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TV Review: Survivor 14 – Fiji, Episode 5

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Always so close, then the win slips away. I'm so ready for the merge or something to change this season.

Having the one tribe at such a disadvantage makes them spiral downward more each episode. Of course, it works to put the fan base solidly in the camp of the wretched, but we can only sit and watch.

Fourteen are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

The show started on Night 11 in the Ravu camp. Since Yau-Man and Earl each know some clues to where the hidden Immunity Idol is from their stays on Exile Island, they decide to work together. Well, Earl volunteered to steer the other tribe members away while Yau-Man tried to dig for the Idol. The main problem is that they have no shovel. In the morning, Earl led the others away on the pretense of looking for fruit. Alas, digging with a machete, Yau-Man tried to find the Idol but was unsuccessful.

Yau-ManThe editors of the show make the Moto camp seem even more luxurious with a bouncy musical background. Feh. We join them as the tribe is looking through a book they received in tree mail. It's pictures of rewards they can choose. Each tribe must make two choices. Moto, lacking nothing in the survival goods, decided on coffee and toiletries. Flip back to Ravu and we see Earl speaking practicality. Sure enough, they thought smart by choosing fishing gear and potatoes.

The Reward Challenge was a physical one. Each tribe member had to face off one at a time with a member from the opposing tribe. They were on a platform in water and had to joust with large padded bags. If his body was as strong as his mouth, Rocky (James, Boston, Whatever) would have taken all of Moto on. But his beef was with Dreamz (Andre, Dre, Whatever). The more I see of Rocky, the more I'm glad I don't know him. Dreamz isn't much better. I wanted them both to fall in, but it turned out Rocky went. Yau-Man actually won his bout. Yikes!

Jeff ProbstBut it wasn't enough for Ravu to win. The rich get richer and Moto won the challenge. Not only did they get their two choices, but it was winner takes all. They also got (more) fishing gear and potatoes. They chose to send Earl to Exile Island. He would return before the Immunity Challenge.

Then it was Drama Time, the gap between Reward and Immunity. Over at Ravu, Rocky was freaking out about how the women were driving him crazy. He must be crazy as he was even confiding in Anthony (who drove him crazy in the last episode). I swear that guy is way too antsy about everyone and everything. He's like a loaded gun walking around.

Rocky and Dreamz Battle On Moto, Dreamz throws the coffee in a cup thinking it's instant. Rita was very condescending as she explained how to make coffee. I personally thought that he would wonder why they gave him a coffee press for instant coffee, but that may just be me. Alex tried to pull everyone together as he thought of the numbers. He knows that most of the tribe doesn't care for either Cassandra or Dreamz — Cassandra because she's not a strong player, Dreamz due to the annoyance factor. After Alex smooths things over, a confessional with Dreamz told us that he and Cassandra plan to defect to the Ravu side after the merge. Huh. So they don't like them, either.

The Immunity Challenge wasn't physical at all, but the Ravu tribe is so out of it that a mental one isn't going to be any easier at this point. The tribe members were faced with 30 flipboards. Each one had a number or a word on it. There were four dummy boards which matched nothing, but the others were all pairs. The castaways had to make matches and the first team with seven matches won.

Who won? Why, Moto, of course.

Back at the camp, Rocky freaked out. (What's new?) Yau-Man told Mookie he wanted either Rita or Anthony out. Earl thought Rocky was volatile and they should think of getting him out. The only problem with that is that he's one of the stronger members in the weakest tribe. In the end, it was Rita voted out. She and Michelle voted for Anthony while the rest of the tribe all voted for Rita.

MookieApparently March Madness will affect the scheduling for the next few weeks. The next episode will air on Wednesday, March 21. The promos make it sound like Ravu may finally get something, but I wouldn't count on it. It's a shame. I think this is a good cast, but with the sides being in such different circumstances, I feel it's hurting the season on the whole.

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