminine Anthony is, planting the seed while he male-bonded with the bros. Yes, that should be read with sarcasm dripping like an ice cream cone on a summer day. Mookie joined in on the Anthony bashing and a good time was had by all. All except Anthony, who was back at camp playing Cinderella.
Immunity Challenge Course
The Immunity Challenge was a bit different. The course (pictured on the left) had a marked trail by buff color. The tribe members were attached to a doohickey which looked like spokes of wheel. They were loosely connected in the middle so that the tribe members could make adjustments, get closer to the center while another was "pushed" in the other direction. The tribes' paths intersected through the course and they had to pass through gates.

Dang, it's hard to describe it. It's a good thing I took photos, eh?
Immunity Challenge
It was a close "race" through the gauntlet. At some intersections, neither tribe wanted to give up ground. In the end, the new Moto tribe barely squeaked by beating out the Super Power Boys. Of course, this keeps the Moto winning streak intact, but it's not the same tribe at all.

The win gave Yau-Man enough strength to carry to tribe flag home. What a touching moment, almost enough to tear up… or not. But it was good to see Earl and Yau-Man on the winning side for a change.

What was really priceless was the look on Rocky's (James, Boston, whatever) face when they lost! Upon returning to camp, he put the Anthony "girlie" bashing back into full gear, as did Mookie. Anthony tried to talk sense into Edgardo and Alex, but no one would commit to him. Edgardo even said in confessional what a dangerous and annoying player Rocky could be. But did they turn to Anthony? Nope. The ex-Moto Men enlisted Mookie into their alliance.


At Tribal Council, Rocky started degrading Anthony once again. Jeff even provoked it a bit more. I felt very bad for him. Yes, I think he doesn't defend himself enough, but he's been stuck with Jerk Boy Rocky all this time! In the end, they all voted out Anthony except for his own vote cast for Rocky.
James and his girlfriend?
So, we're still stuck with Rocky. But now I want Moto to keep on winning! I think Rocky is one of the most obnoxious, misogynistic, nasty, bullying, testosterone-driven, annoying contestants ever on the show. I took one photo during the show with the only girlfriend he'll ever get after his actions on the show.

So there. They even look a bit alike.

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