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TV Review: Survivor 13: Cook Islands – Episode 8

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Twelve are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

Finally, a bit of excitement! Not one, but two new twists before show's end promise to kick the rather lackluster season into gear. Remember, this season was touted as oh-so-controversial. Since the racially separated tribes merged into two mixed tribes, the show has been okay, but that's about it.

Tonight's show opened looking in on the Aitu tribe on Day 19. Jonathan was campaigning against Ozzy once again. I personally think Jonathan keeps focusing on Ozzy to keep the target off of himself. Either that or he's delusional about all the trust he thinks others have in him. Yul kept nodding, as did Candice, but neither trust Jonathan. But on and on he goes about voting Ozzy out before the game becomes an individual one instead of competing tribes. From one week to the next, he wants Ozzy gone, much like sand through the hourglass or something equally monotonous.

Jonathan also told Candice he wants to team up with her, Adam, and Parvati for the Final Four — the four remaining members of the Caucasian tribe. She's not too keen on that. Heck, she doesn't trust him.

Over at the Raro tribe, they're pretty confident. After all, the tribes are six members each and they're surely the stronger tribe. Or, so they believe. Ah, but there's dissension in the ranks. Brad, already on the hot seat with his tribe mates over choosing to do the puzzle instead of swim last week, claimed it's "every man for himself." Nate, the bandwagon leader of the anti-Brad party, took immediate offense. "Hey! We're a team!" Fo-shizzle wit dat bizzle.

And then, the first twist of the night happened as the tribes gathered for the Rewards Challenge. Jeff Probst announced that anyone who wants to mutiny to the other tribe can do so. He gave them ten seconds to decide. Candice, not unexpectedly, stepped forward. Then, with a second to spare, Jonathan joined her. So now Aitu has four members (Yul, Ozzy, Becky, and Jenny). The other eight are all on Raro.

More fun than a barrel of monkeysThe Reward Challenge was fun to watch, but I don't think I'd want to be rolled and jostled in a barrel. Only four members could compete, two women and two men. The women were rolled through a course while in a barrel; buoys had to be gathered; there were barrels floating in the lagoon, flags, axes, you name it. I'd say more fun than a barrel of monkeys, for sure!

In the end, the Tribe o' Four kicked butt against their competitors. Yes, Aitu won. They sent Candice to Exile Island without even skipping a beat. Aitu won a leisurely time in fluffy white robes, quaffing coffee and orange juice, eating muffins and danishes, all while reading letters and seeing pictures from home. It was definitely a bonding session and certainly made them feel stronger and more like a team. They decided they will go to the Final Four.

The Men of AituAlone in his newly-chosen tribe, Jonathan tried to work his way in. He talked, and talked. Then he talked some more. Then he gathered coconuts, built a fire, and went fishing. He took Adam aside and told him how tight he was with Candice, and all about the Final Four plans. Adam listened. Nate bristled. "He must be smokin' some good stuff if he thinks he can just walk in here. He sold out his own tribe. He thinks we're that dumb?" Well, at least it got his mind off campaigning against Brad for a while.

The Immunity Challenge had four members from each tribe (well, Aitu only has four members) row out in a glass-bottomed boat, which had a target design and a hole in its bottom. Don't ask me why the boats didn't take on water, it was a fancy hole. They had cannonballs and had to locate underwater targets, then nail them to release buoys. Finally, a challenge which is fresh and new. Or, so it was, until the end, which was yet another puzzle.

Glass-bottomed boat with cannonballsOver in the Raro boat, it looked like Jonathan was lousing up left and right, getting more frustrated as time went on. As Jeff gave his inevitable play-by-play, Jonathan muttered, "Oh, please." So, of course, Jeff included that in his play-by-play. "Jonathan is getting frustrated with me." Aitu won Immunity, strengthening their bond even more.

Raro, needless to say, was bummed out. Candice told both Parvati and Adam her true feelings about Jonathan — she didn't trust him. Nate was on the anti-Jonathan wagon, too. "We gonna cradle a traitor?" But, then, as they discussed things, they seemed to be leaning more toward the idea that they could string Jonathan along and that Brad was more of a threat in the long run. Nate said he'd lead Brad to think the plan was still one to vote off Jonathan.

NathanAnd, so it went down. At Tribal Council, answering Jeff's questions, Brad admitted he didn't trust everyone on the tribe. That's all they needed, if their minds weren't made up already. Brad was unanimously voted out with the exception of his own vote for Jonathan. He took it well.

And, then there was the other twist. Brad became the first member of the jury. Not only is that early for the jury, but it will make for a jury of ten members. That, but of course, could lead to a tie situation at the finale. Interesting, huh?

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  • I knew that Candace would flip, but I thought she was doing it to get away from Jonathan. Too bad he was too dense to get the message. Why does he think she waited until the last second before jumping ship?
    I think the Raro tribe is in for a fight by the surviving members of Aitu. They are solid and work well together. All the finagling and back stabbing the tribe (Raro) is doing is going to back fire.

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