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TV Review: Survivor 14: Fiji – Episode 4

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Is Ravu going to ever win anything? Ever?

Sixteen are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

After the inevitable recap, the show opened with Ravu returning from the last Tribal Council after voting out Sylvia. James/Boston/Rocky was being a drama queen about it all (especially in light of what happened later in the show). He wanted to straighten everyone out, darn it all!

Most of his venom was taken out on Anthony who seems to have some issues of his own and doesn't need the Wrath of Rocky upon him. Apparently Rocky thinks that Anthony whines too much and irritates him. Anthony, in a confessional, started crying while saying he was always picked on in school and has low self-esteem issues. Oh, geez. At least he's determined not to give up.
The Moto tribe, even though they're living the life of luxury and have won every challenge so far, has its own issues. Gary, also known as Papa Smurf, is getting increasingly more ill as time goes on. Although she had a point, Lisi was unduly harsh in confessionals, saying she didn't want to babysit him — if he's sick, he should leave. Cassandra was more worried about his health than how his sickness would affect the tribe.

The Reward Challenge had the tribes each line up on balance beams over water. One by one from the far end, the tribe members had to cross the beam to the other side going around their tribemates. The traveling member could only touch one tribemate at a time, no using two to balance. They could change their order by jumping in. They were playing for rice, lots of fish, spices, pillows, blankets, and a king-sized bed. The winning tribe would also choose to send a losing tribe member to Exile Island.

Once again, Moto won. They sent Yau-Man off to Exile Island where he found the latest clue to one of the two hidden Immunity Idols we're to see this season. With the first three clues and the latest, he determined that the idol is hidden right at the entrance to the cave at the camp. He feels he really needs it, but is worried about how to be there alone to dig for it.

Moto loves their new bed, filled their already full tummies, and declared the world "Motolicious!"

Oh, but over at Ravu, it was a totally different scene. Rocky was throwing a temper tantrum which would put a 2-year-old child to shame, throwing things, fussing and cussing. Again, he blamed Anthony. Earl spoke with Anthony telling him not to worry — while Rocky was quick to lay the blame, he doesn't do much of anything around the camp but fuss. Anthony decided he'd ignore Rocky and it would end up Rocky being the one who looked bad.

Then the Gary situation grew to crisis at the Moto camp. He ended up being flown away and dropping out of the show. I'm not really surprised. He's older than most and wasn't in good shape at all. His tribemates really seem to like him, but at least now Lisi won't have to worry about babysitting him. The more I see her, the more catty she comes across to me.

As the tree mail telling of the upcoming Immunity Challenge arrives, James decided to try a different approach… a naked one. Oh, geez. (I think I'll say that every time I get annoyed by James/Rocky/Boston/Whatever.) He's way too skinnyJames Dressed to Kill to even think he looked anything but pitiful! He then dons a pink bikini top which belonged to one of the girls and put coconuts in it for a full figure. (Can you hear me rolling my eyes?) He claims he wants to get people fired-up to win. Yeah, right.

The Immunity Challenge was indeed challenging… and no puzzles! Oh, there were boats. lily pads, tribe members in locked cages, and more. They had to retrieve keys, release each tribe member from the cages jumping or slithering across lily pads, get back to shore, make a human pyramid, and release the last member of the tribe. Woohoo! Before it all started, Jeff held up a sealed bottle and said the winning tribe would read the letter within after the competition.
Immunity Challenge Cages
Although they fell behind early, Ravu made an astonishing comeback, almost catching up to Moto. Is this it? Is this their time to actually win something for the first time this season? Nope. Moto pulled it off and won.

Ah, but did they really win? Within the bottle was a new twist to the game. They had the choice to keep Immunity, but move to the Ravu camp. (Ravu got perky over that one!) If they want to remain in the luxury camp, they have to give Ravu Immunity and vote one of their own off at Tribal Council. They just couldn't bear to give up their camp, so thought they'd lose a second member (remember, Gary went) rather than their beloved home. So, Ravu finally got Immunity, but didn't break their losing streak.
Immunity Challenge
The claws came out at Moto upon their return to camp. Dreamz brazenly announced that everyone should agree either Cassandra or Lisi should go home as they're the weakest members of the tribe. Cassandra was shocked; Lisi was ticked. Dreamz said, "I'm not pointing fingers, but it obvious that Cassandra or Lisi should go." Say what? He said that in front of them, too.

The other members talked sans Dreamz and most thought it should be either Cassandra or Liliana. Now, Liliana is the strongest woman there. I don't think that makes much sense. I personally thought if they wanted to vote off a physically strong member, go for Dreamz. He rubs a lot of folks the wrong way.

At Tribal Council, Lisi spoke up against Dreamz's power play at camp. Cassandra told Liliana how strong she is and how much she loved her. Liliana said she thought highly of Cassandra, too… then became the sole vote to oust Cassandra. Cassandra voted for Lisi to leave (yes!), but all of the rest voted out Liliana.

"Liliana, the tribe has spoken."

In a bit of a sidenote — my photo turned out fuzzy and unusable, but wasn't the snake creepy? I'm assuming it couldn't giving birth to a new snake in that manner. Maybe it was regurgitating a snake. It definitely wasn't just shedding its skin, not with eyes and jaws on the old skin. I guess I'm going to have to research snakes now.

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