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TV Review: Supernatural – Season Finale “Devil’s Trap”

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The season came to an end for the WB series Supernatural this past Thursday. It is up in the air whether or not the series will return for a second season on the newly formed CW network, which will feature some combination of shows from the merging WB and UPN beginning in September 2006.

The show centers on the ghost hunting brother duo of Sam and Dean Winchester, played by Jared Padalecki (House of Wax) and Jensen Ackles(Dark Angel, Smallville). The season started with Dean paying a late night visit to Sam, bringing with him the news that their father was missing. The catch was that they are a family of demon hunters. Sam was trying to get out of that line of work, he was going to college and had a loving girlfriend, and no desire to return to that life. Dean, on the other hand, had been out working on his own.

With their father missing, and presumably in a lot of trouble, Dean thinks the two of them should hit the road and track him down. Sam is reluctant to join him, but those thoughts changed as the families past has caught up to them. When they were children, a demon killed their mother. She was engulfed in flames after being dragged to the ceiling of baby Sam’s room. The demon has returned to haunt them again, this time killing Sam’s girlfriend, thereby cementing his return to the demon-hunting business alongside his brother.

The season was split between one-off episodes, and mythology building story arc episodes. The two traveled around the country tracking down whatever demons and spirits they could find, all while keeping their eyes open for any clue to the whereabouts of their father. The past few weeks worth of episodes have had them reuniting with their father and locating a mystical Colt that can kill demons with a single shot.

Shortly after this joyful reunion, they are contacted by a demon — in the guise of a cute blonde named Meg — who has appeared a few times during the season. She offers a trade, the gun for one of their father’s friends, currently being held captive. At the same time, however, the demon that killed their mother reappears. This is their best chance at killing it, but the timing doesn’t synch with the proposed trade. Daddy heads off to the drop, with a fake gun, while Sam and Dean stay behind to get the drop on the demon.

Everything falls apart, as Meg and her partner find the gun to be a fake, and the brothers are not able to stop the demon. Although, on the upside, they were able to save the targeted family. This leads directly into the finale, with Dad being held captive, and the brothers unsure of the next move. It would appear that this would be the endgame in their season long search for their father and this demon. Everything is coming to a head in this final hour of the show.

“Devil’s Trap” opens with the Dean getting the call about the capture of their father. Sam immediately wants to head off to the rescue, but that is not a smart choice and Dean takes control of the situation. They need to get out of town.

They are followed by Meg, who they are able to get the upper hand on her and get a little bit of info out of her. They are ready to kill her, only to learn that she is not a full demon, but a human being possessed. Now, going back a few episodes, Meg had been knocked out of a seven story window and shot, the only reason she is still alive, is because of that demon. Dean decides to go ahead anyway, knowing she will die.

Jumping ahead, the two find their father being held captive in an apartment building. There are plenty of humans to possess, making it nearly impossible to tell who is an enemy. They figure out a way to thin the crowd and get disguises, buy pulling the fire alarm. The battle their way past a couple of demons and save their father. After getting out of the building, Sam is jumped by another demon, another that has appeared working with Meg. Dean jumps to action shooting it with the mystic Colt, which was supposed to have been left behind. They get away, and just when they think they are safe, they discover their father is possessed by the very demon they have been hunting.

The demon reveals that Meg and the other guy that Dean had killed were its children. Now he wants to continue the blood feud. The demon is in the process of putting a major hurt on Dean, but Sam gets the Colt and is holding it on dear old Dad. The torment is there: can Sam kill his father? What is stronger, love of family, or hatred for evil? Split the difference, and Sam shoots Dad in the leg. Won’t kill either, but it is enough to save Dad and cause the demon to flee.

Now they have to start all over again in their search. The finale ends with the trio driving down the road, Sam at the wheel, their injured father in the passenger seat, and the really hurt Dean in the backseat. As they are discussing their next move, they are blindsided by a tractor trailer, wrecking their car and pushing them off the road. The driver is revealed to be possessed, and we end with the trio unconscious in the car. Are they dead? Will the truck driver kill them all? What did the demon mean about having plans for kids like Sam? Will there be another season? Valid questions all.

I have enjoyed the series a lot more than I thought I was going to. It blends elements of shows like The X-Files and Nightstalker, mixing in the sensibilities of fare like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. The two leads do a good job at creating distinct personalities for the brothers, demonstrating the love/hate relationship that helps fuel their search. The series is also shot in these washed out colors that work great for the subject matter. One of the best elements, albeit a minor one, is the presence of old-school rock and roll. I like hearing a soundtrack that isn’t filled with current pop junk.

Hopefully, we will get a second season to find out what happened after the crash, and also how they further the search for the killer demon.

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  • Baronius

    Chris, I couldn’t agree more. There was a bunch of new supernatual/sci-fi shows this year, and this was the best of the lot, because it was fun. Fun in a bleeding eye socket sort of way, but fun. They’ve been running new episodes of Invasion recently, and I’m struck by how dreary the show is.

  • Sean

    I hope they do make a 2nd season.

  • asdkfla

    SUPERNATURAL BETTER CONTINUE …coz it only came on tv for ONLY 4 or 5 months SO I THINK IT beTTER CONTINUE

  • trisha

    i want supernatural to continueeeee

  • yuu


  • J.D

    i love supernaturel i hop it comes bak… will deffo watch it xx



  • Juan Carlos

    I agree with all those comments…I’ve recently watched the las episode here in Peru and was awesome, don’t think they’re dead (hope so) but damn Sam should kill his father for their own good

  • Ruben

    I just watched the season finale. I m shocked! I really hope there is a second season, it is a great show!

  • andrea

    hey, Just thought you guys would like to know that they are doing a second season of supernatural!

  • cristina

    … I’m an Italian girl and I’m downloading all the episodes one by one! When I saw “devil’s trap” I couldn’t believe I had to wait almost a year to see the continue… hope it’ll past quickly! SUPERNATURAL 4e!

  • Richard

    they shoudl continue because 1: that truck itting them could have been one of sams visions 2: what was the deamons plans and 3: the camera focused on dean meaning that they may not be dead, but if they dont continue it then they will mor ethen likly losse a lot of money

  • hilary

    I think supernatural she come back 4 season 2 because I will miss the two hotties!! And it rocks!!!!!!!!!

  • Carmel

    I agree hilary I think Sam(jared padalecki)and dean(jensen ackles)are hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lorraine

    Cant wait for season 2, until then I’ll just have to do with my Pt 1 box set & the odd eps I have on my Sky+ box. Love the interplay between the 2 lads and definately the music (Its made me drag out my old BOC, AC/DC albums etc – showing my age here!!) A brilliant show, pure escapism & eye candy to boot – makes an old lady very happy and in search of a toy boy Jensen watch out!!

  • Jan

    I agree with you all, firstly Dean and Sam are both sooooo gorgous, and secondly the acting and effort gone into it is brillant , they cant leave us fans hanging like that, they should give us closure, i think they shouldnt kill any characters off, esp Dean, i think they should make Sam more powerfull and make him use his powers. if they are making a season two, i will be soooo chuffed. i think they need to up there story lines to keep viewers clinged like in this season. lets hope we see more of supernatural.

  • Samantha

    Supernatural Rocks!!!! It’s way too good for it to finish there!!!! And Dean and Sam are tooo hot to just die and be killed off in that way!!!!

  • bitty

    hay dude i luv supernatural its the best show eva and i hope ther is a season 2 if not arggggg ill mak sure they mak enother 1, dean is the hottest guy eva and yeah

  • ema

    hey man dont do this there are fans out there waiting to see some more supernatural actoin any way dean(jensen ackles) and sam(jared padelic) are wat too hot to die or finish the serise i love them i dont want dean and sam to die or the dad dean and sam are soooooooo hot this cant be happing i almost cryed on the last episode plz dont finsh at season 1 we want a season 2 come on! ps. dean is the hottest guy ever! love ya

  • ema

    hey man dont do this there are fans out there waiting to see some more supernatural actoin any way dean(jensen ackles) and sam(jared padelic) are way too hot to die or finish the serise i love them i dont want dean and sam to die or the dad dean and sam are soooooooo hot this cant be happing i almost cryed on the last episode plz dont finsh at season 1 we want a season 2 come on! ps. dean is the hottest guy ever! love ya

  • Allyssia

    They are so hot and i miss them i hope they didn’t really die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ***Love Lissy***

  • daniielle

    OMG i have watched all episodes of supernatural atleast 3-4 times each! i am always hanging out till its on and wen eva i do projects etc i do it bassed on that show (like wen we had to do a speaking thing and i dressed up as hookman lol) AND I AM SO TOTALLY HANGING OUT 4 SEASON 2!!!!! xoxox deans so hot hes literally on fire!

  • i hpoe that supernatural is back on because i am having feelings about sam and dean.

  • kylie and r

    when will supernatural be on? We hope it will be on next year 2007.

    Love from Kylie and Rhaynna
    Kylie loves Sam and rhyanna loves both.
    See ya later.

  • Clare

    Supernatural is the best sci-fi programme in ages. The first series has been a fantastic introduction but it cant end here. Jensen and Jared have been great actors bringing drama and humour to the roles. Unbelieveable effort cant be wasted…bring on the second series!!!

  • jade

    i love supernatural iv watched all the series about 3 times on the 1st box set and sam and dean r sooooooooooooooooo HOT!!!
    iv even taped all series 2 aswell.
    i know ders iz gonna be a 2nd series 4 definet!!

  • jade

    i love supernatural iv watched all the series about 3 times on the 1st box set and sam and dean r sooooooooooooooooo HOT!!!
    iv even taped all series 1 volum 2 aswell.
    i know ders iz gonna be a 2nd series 4 definet!!

  • may

    this show is great!!! it’s all about family…dean, sam and their dad might have their differences, but when push comes to shove, they put aside their differences and team up. this show has almost all the elements…action, a good scare, humor in between, good acting….

  • come on that HAVE to have a 2 season I want to see that they all are still alive and that they are going to kick the demons ass!!!

  • As you know, in the 2nd season their father DIED in the car accident… I think that Sam will have new powers and probably they will find a creature which helps them… They shoot the last bullet, but they miss the target… and with that creature they can back to the past.

    More I can’t tell.
    Stay good =)

  • tom

    I watched the series in China and this is one of the best I have ever eyed on! Pray to god please let the Season 2 released asap!!!!!!!!

  • Alec Ish

    Love the series, i missed some 🙁 but hope to get the DVD with them all for xmas hehe…

    Plese do a second series


  • Hayden

    I seriously hope Supernatural continues for a Second series. Over here in the UK we love it!!!

  • lara monteiro

    i love so much supernatural, that i hope that i could see the second season! i just want more supernatural!

  • Sarah And Kristen

    SUPERNATURAL BETTA FUCKING CONTINUE coz we wont servive if they don’t make aa second season, its the best TV SHOW EVER. SAM N DEAN CANT DIE MAN THERE FUCKING HOTTTT!!!

  • anusheh

    omg!!! i just finished watching the season finale and it was amazing!!! i cant wait 4 it 2 continue! it will be a crime 2 end it like that! sam and dean are just 2 hot 2 die soooo soon. i live in dhaka so naturally theyre showing it after like 6 months after the rest of the world but it just cant end like this!!!

  • Merme

    I to think this show is great! I believe this show has a future. It is suspenseful, and very well thought out. I think to end this show early would be a huge mistake on there part.

  • Elieta

    this film is soooooo
    i just know this film
    because in my countries now has started
    but is that truly diee
    both of that dean and sammy
    can u tell me the end of this film season 1