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TV Review: Survivor 13: Cook Islands – Episode 6

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Fourteen are left. Who will be voted off tonight?

Now, this was one rockin' and rollin', get down and get dirty, episode! All they would need is some Jell-O (or mud) and it could have been held ringside for the big bucks.

The show opened with Raro on Night 14. Tension, hurt feelings, and verbal jousting were the order of the night. Understandably, Cristina's feelings were hurt because Adam called her out as "annoying" at Tribal Council. So, they argued. Brad thought it was insensitive of Adam, yet let them orally duke it out without interference. Cristina cried. Adam didn't cry.
Jeff Probst and his dimples
Then it was Day 15 and we were plopped into Aitu territory where Ozzy once again was being Poseidon Man, fishing for the troops. Despite his vow a few weeks back, he continues to supply his tribe with food he catches or climbs to get.

Jonathan remarked about Ozzy's talents, but noted that Ozzy isn't anyone to be against after the merge. He's right. But, then again, Jonathan himself isn't one to be against after the merge.

The tree mail they received promised a feast to the winning team and talked about a well-balanced team being needed. The mail was in the shape of a mast. It didn't say whether the challenge would be Reward only or Immunity, but since it didn't mention bringing the Idol, it appeared to be Reward only to most of the tribe members.
Dirty fighting

Except for the Lone Cao Boi, that is. He wants to drag the Idol to everything as a "spiritual" thing, pride, a fellow member of the tribe, and a host of other reasons. Jonathan told him he was against bringing it because it would come across as gloating over their wins. Cao Boi got very abrupt. Fine, just fine. It stayed at camp.

Ah, it was time for the down and dirty at the Reward Challenge. I have no clue what the producers are doing. This one almost begged for injuries and it's lucky no one got hurt besides bruises, scrapes, and scratches. Cao Boi sat out as the odd man over. Then each tribe chose three members to cling onto a pole, which was secured to the ground. Two members from the opposing tribe then had to remove them from the poles and drag them across the sand for quite a ways to the finish line.
Don't ask, don't tell

Cristina fought dirty as JessFlicka fought her. Chokeholds, hair-pulling, attempts at disrobing were the off-color moves during that battle. When it came time for the guys to move Ozzy, they just snagged him from the pole and carried him by the pants for a ways. He struggled, but couldn't beat them for long.

Oh? The prize? Well, the winners got a feast. But there's a hitch. Jeff told them that both tribes would each vote out a member tonight. The winning tribe would go to Tribal Council first, then feast, and sit in the jury box during the losing tribe's Tribal Council. The feast was lamb shanks, bread, and apple cider. He also said there would be one more surprise. Every tribe member of each tribe gave the challenge their all, but in the end, it was another win for Aitu.

Yul Back at the Aitu camp, they were proud of their win, but worried about Tribal Council. Cao Boi came up with Plan Voodoo, an attempt to bring the hidden Immunity Idol into play and vote out one of the original Caucasian tribe members. He fears that, after the merge, the ex-Caucasian tribe will be a huge alliance and wants their numbers decimated. He also thought Jonathan had the Idol when it's actually Yul (the one to whom he was telling his plan) who has it.

Jonathan, meanwhile, wants Cao Boi out as the wild card. He has his points, too. Cao Boi has proved a bit bizarre and, though interesting, he can be annoying and problematic. The women seemed to be leaning a bit more toward voting out Jonathan, even Becky who's in the Becky/Candice/Yul/Jonathan alliance. Ozzy seemed a bit iffy about it all. I think he may have just been happy to be off the radar at the moment — the ex-Latino tribe members have been dropping like flies. Only Ozzy and Cristina remain from that tribe.
Over at Raro, Nathan decided they didn't need lamb and he caught a nice-sized octopus for their own little feast. With tensions they way they are, Cristina was the largest target. She knew it, campaigned, and only had a decent response from Nathan.

Cao Boi, of course, brought the Immunity Idol to Aitu's Tribal Council. When Jeff Probst questioned him about it, he decided it could be another tribe member sitting there. He also told Jeff that people either love or hate him.

That got a snicker from his tribemates. He rambled on about his voting choice being a chess game scenario looking down the robe. Deep, man, deep. Or not. He admitted that his plan was to expose the hidden Immunity Idol, something which may have been better left unsaid at Tribal Council, but that's Cao Boi for you.

In the end, it was bad voodoo for the Zen Master. Cao Boi was voted off with the only votes not for him being his own (Candice) and JessFlicka (Jonathan), his Zen Buddy Grasshopper.

Then it was time for Aitu to sit in the jury box and feast and Raro to hold their Tribal Council. The "Cristina annoying" bit was all rehashed; Jeff mentioned how many challenges they've lost (most of them). Then he announced a new twist right before Raro was ready to vote. Aitu would kidnap one of Raro's tribe members. That member wouldn't vote in the Tribal Council, but would also be safe from the vote. He also would quickly feast for a few minutes, then return with Aitu to their camp through the next Reward Challenge. They chose Nate.

Aitu, including the kidnapped Nathan, left before the votes were cast for Raro. Even Nate's vote couldn't have saved her. Cristina was voted out by all but two votes. She voted for Jenny, as did Yul.

A few random thoughts:

  • Ozzy is the sole Survivor of the original Latino tribe.
  • I didn't know Cao Boi had the sneakiness in him to come up with Plan Voodoo. Had Yul not had the Idol, it probably would have played out. But both Becky and Yul knew Jonathan didn't have it.
  • While Cao Boi wanted to break up the original Caucasian tribe, he neglected to include his buddy JessFlicka in there.
  • I know some might think it as racist on Cao Boi's part, but the Caucasian tribe is the only one still intact. I'd target them, too.
  • My personal favorite remains Yul, though I'm also liking Jonathan more each week, too. Ozzy is a tremendous player, but he's so dang moody when things don't go his way. To me, he's a bit of a wild card in his own right. He's actually playing the people end of things much better the past few weeks.
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